Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meenachi update!

Meenachi well-cared for, don't you think she looks extremely happy?

Meenachi is recovering well at the pet hotel. Her wound has dried up, healed and her stitches will be removed in a few days time. Her surgery and Vet bill which amounted to $502.00 was kindly sponsored by Ms June, who was so concerned about Meenachi's injury and went down to Mt Pleasant to visit her. Meenachi is now ready to find a new home and family, someone who will give her the good and happy life she deserves.

When we first saw Meenachi being carried by Uncle R on the day she was rescued, it was likely that she had been sterilized and that there had been a person or persons who had once been caring for her as she had a form of identification. At that point in time, we were more concerned about her welfare and decided that it would be wiser to send her for immediate treatment rather than worry if we could get in touch with her caregiver who may in all likelihood be no longer contactable.

We believe that we did the right thing as the vet saw that her wound was rather deep and surgery had to be performed almost immediately. A few days after when we saw that she was recovering well, we decided to try to contact her possible “caregiver”. Sadly our efforts were in vain. It is rather disappointing knowing that some people who claim they are animals lovers are the very same people that discriminate between their “own dogs” and the homeless strays.

We at Noah’s Ark will NEVER discriminate against any dog. We treat all dogs equally; regardless whether it is a walking stray, an abandoned pet or one that has been sterilized by another individual or group. As long as a dog is in distress and it requires our help, we would never hesitate to help. Even if it means digging into our own personal funds, we would certainly have no qualms about doing so. We believe that all these animals require our help and selflessness as they are unable to care for themselves. It is heartbreaking to know that people who claim they are animal lovers are the ones who often make distinctions as to whether a stray or “their” own dog that should warrant any care and concern.

That is the belief we will always stand by. Thank you June, for believing in the work we do and for sponsoring Meenachi's bill. We will try our best to find her a forever place to call home. As Meenachi was “attacked” in her previous “abode” - we believe that it is no longer safe for her to remain there – and given her lovely sweet nature we think she deserves a better life if someone is prepared to give it to her. Hopefully there is such a person out there – do you think you can be the one?


Anonymous said...

Meenachi you are such a strong and pretty girl.

I hope you enjoy living at Noah's Ark, I know they will take good care of you.

I am sending you a collar and tag! I think you will look great in pink!


JoJo Schnauzer said...

Thank you for your kind sponsorship and we hope many more kind souls like you will offer to help our fellow 4 legged friends!

- NA Cares

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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