Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Julie needs a home!

Dear readers,

Do you remember Julie, the dog that was rescued from Mdm Oon's place along with 9 other cats? For a refresher and the whole story, please click on the link provided: http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/2008/12/desperate-plea-for-help.html

All of the cats have been sent to stay at Noah's Ark, but we are hoping to find Julie a forever home. She has been vaccinated, sterilized and is currently in foster care.

Age: Estimated 2.5 years old
Breed: Tri-coloured local cross breed

Since then, she has come a long way. Here is Julie in her full glory, a far cry from what she once was previously.

Doesn't she look healthy and gorgeous? If you know of anyone who is interested to adopt her, please give us a call @ 91996247. Do help us spread the word around!

On behalf of Julie, thank you!

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