Sunday, April 13, 2008

Honey - Mongrel

Hello there!

My name is Honey.

Two stray feeders were the first to notice me - a frightened pup obviously in pain with a thick metal wire cutting into my thin neck.

Someone had decided to tie this sharp wire for a laugh - oblivious to my pain. I was not an easy pup to catch. I had been abused so much that I distrust people.

However, both of them persisted and eventually their patience paid off. Some workers were able to catch me and I was promptly sent to the vet for treatment.

I have recovered nicely and am now staying with my best friends, Sayang - a dog with no hind legs, playing happily in Aunty Leng's garden.

I'm glad I have finally learnt to trust people once more!

When you encounter a stray dog, if you can't help them, please do not harm them. It's a tough life without an owner.

As strays, we constantly go hungry without food and have to sleep on cold and open grounds. It's worse when it rains and there is no shelter to take cover.

So please if you can, have a compassionate heart for all the stray animals.

Paws and Licks,

p.s photo courtesy of volunteer photographer - Nickolas Lee

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