Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eva - Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Hi Hi!

My name is Eva and I am a Pyrenees Mountain Dog.

I am one of the flood survivors from the 2006 floods in Johore.

When I first arrived at Noah's Ark, I was all skin and bones. Today, I have blossomed into a beautiful lady.

If you do come and visit Noah's Ark - please do come and say "hi" to me. I am alive and safe today because Noah's Ark and all their supporters who believed that they needed to go that extra mile to bring us safely home.

Thank you for caring and making a difference to our lives.

Paws and Licks,

Pharoah - Miniature Pinscher

Hello Hello!

I am Pharoah and I am a Min Pin.

I was abandoned at Jalan Kayu was found to be heart-worm positive as well as suffering from a hernia. I was then placed at a foster's home so that they could help nurse me.

During that period, my foster parent Zen, formed a strong bond with me despite me being unwell and not house trained at all. I am so grateful that they persevered in both nursing and house training me.

I am happy to report that I have been finally given a clean bill of health but more importantly, Zen decided that she could not bear to part with me so I have also found my forever home together with companion Sparkles. She too, was abandoned as she was suffering from bladder stones.

If makes us very sad to hear when other pets are abandoned because of ill-health. We always thought that having a pet was tantamount to a vow of marriage - for better or worse, in sickness and in health especially as we know that we will keep our side of the promise about loving you till death do us apart.

Paws and Licks,

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

Shadow - Husky

Yo there!

I am Shadow the husky.

We are strong willed dogs bred to work. If we do not have a task to fulfill, we became destructive and willful. As close relative to our wild ancestors - the wolves, we love to howl. It's a way of communication especially when we can't see our family members, howling is a way of maintaining contact over long distances.

Sadly, many people consider us beautiful dogs but failed to appreciate out unique personalities and temperament.

My previous owners were no different and eventually abandoned me at Noah's Ark. Not surprising, I was very frustrated and angry at this abandonment and attacked many of the other dogs.

But with some disciplining, lots of love and patience I have learnt to accept authority and leadership within our "pack" at the Ark.

I am a much happier dog now; content with the large grounds at the Ark that allow me to roam with a purpose.

Why don't you check on me on your next visit to the Ark?

Paws and Licks,

Honey - Mongrel

Hello there!

My name is Honey.

Two stray feeders were the first to notice me - a frightened pup obviously in pain with a thick metal wire cutting into my thin neck.

Someone had decided to tie this sharp wire for a laugh - oblivious to my pain. I was not an easy pup to catch. I had been abused so much that I distrust people.

However, both of them persisted and eventually their patience paid off. Some workers were able to catch me and I was promptly sent to the vet for treatment.

I have recovered nicely and am now staying with my best friends, Sayang - a dog with no hind legs, playing happily in Aunty Leng's garden.

I'm glad I have finally learnt to trust people once more!

When you encounter a stray dog, if you can't help them, please do not harm them. It's a tough life without an owner.

As strays, we constantly go hungry without food and have to sleep on cold and open grounds. It's worse when it rains and there is no shelter to take cover.

So please if you can, have a compassionate heart for all the stray animals.

Paws and Licks,

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

Lily - White Pomeranian

Hi everybody,

My name is Lily and I am a white Pomeranian.

I often wonder if I was given up as I had lost an eye and was no longer deemed pretty.

Luckily for me, Noah's Ark came to my rescue when they heard that I was going to be put down. Two months after being rescued, Noah's Ark found me a wonderful home.

At first, I was worried that my new owner might be frightened by my looks. But that was not the case and I am very lucky that Caitlin loves and accepts me as I am.

I go for my daily car rides to pick her from school as well as attend all her social gatherings. She is not ashamed that I am not perfect. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who have been given a second lease of life through re-homing.

So, if you are ever considered getting a companion, do consider a "second hand" pet like me. Be assured that you will be loved just as much if not more as if you had taken us as a young animal.

Paws and Licks,

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

Princess - German Shepherd

Hi Hi!!

My name is Princess and I have called Noah's Ark my home for the last 4 years.

I was sent here as I suffered from a mild case of hip dysphasia which meant an end to my hopes of being shown.

Despite this 'defect,' Uncle Raymond showered me with much love and care. He gave me the freedom to run around the entire compound of the Ark - which proved to be the best cure for my hips.

So today, if you ever visit the Ark, you will find me happily cavorting with the other dogs, chasing butterflies and indulging in my daily dip in the pond.

So do drop by and say hi - I would be thrilled to see you.

Paws and Licks,

Crysabelle - Street Cat

I came from a litter that was found in a condominium premise that had a "NO CATS RULE" - my survival looked precarious to say the least.

Luckily, I was discovered by a kind lady Su, who decided that she would try to re-home me rather than leave me to fend for myself in this less than welcome environment.

Su did not find it easy to find me a home as I did not have any papers to proclaim ny heritage.

Fortunately, Aunty Wen Yi looked beyond this 'dreaded' word - pedigree. She took me home. Now I am well loved by new family and especially indulged by my 4 older siblings.

Paws and Meows,

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

Pop Corn - Mongrel

Hello there!

My name is Pop Corn, not only bcos I am a yellow mongrel and most of all bcos I am a sweetie :)

I once lived a life of stray dog in an abandoned warehouse.

Occasionally, I would received some handouts from some concerned stray feeders. But it was a tough and harsh life and the prospects of surviving to adulthood was slim.

Luckily, I was spotted by a kind lady Fiona who decided I deserved a proper home.

So today, I am now living with my Aunty Frances and my best pal - Fudge, a chocolate Labrador.

Thanks to Fudge who patiently had my leash tied to him during my initial introduction to walks.
I am now calm enough to enjoy our daily evening strolls with my new-found family.

Thanks to Noah's Ark for their good work!!

Paws and Licks,

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

Linus and Sugee - Mongrels

Sometimes, we wonder what heinous crime we had been guilty of that led us being abandoned by our previous owners?

He left us at AVA knowing that the fate we faced was euthanasia! Arguably we had grown older and were no longer puppies but surely that is a "crime" everyone of us will be guilty in time.

Luckily, someone cared enough to contact Noah's Ark CARES.

We are the lucky ones, as we were eventually rehomed with Julian Ho and his family.

We thank them for giving us a second chance at love and life.

Paws and Licks,
Linus and Sugee

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

Jojo Schnauzer - Editor of Noah's Ark Cares Newsletter & Blog

Hello Everybody!

My name is Jojo and I was once lost and was actually found wandering the streets of Geylang. One lucky morning, I went to a coffee shop hoping to get something to eat when I chanced upon a kind man, Mr Tan, eating.

He saw how hungry I was and fed me my first decent meal for days! Mr Tan then decided to see if there was anyone at the food stall that would consider adopting me. Initially the lady at the food stall agreed but changed her mind later and I was then sent to a nearby old folk's home by a taxi driver.

The following morning, Mr Tan returned to the coffee shop to check on me and was then told that I was now at the old people’s home. He was less than happy to see that I had been confined in an aviary. After many sleepless nights, he decided to call Noah’s Ark for help.

Boy was I happy!! Can you imagine the stress I have to put up; constantly dodging aerial ammunition from my feathered friends? Poo toppings stinks!!

A representative went down to check on me and decided that I deserved a chance at being rehomed. I was then sent for a medical check up - that I am happy to say I passed with “flying colours” despite my age which the vet estimated at 6 years old.

Advertisements were then placed in the papers in the hope that my owners would find me but to no avail. Luckily, I was eventually adopted by an elderly lady and now live in a loving home.

Thank you Noah's Ark :D

In return, I now have the honour to bring you animal stories from Noah's Ark in this new blog we are setting up. We will also update current events and happenings in our animal shelter.

If you have been to Noah's Ark and have photos online, do drop us a mail if you want to be linked to our blog. Last but not least, do subscribe to our blog! We will be on Facebook too and will keep you posted on new updates.

That's all for the first time!! Please remember the animals from Noah's Ark in your prayers.

Paws and Licks,

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

Noah's Ark CARES Supporters