Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pop Corn - Mongrel

Hello there!

My name is Pop Corn, not only bcos I am a yellow mongrel and most of all bcos I am a sweetie :)

I once lived a life of stray dog in an abandoned warehouse.

Occasionally, I would received some handouts from some concerned stray feeders. But it was a tough and harsh life and the prospects of surviving to adulthood was slim.

Luckily, I was spotted by a kind lady Fiona who decided I deserved a proper home.

So today, I am now living with my Aunty Frances and my best pal - Fudge, a chocolate Labrador.

Thanks to Fudge who patiently had my leash tied to him during my initial introduction to walks.
I am now calm enough to enjoy our daily evening strolls with my new-found family.

Thanks to Noah's Ark for their good work!!

Paws and Licks,

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

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