Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A dog's prayer for food

Dear Noahs Ark CARES blog readers,

Today we have a lighthearted post for you - written specially by a good friend of Jojo Schnauzer, Mr Popsicle, and edited by Mr Zeus. From the bottom of their little doggy hearts, it was written from scratch with much sincerity and thoughtfulness. Please enjoy!

A dog’s prayer for food

Kind souls have sent us to Noah’s Ark
Where everyday is like a frolic in the park
Playing to our hearts’ content
Our unpleasant experiences put to an end

With humans and dogs we now call friends
We look forward to the weekends
Where people visit to play with us
While bringing us food and giving our coats a brush
Feeding us treats is always a must!

With the sharp increase in pet food costs
We are worried about Uncle Raymund
For we know that he will continue feeding us
To him our doggy lives we entrust

So please Lord, help feed my fellow friends
All 700 of them (to be exact)!
Simply by clicking on this link
( http://www.reinbiotech.com/shelters/nanas/contribute-nanas.jsp)
And ordering food from Rein Biotech

It wasn't easy to obtain this source,
so please do help to share the cost
They are giving us a one-for-one deal
So that we’ll never have to worry about our next meal

Lord, I’m sorry I ate my friends’ food,
Please do not give me the boot!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meenachi update!

Meenachi well-cared for, don't you think she looks extremely happy?

Meenachi is recovering well at the pet hotel. Her wound has dried up, healed and her stitches will be removed in a few days time. Her surgery and Vet bill which amounted to $502.00 was kindly sponsored by Ms June, who was so concerned about Meenachi's injury and went down to Mt Pleasant to visit her. Meenachi is now ready to find a new home and family, someone who will give her the good and happy life she deserves.

When we first saw Meenachi being carried by Uncle R on the day she was rescued, it was likely that she had been sterilized and that there had been a person or persons who had once been caring for her as she had a form of identification. At that point in time, we were more concerned about her welfare and decided that it would be wiser to send her for immediate treatment rather than worry if we could get in touch with her caregiver who may in all likelihood be no longer contactable.

We believe that we did the right thing as the vet saw that her wound was rather deep and surgery had to be performed almost immediately. A few days after when we saw that she was recovering well, we decided to try to contact her possible “caregiver”. Sadly our efforts were in vain. It is rather disappointing knowing that some people who claim they are animals lovers are the very same people that discriminate between their “own dogs” and the homeless strays.

We at Noah’s Ark will NEVER discriminate against any dog. We treat all dogs equally; regardless whether it is a walking stray, an abandoned pet or one that has been sterilized by another individual or group. As long as a dog is in distress and it requires our help, we would never hesitate to help. Even if it means digging into our own personal funds, we would certainly have no qualms about doing so. We believe that all these animals require our help and selflessness as they are unable to care for themselves. It is heartbreaking to know that people who claim they are animal lovers are the ones who often make distinctions as to whether a stray or “their” own dog that should warrant any care and concern.

That is the belief we will always stand by. Thank you June, for believing in the work we do and for sponsoring Meenachi's bill. We will try our best to find her a forever place to call home. As Meenachi was “attacked” in her previous “abode” - we believe that it is no longer safe for her to remain there – and given her lovely sweet nature we think she deserves a better life if someone is prepared to give it to her. Hopefully there is such a person out there – do you think you can be the one?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Important: Missing Dog - Louis

Louis Picture 1

Louis Picture 2

Missing Dog
Mongrel/Local Cross Breed.
Answers to the name of Louis.

Female, Sterilized.
Friendly and sociable.
Microchip No : **********05345

Last seen on the evening of August 17, 2008 in the vicinity of Oei Tiong Ham Park / Holland Road / Holland Village/ Leedon Road.

If do you see her, please contact
Lynda at 91996247 or Fiona at 98391308 immediately.

Thank you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

NDW 2008: Gathering of Friends

The National Dog Walk 2008 (NDW 2008) held at West Coast Park Dog Run two weekends ago was a special moment for Noah's Ark. Besides being a fund raising event, it was also a gathering of friends. For us volunteers at Noah's Ark, this special event brought together dogs that had been previously abandoned, abused or neglected. 3 of the dogs featured below are examples of the above that have been rehomed. It is extremely fortunate (and difficult!) for a stray to find a loving home to call their own.

Such stories would always help put a smile on people's faces and never fail to touch their hearts. This must be the inner satisfaction that people always speak about. For those of us at Noah's Ark, we found it through volunteering with an animal welfare society.

Bear, now named Eby - was there with Mommy, May, and a helper. She was so excited to be there and was seen dragging mommy all around the park!

Mei Mei was there with big sister, Chu Chu and Mommy, Suan. After some time, Mei Mei has slowly overcome her previous fears and is starting to trust humans now.

Benji, now named Sparky, was there with Mommy, Teresa. Sparky had fun making new friends and greeting old ones. It was amazing that he still remembers the volunteers who rescued him!

To May, Suan and Teresa - THANK YOU for giving them a second chance in life.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diesel's recovery update

Before reading further - please be aware that there are pictures below that might cause discomfort. Thank you!

Presently, Diesel is residing at Mount Pleasant and he has a regular stream of visitors ranging from both sisters to well-wishers who have heard about him. He usually wakes up just to eat before he puts his head down and falls back into deep slumber. That’s how tired he is, and having a roof over his head for once and regular meals, would contribute greatly to his recovery.

Diesel's wound looking extremely painful and raw

Ruth and Ester, the 2 sisters who first alerted us to him, have been visiting him regularly and soothing him with their words and home-cooked food. The yummy food is to help boost his immune system, as well as fatten him up. We believe that his condition would continue to improve and one day he would recover his full strength.

Still skin and bones despite eating well

Coming from an industrial estate where food has to be fought for and occasionally without a roof over their heads, many injured stray dogs may not usually live if they had an injury like this. Diesel was extremely lucky that animal lovers caught sight of him and were willing to spend the time and effort to capture him in order to help him. If not, like all other stray industrial dogs, they might die if such an extent of injury was suffered, and no one would ever miss nor knew they existed. Such is the sad but true life of a stray dog.

Scars from living life as a stray

Diesel's quick recovery has amazed doctors. Once again, these animals which show their resilience and will to live is something we can all learn from. Diesel is all set to be discharged on Tuesday (Aug 15) and we will be transporting him to the pet hotel where he will continue treatment.

We would like to take this chance to also thank Ms June for generously sponsoring Diesel's Vet bills and transport to the pet hotel. Thank you very much for helping Diesel! (:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Helpful SOS numbers for animals

This post is a response to one of our readers (Panda World) who left a comment asking about the numbers one could call should they come across an animal in distress. Hence, for general reference, we have consolidated the list below.

In no particular order, the SOS numbers listed for Singapore are:

AVA (Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore)
Hotline: 1800 476 1600

SPCA – Singapore
Tel: 62875355

ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs)
c/o Ricky Yeo
Tel: 92590698

ALL (Animal Lovers League)
c/o Cathy Strong
Tel: 61551424

NA Cares (Noah’s Ark CARES)
c/o Lynda Goh
Tel: 91996247

On behalf of the animals, thank you for caring! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

National Dog Walk 2008

The National Dog Walk 2008, an annual event organized by MattLeah Pet Supplies International, was held last Sunday, 3rd Aug at the West Coast Park Dog Run. It was a hot and extremely humid day, but we had no complaints about the weather! It was far better than rain! We were convinced that every dog and owner that showed up at the event had the time of their lives!

Despite being a lazy Sunday morning, both registered dogs and their owners, volunteers and organizers alike were scrambling about in anticipation and preparation for the event.


Most participants arrived soon after lunch. And soon the park was crowded with everyone milling about the different booths that the sponsors had set up, collecting goodie bags and keeping an eye out for the best deals possible.

Events such as the dog agility and grooming competition garnered many passers-by – some seasoned competitors amidst mainly first timers. Regardless of the level of ability, it was a joy to watch the numerous dogs that weaved through poles, jumped over hurdles and ran as quickly as possible through tunnels. Spirits were high as every participating dog met with applause although there were crowd favorites that garnered the loudest cheers!

This looks easy.....

Noah's Ark had a few booths at the event, a photography booth for owners to have momentoes of their dogs taken by professional photographers, doggie game booths and our merchandise booth show casing our latest Noah's Ark shirts. We are pleased to say that it was well received!

In an effort to raise more funds, young Andreana and her friends volunteered to walk around the park with donation tin cans, to try to get dog owners to part with some loose change. Just as there were generous people who gladly donated $50 bills to Andreana and her friends, there were those on the other end of the spectrum too. Andreana was disheartened when she received comments such as "I didn't bring my wallet", "I have no money" and "Is this really for Noah's Ark?" etc. Would giving a few coins be detrimental to one? If every single person at the park that day was to give a dollar coin, imagine how far this dollar could have gone! How many industrial dogs Noah's Ark could have sterilized?

Fortunately there were lots of generous people around on that day, people who tried their best to stuff dollar notes into the tiny opening on the donation tin can, and one lady who wrote a cheque for Noah's Ark - at the park! Thank you!

Andreana's note to all who attended the NDW 2008

Lady and her puppy Prince were there too, and many were amazed by Lady's grace and her recovery. Those that had rushed down just to catch a glimpse of Lady but missed her, fret not. We are still hopeful that she will find a forever home here and so will continue to bring her down to our upcoming events.

Andreana and Prince enjoying themselves at NDW 2008

The grand finale being "Paws for a Cause"; a 1.5km walk that started at 4.30pm with 8 year old Andreana leading the pack with Prince! The participants – both owners and dogs alike, walked the 1.5km distance in good spirit, showing the support they had for Project Industrial Dogs.

Flag off for "Pause for a Cause" 1.5km walk

We are happy to report that we managed to raise $12,000 at this fund raising event. We are grateful for the support received and we will on our part commence our project with high anticipation that with your continued support we will eventually reach our target of 400 dogs! Thank you for believing that we can all make a difference to our canine friends.

**Photos courtesy of Nicolas Lee, http://www.furry-photos.com/, official photographer of NDW 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

NA Rescue - Diesel

Before reading further - please be aware that there are pictures below that might cause discomfort. Thank you!

It is sad to comment on our society and ourselves that animals have to be severely injured before we are aware of their existence and before we are prepared to help. We must also apologize to our regular readers that some of the pictures are not so pleasant, but they sadly paint the true picture of human callousness. Nevertheless, we feel strongly that we have to tell their story.


We were alerted by two sisters, Ester and Ruth, about a badly injured dog seen roaming in an industrial area. It was told that this dog was regularly seen at a car park of a restaurant rummaging the garbage for food and that was where they first came across it.

They immediately contacted Noah’s Ark for assistance and together with some volunteers, we staked out the place nightly for 2 hours at each stretch for 6 nights in total, desperately trying to catch sight of the injured dog that badly needed our help.

The dog had a huge gaping wound that was maggot infested

When we first saw it, he was such a sorry sight. That dog had a brown coat, with bones jutting out of its skinny frame. Its ribs were protruding badly, its coat all matted, dirty and bloody. He had a huge gaping wound on the back of its neck and it looked as if it had been involved in too many a fight for food and survival. Looking into its eyes was like looking into a sad empty soul, its gaze telling of the tough life it had been living.

Still, beneath all the pain, we could see a glimmer of hope in its eyes.

His wound was so huge it took up the entire top portion of its back, the rotting flesh was extremely pungent and there were maggots eating into it. The rotting stench made us gasp for air as we tried to lure it into the van. Its fur around the wound was damp with blood, making it a horrible sight to behold.

With the help of three other people, we managed to finally catch him and put in a pet carrier. He struggled a little and tried to bite once, but otherwise, allowed us to help. What hit us next was the strong stench of kerosene! The poor dog’s entire body was drenched in kerosene. Someone had poured kerosene on this already badly injured dog. Was it to kill the maggots or kill the dog?? Whatever the reason, it should not have been done.

The poor dog was in such obvious pain, from the wound and the kerosene burning into its already fragile body.

When we arrived at Mt Pleasant (Sunset Way), Dr Simon Quek immediately dashed out of his consultation room asking “Who is trying to burn down my clinic?”. The smell of kerosene was so strong; it filled the entire clinic with its overpowering smell. Dr Quek immediately ordered the nurses to transfer all the pets from one area and to make room for this dog to be isolated.

The dog fell asleep within a minute of being put in a kennel at Mt Pleasant (Sunset Way)

The initial thought was to put him down and end his pain and misery, but we felt we should give the dog a few days and see if he pulls through this ordeal, so into the cage he went. The minute he entered the cage, he snuggled in a corner and fell into a deep sleep within a minute. He was probably so relieved and somehow knew he would be alright.

He was left alone for the night, to rest, and the clinic was already closing. The next morning he was given a bath and then started the slow and painful process of removing maggots from his wound. We were told by the Vet Techs that the dog cooperated and allowed them to remove the maggots from his wound. On the first day alone, more than a hundred maggots were removed from his wound.

Look at those sad sorrowful eyes pleading for help

He is currently at Mt Pleasant recovering. He has shown signs of improvement and has been eating well. But he has been in a constant deep sleep, waking only to eat before falling back to sleep again.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and photos of this dog.

And guess the name we gave to him? We called him Diesel. We couldn’t imagine calling him Kerosene.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

NA Rescue - Meenachi's Update

The stitched up wound

Meenachi has undergone surgery to have her wound stitched up. Dr Ang performed the surgery by pulling the loose skin from under her belly and using that to stitch up the wound.

Meenachi having to wear a collar while recovering

Looking at the wound now, it looks like Meenachi is on the road to recovery. However, she does not like having to wear the e-collar and is constantly trying to remove it. The reason why she's wearing an e-collar is to prevent her from removing her own stitches by licking or biting them.

Unfortunately she needs to have the collar on for quite some time to prevent her from aggravating the wound. She also needs "cage rest" to minimize movements and to allow the wound to heal on its own.

Meenachi is playful, sociable and has a healthy appetite. She enjoys having visitors. We are hoping that when she has fully recovered, she will be able to find a permanent home with a loving family.

Will you be able to give her that?

** picture is by kind courtesy of Ruth

Friday, August 1, 2008

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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