Sunday, August 17, 2008

NDW 2008: Gathering of Friends

The National Dog Walk 2008 (NDW 2008) held at West Coast Park Dog Run two weekends ago was a special moment for Noah's Ark. Besides being a fund raising event, it was also a gathering of friends. For us volunteers at Noah's Ark, this special event brought together dogs that had been previously abandoned, abused or neglected. 3 of the dogs featured below are examples of the above that have been rehomed. It is extremely fortunate (and difficult!) for a stray to find a loving home to call their own.

Such stories would always help put a smile on people's faces and never fail to touch their hearts. This must be the inner satisfaction that people always speak about. For those of us at Noah's Ark, we found it through volunteering with an animal welfare society.

Bear, now named Eby - was there with Mommy, May, and a helper. She was so excited to be there and was seen dragging mommy all around the park!

Mei Mei was there with big sister, Chu Chu and Mommy, Suan. After some time, Mei Mei has slowly overcome her previous fears and is starting to trust humans now.

Benji, now named Sparky, was there with Mommy, Teresa. Sparky had fun making new friends and greeting old ones. It was amazing that he still remembers the volunteers who rescued him!

To May, Suan and Teresa - THANK YOU for giving them a second chance in life.

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