Friday, October 12, 2012

A Fully Recovered Max!

When Max’s story was first published, (, we believe it shocked many to see the extent of his injury. We do apologize if the graphic photos have caused distress, but we always believed that the photos will speak for themselves and show the actual circumstances and suffering of the animals.

Max has come a long way, from being an independent and “untouchable” stray, to slowly learn to trust humans and even beg us with those eyes for treats! He spent a couple of weeks at the vet, and the vet staff loved him. They took great care of him, played with him and allowed him to run around the clinic when there were no other patients around. They actually spoilt him in fact! It was a life Max never had, compared to sleeping out in the cold and never being loved before. For once, he was pampered like an only child.
Max’s wound has fully recovered now, and though his anal opening is a bit small, there is no cause for worry at the moment. There is a manja side to this big boy after all – though he is not the licky and ultimate friendly type, he will quietly follow people around in the hope for just some affection.

We are very thankful for all the kind contributions and support we got for Max and all our other rescue cases thus far. Without your help, we would not have been able to help all these poor animals. Thank you once again for believing and supporting NAC in our work. More good news: Max’s fosterer might be keeping him after all, let’s all keep our fingers crossed! J

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