Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jojo Schnauzer - Editor of Noah's Ark Cares Newsletter & Blog

Hello Everybody!

My name is Jojo and I was once lost and was actually found wandering the streets of Geylang. One lucky morning, I went to a coffee shop hoping to get something to eat when I chanced upon a kind man, Mr Tan, eating.

He saw how hungry I was and fed me my first decent meal for days! Mr Tan then decided to see if there was anyone at the food stall that would consider adopting me. Initially the lady at the food stall agreed but changed her mind later and I was then sent to a nearby old folk's home by a taxi driver.

The following morning, Mr Tan returned to the coffee shop to check on me and was then told that I was now at the old people’s home. He was less than happy to see that I had been confined in an aviary. After many sleepless nights, he decided to call Noah’s Ark for help.

Boy was I happy!! Can you imagine the stress I have to put up; constantly dodging aerial ammunition from my feathered friends? Poo toppings stinks!!

A representative went down to check on me and decided that I deserved a chance at being rehomed. I was then sent for a medical check up - that I am happy to say I passed with “flying colours” despite my age which the vet estimated at 6 years old.

Advertisements were then placed in the papers in the hope that my owners would find me but to no avail. Luckily, I was eventually adopted by an elderly lady and now live in a loving home.

Thank you Noah's Ark :D

In return, I now have the honour to bring you animal stories from Noah's Ark in this new blog we are setting up. We will also update current events and happenings in our animal shelter.

If you have been to Noah's Ark and have photos online, do drop us a mail if you want to be linked to our blog. Last but not least, do subscribe to our blog! We will be on Facebook too and will keep you posted on new updates.

That's all for the first time!! Please remember the animals from Noah's Ark in your prayers.

Paws and Licks,

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Noah's Ark is doing a terrific job helping the animals. Keep up the good work!

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