Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We all love beautiful stories, don’t we? However..


We all love beautiful stories, don’t we? However, fairy tale endings are sadly not meant for everyone. It is important to stay sane and positive in this animal welfare line but we must also constantly remind ourselves to be practical, and do what is best for the dog (and not us).

In our years of rescues, this is probably one of the worst cases we have come across. We regret that we did not find out about him earlier, but at least he did not pass on slowly and painfully on the streets.

A stray caregiver notified us of this street dog needing urgent medical attention and for many days, we tried to pinpoint his exact location as well as get hold of the timings he would appear. After days of stalking and trying, we got him. Finally. He was a feisty boy, barking all the way from his “home” - a work-site to the vet clinic.

The diagnosis was no good. He had multiple lumps on his body and around his penis. They were cancerous lumps and his body, was in fact already shutting down. The biggest lump must have taken months to grow but no one knew and/or did anything, and he just suffered in silence. It was painful just looking at the lumps. At this point of time, it was already too late. We had to say goodbye to him, no matter how much more we wanted to do for him.

Each case brought to the vet clinic, whether treatable or not, will definitely run into hundreds of dollars at a minimum. If you will like to help us cover his medical bills/cremation, do email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com. We definitely hope to be able to help more of them and more of the individual caregivers who have been struggling to care for them too. Thank you.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Noodles Special: Remember the pups which were orphaned at 7 days old?


Noodles Special:
Remember the pups which were orphaned at 7 days old? They are now ready to look for a home to call their own! The pups have very special "names" for differentiation but it's for the eventual adopter to change their names. They are fast learners :)

There are 3 females and 1 male so if you're ready for them too, please drop us a message with your name, age and any experience with pets to 9270 8612. We will appreciate it if you could get your family member or guardian to contact us if you're below the age of 21.

Breed: Mongrel/Singapore Special
Age: Close to 2 months old
Color: Brown
HDB-approved? The pups can not be assessed for Project Adore till they are 6 to 9 months old.

Meet Udon - female

Soba - female

Hokkien mee - female

Bak chor mee - male


29Aug16 Update:
https://www.facebook.com/noahsarkcares/videos/1324913167573843/ - Soba and Udon learning to sit for treats at 7 weeks old now. To adopt, please send your name, age and experience with dogs to 9270 8612!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Beauty.. is in the eyes of the beholder


Beauty.. is in the eyes of the beholder. A magnificant black and white big-boned girl, most dogs from Beauty's area on Jurong Island are easily 30kg dogs. She herself is already 27kg though she still needs to put on a bit of weight! Beauty is estimated to be slightly over three years old only, though she does look a bit aged probably due to the harsh conditions on the island.

Beauty has been hospitalized twice thus far, first time for complications during her spay surgery and a couple of weeks back, she was listless, running a high fever and had diahorrea from infection due to tick fever. We had a huge scare as there were initial suspicions of leptospirosis!

Beauty is now at a boarding place and we are looking for a fosterer/adopter for her. She does look a bit goofy but this smart girl has already attempted escapes a couple of times - both at the vet clinic and boarding place!

Email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com if you will like to foster/adopt her, or if you can help with her medical bills. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Official Announcement by Noah’s Ark CARES (Singapore)


16th August 2016

NA CARES is pleased to announce that it was granted Institute of Public Character Status (IPC) status on 8th August 2016.

This award is validation and confirmation of the hard work NA CARES has contributed to the Singapore community with respect to animal welfare.

We would like to thank all our supporters, volunteers and members for believing in our cause and helping us achieve this amazing milestone.

We will continue with our Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) projects, both on mainland Singapore and in Jurong Island. We have always maintained that TNR is the only humane way to control any stray population. We will continue to work hand in hand to support our caregivers in maintaining their charges both in terms of food and medical care, and rehoming efforts whenever possible. CARES because we do and we remain committed to every one of them.

From 8th August 2016, any cash donations made to Noah’s Ark CARES towards the welfare of the animals we minister to, will be granted tax exemption of 2.5 times the amount. To qualify for this exemption, all persons or corporates will have to provide their names and tax reference numbers (IC number for persons) to NA CARES if they wish to claim tax deductions on their donations. For further elaboration and clarification please do check the FAQs on donations and tax deductions on the IRAS website.

Thank you once again for helping us help our homeless animals – we exist because of your support and belief in our work.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bottle - with his head stuck in a container!


What a day! While most of us are comfortably gathered at home or at the National Stadium to watch the National Day Parade, our caregivers for JIP (Jurong Island Project) have been working under the merciless sun as usual taking care of the dogs like on any other day. Together with SOSD Singapore, we are still trying our best to sterilize the dogs on this restricted island.

This handsome little boy had his head stuck in a plastic container for three whole days! He scooted out ...of sight very quickly during the past two days but earlier today, he was spotted once again and a few caregivers managed to corner him under a fallen tree trunk and pulled him out.

Now after some food and water, he is quietly lying down in a corner resting. The poor boy must have been badly shaken by this freak incident when all he might have wanted, was some food. And his name? We named him.. Bottle. :D

We are always in need of fosterers and/or adopters. If you can spare some space in your home and heart, please email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com. Kindly note that the fostering period will have to be a minimum of one to two months as we will not want to move the dogs around as much as possible. Thank you!

As we celebrate the nation’s birthday today..


As we celebrate the nation’s birthday today, we will definitely like to bring you a happier story. Though there is still much room for improvement on the aspect of animal welfare locally, there are always people who care for the homeless babies out there and for this, we are eternally grateful for these often weary but kind hearts.

Qiqi has been living on the streets for about five years. Her caregiver CL watched her grow up but has never managed to get close enough to the wa...ry girl to catch her for sterilization. A couple of weeks ago, Qiqi appeared in front of CL with a badly infected wound on her right thigh. There was pus and the vet informed us thereafter that there was a large pocket underneath – which means the wound was much bigger than it seemed on the surface.

CL finally managed to successfully trap Qiqi after a couple of failed attempts and Qiqi was brought in to the clinic to have her wound cleaned and medically treated. Qiqi was also sterilized at the same time as well had an umbilical hernia fixed.

Qiqi’s wound was stitched up after a couple of days and she was finally well enough to be released back to where she came from – where CL will continue to keep a lookout for her. Qiqi stayed at the vet for close to a week and her bill came up to a four-digit figure. Can you help us with Qiqi’s medical bills? Please email noahsarkcares@gmail.com to contribute any amount, thank you.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TNR of the Construction Site Cats


We put up a blog story previously about these construction site cats which we helped to sterilize late last year. You can read more about them at http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.sg/2016/01/sterilisation-is-key-to-reduce-self.html. Any bit of contribution helps in offsetting their sterilization/medical bills. Please email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com, thank you!


From BFF (an individual rescue group) Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1146511788743242&id=853723634688727):

A few months ago, a feeder was approached by some construction workers, who were seeking help in obtaining cat food as they were unable to afford the food anymore.

Upon investigation, the feeder discovered that there are around 100 strays cats that the workers are currently taking care of. These workers have been using their own pocket money to purchase rice and other food that they can afford to. Sometimes, the workers are only able to afford cheap fishes that they will cook, and then mix with rice for the cats.

After hearing about the workers' plight, we immediately informed a few friends from other shelters for help. We are deeply grateful to the kind people from Animal Lovers League (ALL) and Lily Low shelter, who provided immediate help by providing cat food, even until now. 

We are also very grateful to Noah's Ark Cares for spending large sums of money to provide medical care to the sick and injured cats, as well as helping to sterilize them. Some sick kittens were given medical care and were subsequently rehomed.

If you like to contribute and help the cats, please donate to Animal Lovers League - ALL Authorized Page, Lily Low Shelter or Noah's Ark CARES. Alternatively, you may send us a PM.

If you wish to contribute cat food, please contact and order directly from Jane of Loving Pets at 63461286 (open from 1-6pm and closed on Mondays). Please mention to Jane that your orders are for the construction cats so that she can advise you on what to order.

All donations made via BFF will be updated on this post. Thank you!

You can read up about the story of the construction cats from the NAC blog:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The weekends are extremely precious for many, and especially so..


The weekends are extremely precious for many, and especially so for our ground volunteers. They check on their charges, respond to calls for help best possible and also schedule time to check out new cases.

Little Bobo is very lucky to stay in a factory with workers who love and adore her. When little Bobo had a nasty cut a couple of months ago on her outer thigh, the worker took the trouble to clean her wound and bandaged her up, as well as confine her. Needless to say, she was not pleased at all at being grounded. We passed the worker medication and advised him further on what to do and he was very diligent in keeping her wound clean.

A couple of weeks back, little Bobo got herself injured again! :( This time round, the wound was rather deep on her inner thigh and the worker contacted us immediately. We brought her in to the vet to have her wound stitched up.

These workers might not be able to afford her medical treatment but as long as they care for the dog, we are here to help them.

If you wish to help us with medical cases like Bobo, please email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com. Every bit of donation counts, for us to help them. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Norah and Arkie - Kittens Up for Adoption!


Norah and Arkie were rescued under our Project Cat Snip (PCS) when we went to an industrial estate to sterilize a whopping 40 over cats! Yes we do cats too though many are not aware of it. :) They were down with severe flu but has since been lovingly nursed back to health.

We will update on the other cats at a later stage but these two cuties are looking for homes (amidst many other kittens still at the factories). Please whatsapp/SMS 9118 1814 should you be keen to adopt them. Thank you!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

In the wee hours of the night..


In the wee hours of the night where most of us are in the comfort of our own homes, there are still a few of us roaming the streets. Feeding our stray charges, looking out for them and spending as much time with them best possible. When we find them missing, our hearts sink. When we are finally home but see lightning, we sigh as it is going to be a long and cold night for the homeless babies.

Noah's Ark CARES has been running on a very small team all these years. Our dedicated volunteers juggle full time jobs with raising funds and/or awareness for the society, with some covering street work all together.

Join us to make a difference. Not for fame or publicity but to really do something meaningful. Sponsor a dog, donate to medical bills, clean kennels or even help us feed some hungry stomachs. You can contact us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com to discuss further - every little bit means so much. Thank you!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kenny - who underwent ear surgery today!


Dear Kenny was a 2013 rescue (read his rescue story at http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.sg/…/broken-legged-kenny-and-…). His injured leg was eventually not amputated after the wound dried up as it was not causing him any pain.

Just earlier today, Kenny had to undergo an ear surgery (TECA) for his badly infected ear. We need your help with his vet bills, as well as a home for him! Email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com should you be able to help Kenny in any way please. Thank you!


From Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/mountpleasantveterinarygroup/photos/a.355237164682993.1073741839.346781535528556/525374557669252/?type=3&theater):
BEHIND THE SCENES => https://mountpleasantvetgroup.wordpress.com/…/kenny-total-…/
Despite chronic ear infection & foreleg crushed by a forklift, Kenny is such a dear boy. Today, his entire diseased ear canal is removed by Dr Simon Quek in a procedure called TECALBO. A very rewarding surgery that offers Kenny a pain-free & better quality of life! Thank you Noah's Ark CARES for watching over him.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

JIP Feature: Sweet Brown Boy!


Ever since embarking on the Jurong Island TNR project last year, there has been no looking back. A lot of time and resources have been committed to keep this going, with the volunteers toiling away under harsh weather conditions and we eventually hiring full-timers for the project. Especially for the team on the ground, tears of joy and sorrow have often been shed. Nonetheless, it is our commitment to ensure that as many helpless dogs on this restricted island are saved.

For a start, today we are featuring this lovely brown boy whom we brought out to a mainland clinic a couple of weeks ago. We do not have a name for him as yet – most of the time only the naughty ones get named first! :P He is very docile and loving, our pet transport could just ferry him in his van without crating him! He was looking listless and running a high fever but has since recovered from it.

We are always on the lookout for fosterers and volunteers to help these dogs. Fosterers to condition these dogs to a home environment so that they can eventually be rehomed, and volunteers to help with cleaning duties especially during weekends. We have to specify that fostering will at least be for a couple of months as we do not wish to stress the dogs by moving them around, and that most of the dogs to be fostered are adult mongrels though we might have puppies at times too.

Please email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com to discuss more should you be able to help us foster, or do not mind working under the sun to help these dogs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Orphaned at 7 days old! Fosterers needed!


Update (20 July):
These sweet ones are now in the good hands of foster homes and growing well!

They will be ready for adoption in a month's time or so, look out for that post :)

We would like to thank everyone who has shared the post, nudged their friends to help and to our foster families who are so generous with their time and love.

More updates soon!


These 7 mongrel pups were left all alone after the mom got killed in a road accident.

At 7 days old, they have no sight yet. We need foster homes or adopters to help nurse them every 2 to 3 hours and they still need to be bottle or syringe fed. We need foster homes for these precious ones till they find a permanent home.

If you're able to help them, please send a message with your name and experience with nursing puppies to 9270 8612. Or, help to spread the word! Thank you!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Noah's Ark CARES - New Logo


NA CARES was registered in 2005 to spearhead sterilization projects of both stray dogs and cats in Singapore, rehome adoptable strays as well as assist in the fund raising efforts for Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) in Malaysia.

Since its inception, NA CARES has sterilized an average of 150 animals each year in Singapore through the dedicated hard work of its Singapore volunteers and vets.

Last year, NA CARES was asked to participate in the TNR project in Jurong Island together with ASD and SOSD. In recognition of our efforts, MCCY granted NA CARES charity status on 9.5.2016. With conferment of charitable status comes greater regulations and requirements imposed on NA CARES, and we have been asked to separate the Singapore from the Malaysian activities.

To that end, we have re-organised NA CARES to reflect its Singapore – centric activities. A new logo has also been introduced so that supporters are aware that NA CARES is no longer involved with any of the Malaysian activities. A new society, NANAS is to be registered under the leadership of Raymund Wee.

NA CARES will continue with its TNR projects in Singapore. At present, NA CARES jointly maintains with SOSD almost 280 dogs at Jurong Island. Due to work safety issues, these dogs can no longer be released. There is a sheltered enclosure for these animals to be housed till a permanent structure can be built or found in Singapore. NA CARES is committed to the welfare of these dogs.

In 2015, 16 dogs were relocated to the sanctuary in Malaysia on the understanding that being strays, they would be given a second lease of life there. The volunteers were promised by Raymund that the dogs would be well taken care of while they in turn would sponsor the upkeep for these dogs at the 2015 prevailing rates. Any deviation from these assurances by either party would definitely constitute broken trust. Please do assist us by sponsoring these animals at S$50 a month. (http://www.mediafire.com/…/ka8nlkzt9a…/Sponsorship+pack.zip/)

At the same time, NA CARES will need to undertake its own fund raising to pay for the maintenance of the remaining 280 dogs.

We have to provide for 1000+ kgs of dry food per month, sterilization costs for unneutered animals, incidental vet charges for any sick or injured dogs, the wages of full and part time workers to assist in the cleaning and feeding of these animals. We estimate monthly expenses to be $20,000 a month.
We would like to appeal for assistance of either sponsorships of these animals at $100 per month, donations of rice and dog food and/or cleaning supplies for the Jurong Island project.

Nonetheless, the most valuable gift that NA CARES would dearly love to receive is a forever home for any of these animals. So if you know you have both some space in your heart and home for an animal, please do consider adopting one of them. It would be the best gift that you could ever bestow on them and us.

CARES – we do; please help us make it a reality. If you wish to make a financial donation you may do so via cheque or funds as per below:

By Cheque
Please make cheque payable to: Noah's Ark CARES
and mail to:
Noah's Ark CARES
42 Cairnhill Road
#02-01 Singapore 229661

By Fund Transfer
Bank: DBS
Account type: DBS CURRENT
Acct number: 012-900823-0
Acct name: Noah's Ark CARES
Branch Code: 012
Bank Code: 7171

If you wish to assist in another manner, please email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com.

Thank you for caring!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Odee, a 7+yo GR up for adoption!

Look who we have here! A couple of weeks ago, we were appealing for a fosterer for a GR (Golden Retriever) who lives in a factory but was left behind when the factory vacated (https://www.facebook.com/noahsarkcares/photos/a.417711168294052.104858.417707781627724/1219934638071697/?type=3&theatre). L was very kind to step up to foster Odee and has taken extremely good care of him meanwhile.

We know of Odee from a few years back. Our volunteers first saw him when we went to his factory to catch the female dogs for sterilization under PID (Project Industrial Dogs). When we asked about his limp, we were told by the workers that it was an old injury and that he has already seen a vet.

In April this year, we were alerted about him again. We went down to the now empty factory and searched around but he and the rest of the dogs were nowhere to be seen. As it was about to pour, we turned to leave and actually saw him standing behind us wagging, though he did not respond to us calling for him before that! We grabbed him and he went into the carrier quite willingly too. It was time for a new life. Unfortunately, we could not locate the other dogs that were previously with him.


Giving Odee a good bath

Clean and comfortable and dozing off!

Odee is now ready for adoption and he is as cheerful as can be! We felt the serious looking photo does not do him justice, and the photo on the right is too cute not to be posted. :P Odee is looking for a place to call home, after having been on the streets for so long. He is both dog and child friendly. If you can look past the fact that he limps (he has four legs but walks on three), please email noahsarkcares@gmail.com to enquire about this lovely boy. Thank you!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Negroni Week at Shin Gi Tai from 06-12 June 2016!

From Shin Gi Tai's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/shingitai.bar/):
Anthony humbly invites you to Shin Gi Tai for a week (6-12 June) of Negroni indulgence for a charitable cause. Aside from his classic Negroni, a Black and White... version of the Negroni will also be served!

7 Days
3 Negronis
1 Simple Way To Give Back

Part of the proceed from the sales of our Negroni will go towards Noah's Ark CARES in support of their tireless effort to care for the stray animals in Singapore.

Find out more about Noah's Ark CARES and the awesome work they do for our stray community here: www.fb.com/noahsarkcares

From http://www.nookmag.com/negroni-week-2016-cheers-to-a-good-cause:
Shin Gi Tai (9 June, 8pm onwards)

Shin Gi Tai | Image via cedricvrolant.com

Two volunteers from the bar’s adopted charity, Noah’s Ark CARES will guest bartend on Thursday as part of a join effort to raise awareness for animal rescue and education in schools. They will learn to make the famed classic negroni, the best in Singapore as perfected by head barman, Anthony Zhong.
See you guys! J

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Newsletter June 2016: Noah's Ark CARES


Dear All
On 9 May 2016 Noah's Ark CARES was awarded charity status by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). This is indeed a great achievement to have attained this. It is positive affirmation that CARES has contributed significantly to the Singapore community through its work in animal welfare despite channeling most of its funds to help the sanctuary in Malaysia.

Following the change in status and the stricter regulations under the Charities Act, we were strongly advised by our accountants to ensure compliance and for good corporate governance - a clear separation of activities with funding of the Singapore and Malaysian activities should be made. As such, the sanctuary will be setting up a new entity to take over the running of the sanctuary in Malaysia. 
We will be redirecting all requests, donations and inquiries regarding to the sanctuary to the following email address nanasmalaysia@gmail.com
There has been much misperception and misinterpretation of this separation by many persons. It is a decision that was not taken lightly or without much deliberation. However with the increased regulations and requirements we were advised that this separation of accounts would be the neatest option. I will continue to head CARES and will highlight the work that has and continue to be done in Singapore. The CARES Facebook will now posts the community work that it has been doing in Singapore as well as feature the many dogs and cats that we have sterilized and that we deem adoptable. I do hope that you will consider them should you be considering a companion.
The new entity will be headed by a new team selected by Raymund Wee and I am sure you will continue to support his good work at the sanctuary.
I would also like to thank all our supporters and volunteers that have made this journey such a rewarding one - I know that we will never be able to save all the homeless animals but the many that we have been able to has made it all worthwhile. But more importantly it is because of all of you that we managed to achieve what we have been able to do.
CARES because we do and I do hope you will too. Do please continue to follow our work in Singapore as we start this new entity focusing on work done locally. It may not be on such a large scale but the work and the dedication is just as impressive.
I believe that everything happens for a reason and that is why I always look forward to every new challenge that comes our way. I just hope that you will also come for the ride.
Thank you.
Ms Chew Gek Hiang

Friday, April 8, 2016

We Are Hiring!

We are hiring - in Singapore!
Noah’s Ark CARES (NAC), with other AWGs have come together for a landmark Trap, Neuter, Release and Manage (TNRM) project on a restricted island. We are hiring a Trap, Neuter, Release Officer, under the employment of NAC:

As a TNR Officer, your duties include:
• Feeding and cleaning of dogs in a central holding area during pre- and post-operative period
• To assist vets during sterilization of dogs
• To work with respective Animal Welfare Groups’ TNR Officers on the project

Requirements for the role:
• Singaporean
• Experienced with handling dogs
• Passionate about animal welfare, especially stray dogs management
• Able to work independently and responsibly
• Ownership of a vehicle is compulsory for travelling to, and within the island

Working hours are flexible, total of 40 hours a week. There will be requirements to work on at least one day of the weekend, each week.

If you are able to be part of our commitment to the animals, please email Madeline at: madchia@gmail.com. Thank you!

Friday, April 1, 2016

A Prisoner of Love.. for Eight Years

April is the exact same month but it was many years ago - in 2007. At a HDB carpark in Aljunied, a medium-sized white and tan mixed breed dog stood there, tied to a lamppost. He must have been standing there for a few hours with neither food nor water, seemingly waiting for his owner. Many cars and people passed by, but nobody came forward to find out why the dog was there.

At about 10pm, a white van drove up and a man emerged from the van. He untied the dog from the lamppost and tried to pull him into the van, but the dog resisted and refused to go into the van. He still wanted to wait for his owner it seemed. As the man continued to coax the dog, a small crowd gathered around to watch. Suddenly, another man from the crowd stepped forward and took over the rope. The dog, strangely enough, allowed the man to lead him into the van.

All this happened within full view of Sarah who had driven into the carpark before the arrival of the van and had noticed the dog. Thinking that his owner left him there while he went about his errands, she did not give it a second thought. However, when she was returning to her car, the small group of people who had gathered around the barking dog caught her attention. She then saw that the van was an SPCA vehicle before it drove off.

She kept thinking about the dog over the next two days and on the third day, she called SPCA and confirmed that the dog was with them. She was also further advised that should the dog not be bailed out within a week, SPCA will then have to decide his fate according to their internal procedures. She could not get the dog out of her mind and she agonized over what to do with this dog.

Sarah was at that time, a working professional with two dogs in her small apartment but being true to her ever compassionate and generous nature, she called the SPCA again and claimed the dog whom she named TERRY. He was transferred to a commercial boarding kennel with the hope for a family to eventually adopt him. Although Sarah tried, with the help of her friends and contacts, no home was found for Terry. As we all practically know, it is a challenge to get any dog rehomed, let alone this dog – an adult mixed breed. Her only recourse to saving Terry's life was to continue boarding him at the kennel at great personal expenses. She constantly tried all avenues but still no one wanted to take Terry in.

Terry who stayed at the commercial boarding kennel for eight years waiting for a family to adopt him

At the kennel, Terry lived in a confined space, was taken for walks and medical attention was accorded whenever necessary. However, it was not the best that we could give any dog. When the suggestion was made to have Terry sent to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) in JB, Sarah refused as she still harboured the hope that he would be given a good home with a family in Singapore and she could see him whenever she could, compared to having him stay in JB. 

Terry waiting for the day to pass by

Time passed and all this while, Sarah dutifully paid for his costly boarding fees and all his medical bills. That was before she was unfortunately retrenched from her job. Even after that, she continued to pay for his up-keeping, until she found herself in financial difficulties. Sarah tried her best to return to the workforce but she was not successful in securing a job even after some time. Some kind-hearted donors helped her by but this could not cover all expenses, and there were also some accumulated debts from the past.

We turned to Raymund Wee, founder of NANAS and the saviour of many needy animals to take Terry into his fold. The sanctuary is already home to a thousand animals – dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, rabbits and even a boar, but Raymund accepted this case because Sarah was truly at her wits end and has exhausted all options. Arrangements were made, donations were sought for Terry's transfer to JB and he was finally given a new lease of life at NANAS. With two other dogs from Singapore, he found companionship with his new friends during the quarantine stay.

Terry, now a senior dog, over at NANAS. He was waiting to see the vet for his general review here.
Can you see the smile on his face? J

Today, he has the freedom of open space, interaction with many friends and kind volunteers who share their time and love with all the animals at NANAS. He is so much better off at the sanctuary now - though it might be less than a home with a family but it is a much happier and carefree life than the confined space at the kennel. For this, he owes Raymund and his team of volunteers who give so much of themselves to the care and well-being of these unwanted animals.

He is one more life saved by the selfless dedication of this one man, the Angel of the Ark at NANAS and his other Ark Angels! To support the work of Noah’s Ark CARES, please email to noahsarkcares@gmail.com.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Leia - Yet Another Case of TVT

Before reading further, please be advised that there are rather disturbing pictures below. Please do not continue if you feel uncomfortable viewing such photos. Thank you!

We do not know if you can call this a pure coincidence, but around the same period as when our Malaysian volunteers got hold of this dog suffering from canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT) [https://www.facebook.com/raymund.wee/posts/10208337626221805], we got hold of another dog locally with the exact same condition and severity too. Being able to successfully get hold of Leia after all these years was.. literally like a New Year’s gift to us. She desperately needed help.

Leia has been one of P’s charges for years. From her younger days, no one has been able to go near her, much less catch her for sterilization. P watched her give birth to litter after litter, and also seen her offspring disappear one by one. Leia was one strong survivor who was extremely street smart, thus her being one of the last few surviving in her pack of dogs too.

Leia keeping a safe distance away from P

Leia dragging the packet of rice into the vacant factory (and away from P) to eat

P started to notice dreadful sores on Leia’s private area, but P still could not go any bit nearer to her. Leia would often move towards the food only when P leaves, otherwise she would forgo the food totally. P could kind of guess what Leia was suffering from – TVT is a form of long suffering transmissible cancer and we have seen many cases over the years. However, Leia’s condition was almost at its extreme given the length of time she had been infected with this horrid disease.

Leia was becoming skin and bones, and also getting weaker. Dog catchers were hired more than once but still, she managed to escape each time. Until one fateful weekend a few weeks ago, P and another volunteer spent almost an entire day trying to trap her and thankfully got her. Leia was by then pretty weak from being sick and also with all the struggling. P could not ask for more.

In the process of following Leia around to trap her

We.. got her!!

 She was tired out, and so were we.

A close-up on how bad her wound is

Over at the clinic, the vet classified Leia as one of the worst cases seen and Leia was not predicted to have a high chance of recovery. In doing rescues, we often have to consider if putting the dog through various procedures for treatment or letting go was kinder and wiser. P thought over it carefully and decided to give Leia a chance. Given the severity of her condition, Leia had to undergo numerous vincristine jabs over two months to shrink the huge tumor on her and her body must also be strong enough to take the effects of the chemotherapy.
After the first jab - Leia's tumor drying up

We are now midway through Leia’s treatment and are extremely glad to inform that Leia is strongly fighting on. She has put on some weight and her tumor has shrunk noticeably. We hope to have your kind contribution in helping us with Leia’s medical treatment as her bills have reached a considerable amount thus far. Any bit of contribution counts and our contribution methods are as follows. Please email noahsarkcares@gmail.com for us to issue a receipt to you thereafter, thank you!

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After a few more jabs! J

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