Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Julie needs a home!

Dear readers,

Do you remember Julie, the dog that was rescued from Mdm Oon's place along with 9 other cats? For a refresher and the whole story, please click on the link provided: http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/2008/12/desperate-plea-for-help.html

All of the cats have been sent to stay at Noah's Ark, but we are hoping to find Julie a forever home. She has been vaccinated, sterilized and is currently in foster care.

Age: Estimated 2.5 years old
Breed: Tri-coloured local cross breed

Since then, she has come a long way. Here is Julie in her full glory, a far cry from what she once was previously.

Doesn't she look healthy and gorgeous? If you know of anyone who is interested to adopt her, please give us a call @ 91996247. Do help us spread the word around!

On behalf of Julie, thank you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just one click of the mouse goes a long way!

Dear Friends of Noah's Ark,

We have agreed to help a new company carry out a market research survey before it launches a new product aimed at helping dog owners better understand their dogs. Their mission as a company is to help dog owners get the most out of the relationship they have with their dogs and to benefit the whole of the dog-owning community round the world. We are very excited with the opportunity that they have offered us.

Their unique product is know as PAWSONALITY and it is a carefully researched and validated canine personality questionnaire. It assesses both you and the dog's personality highlighting the areas where you and your dog's behavioural styles are similar and where they are different. The report generated by the questionnaire focuses on areas where simple behavioural changes by an owner can influence a dog's behaviour in a positive way - and Noah's Ark members could be amongst the very first to benefit.

PAWSONALITY is giving a FREE questionnaire and report to the first 500 dog owners who complete the online survey.

In addition, for every completed survey received by the company, a cash donation is being made directly to Noah's Ark to help us fund our work.

If you have a few minutes please complete the survey. This link will take you straight there - http://crayhouse.com/limesurvey/index.php?sid=81295

One of the really exciting things about PAWSONALITY is that one of its core aims is to generate revenue for dog charities in every one of the company's key markets. Up to 30% of every sale of the PAWSONALITY Questionnaire will be given to charities nominated by customers. At the point of sale, each and every customer will be able to nominate the charity to which the company will donate on their behalf.

With your help, we will be able to ensure that PAWSONALITY is developed and launched as the product that you, as dog owners, will benefit from most and that we as a volunteer-funded organisation can look to for on-going financial support.

There is a portion in the survey to leave your thoughts and feedback, so please take this opportunity to help Noah's Ark as well as this new company. Thank you very much in advance!

Just by clicking your mouse, it can go a long way!


Lynda Goh
VP of Noah's Ark

Friday, September 18, 2009


Kopi is an 8 year old local breed female stray dog. She was born and abandoned by her mum and lived in an extreme bad environment at Eunos industrial park where nobody would even take a second look at her. Every single day was a challenge to her. She would smile and wagged her tail in the canteen hoping that some kind souls would noticed her and reward her with a piece of meat or even bones to ease her hunger.

Sad to say, most of the time the respond that she received was “Shoo! Shoo! Go Away!” however, Kopi was a brave girl, she did not blame the person who “Shoo!” her away but instead, she would still smile and move on to another table in the canteen. When night falls, Kopi would start to worry that she will be attacked by other dogs and would sleep under some big Lorries where she felt safe. Kopi was pregnant twice and after which we brought her for sterilization to end her suffering of being pregnant and also to prevent more poor doggies coming to this world. Anyway, Kopi was not the only one who was suffering, there were many others stray dogs in the industrial park that needs to struggle to survive each and everyday.

My mum loves dogs and cats. Every morning she will go to the market and request some chicken organs left over from the stall owners and most of the time, kind stall owners would give her for free. In the evening, she will cook the chicken organs and mix with rice for some of the dogs living in the industrial park. Kopi was one of the stray dogs my mum was feeding daily for the past 7 to 8 years. To my mum, Kopi is like her own child but because we are living in a HDB flat, we can’t keep her as we are afraid that our neighbors might complain.

On Mother’s Day 10 May ‘09, I happily rented a car planning to take my mum for dinner. We decided to bring food for the stray dogs before we go for our dinner. When we reached Kopi’s place, we were shocked to see that Kopi was having a very deep wound around her neck. She was panting and breathing with difficulties. We suspect that she was abused by some mean people. We decided to call off our dinner and send Kopi to James Tan Veterinary at Whitley road. When Dr Tan saw Kopi, he was shocked to see the bad injury on Kopi’s neck and informed us that Kopi needs to go for a surgery.

Abused by humans

The wound on her neck

Kopi went for the surgery and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. We were so happy that she was recovering well but we requested the vet that we would like to bring Kopi home and take care of her ourselves because I was worried that my savings might not be enough to pay for the medical fees if Kopi carried on to stay in the hospital. So we brought Kopi home and cared for her.

Her neck wound

About 1 week later, we found that Kopi’s neck was infected again so we brought her back to the clinic. But this time, we were very sad when doctor told us that Kopi’s got infection again maybe due to her old age and there’s nothing much he could do, it all depends on Kopi’s immune system to recover and maybe she might not recover anymore. My mum’s eyes were filled with tears when she heard that.

Recovering after being rescued and seeing the vet

Sadly, we brought Kopi home again. But I decided not to give up on Kopi. Through some recommendation, I decided to bring Kopi to another vet Namly for a second opinion. Kopi was given antibiotics and we brought her home again and prayed that this medicine will work on her.

I thank God for answering our prayers. About a week later, Kopi was fully recovered. She’s lively and smiling again! The feeling of seeing her recovering was a miracle and I can’t express the joy for her.

Kopi's wound is drying up!

After some discussion, we decided to give Kopi a home. Kopi is now living happily with us and I hope and pray to God that Kopi will remain healthy for the rest of her life. She’s pretty old now; we will give her all our love so that she can have her last chapter of her life filled with nice memories.

Never have to worry about food nor shelter anymore

But worrying that Kopi might need some medical attention next time and because of my little savings due to my low paid job, I send an email to Noah's Ark requesting for assistance if I am unable to afford Kopi medical fees in the future. And to my surprise, I received an email from Fiona of Noah’s Ark, she assured me that Noah's Ark will be most willing to help if I have problem with Kopi’s medical fees in the future. My heart was filled with gratefulness.

Grandma loves me very much

Thank you Fiona and Noah's Ark, I really appreciate that. I hope that the public will continue to support Noah's Ark by donating if you can, God Bless you all.

Enjoying her golden years gazing out of the apartment

Lastly, I would like to encourage people who wish or planning to own a dog as a pet, you don’t have to spend lots of your money to buy a pedigree dog. Please give our local mongrels a chance to have a home. Owning a dog is not about status, it’s a friend for life, a loyal friend that would stay and listen to you when you are feeling down and wriggled its tail to share your joy when you are feeling happy. Trust me, stray dogs may not be as gorgeous as some pedigree dogss but when comes to loyalty, I can assured you that our local breeds doggies are as loyal as or even more loyal than others.

**Photographs and article contributed by Eric Lim

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marine Parade Town Day

It has been awhile since June where Noah's Ark participated in some pet events! That is why you should join Noah's Ark and PetCall this Sunday for the "Marine Parade Town Day"!

Date : 6 September (Sunday)

Venue : Open area in front of Block 50, Marine Terrace
(facing Marine Parade Town Council)

Time : 9.30 am to 12.00 noon

Guest of Honour : Senior Minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong

Noah's Ark will be there and our merchandise will be on sale! Do remember to drop by and say hi, perhaps make a purchase or two and know that your dollar will go a long way to help the animals at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Did you know? Our 800 dogs and 450 cats are dependent on our funds raised from the sales of our merchandise and our fund raising activities.

Next, please get ready your hearts and wallets for the advance orders of our 2010 "The Ark of Giving" Calendar! We will be launching them soon and they are known to sell out real fast! Act NOW to reserve your calendars! Click on the form below, print it out and mail it off to us. It's that simple! You can also print the form out and bring it down on Sunday.

Also, should you wish to help us sell our calendars or place them in your shop / office for sale, please let us know and we can arrange accordingly.

Thank you for your kind support, we hope to see you at the event!

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

Noah's Ark CARES Supporters