Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do your Christmas Shopping with Noah's Ark!

Many people were unaware that Noah's Ark had merchandise for sale till they came to the AVA roadshow. However, selling merchandise is part of our fund raising efforts to raise enough money to feed our animals at Noah's Ark. All proceeds from the sales go to the upkeep and feeding of the many animals at our Sanctuary.

Firstly, this is the new and very popular ladies sports top. It has a golf collar and comes in 5 different and extremely cheerful colours! There's a small Noah's Ark logo with a Schnauzer and the shirt is made of a dri-fit material. The last colour (not pictured) is black with red sides, and has been one of our best-selling items at the AVA roadshow. Our fresh stock was sold out within the very first day of the AVA event. Rest assured we will be printing more the next time round and be sure to reserve one for yourself!

For the chic look, we have our traditional regular women's polo shirts. They come in 3 colours – navy blue, red and white. Alike all the other shirts, there is a small Noah's Ark logo present on the left. These polo shirts are made of cotton and are made to fit nicely.

Not to forget the gentlemen, we have polo shirts for you too! Our men's polo shirts are extremely comfortable and have been selling rather well. The difference is that the men's shirts were printed with another type of Noah's Ark logo – a grey dog holding onto a staff. Smaller sizes would also fit the ladies should they prefer a looser cut.

Bath towels with our Noah's Ark logo are also on sale. However, we're already down to our last few pieces, so if you haven't gotten one and need a new towel for yourself soon (or as a Christmas present for someone), do remember to get your hands on one! Not pictured are similar looking hand towels. They come in the same colours but cost only $12 each.

Last but not least, items for you to use all-year round! Our luggage tags stand out such that you are able to spot your bag when you see the brightly coloured tag on the carousal. A4 plastic folders are perfect for putting documents or for your children's worksheets. Memo pads are also a great addition to any desk and brightly coloured to catch the eye of the person you leave the note for!

To make a purchase, you can opt to pay via the following methods;

1) Send us a cheque to Noah’s Ark CARES. Please remember to state specifically which items you want, the colours, the size etc. Please also include your email add, contact numbers and mailing address. Lastly, do not forget to include $5 postage for every 2 shirts ordered.

2) ATM Transfer – Once you have done so, please email with your transaction code and orders followed by sms or email or your orders.

3) Internet Fund Transfer (follow #2)

Details are provided in the dark green column on the right.
Please don't forget we still have some calendars left. So get yours just in time for Christmas if you haven't already. If you've already bought something from us, we would like to thank you for your belief and support in our cause. On behalf of the 700 dogs, 400 cats & 5 horses at Noah's Ark, we thank you for your generosity and kindness.
*Artwork/pictures courtesy of Maruli & friends.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank you for helping/coming to the AVA roadshow 2008!

Our booth!

Thank you Noah's Ark Volunteers

* Thank you for coming all the way to Singapore Expo and for your invaluable time - without which the event would not have been possible!
* Thank you each and all for your contribution towards the event, big or small - be it packing, selling, stock taking, photography - THANK YOU!

Volunteers hard at work!

Beatrice, an NA volunteer, and Lady, our covergirl for Project Industrial Dogs

Thank you Friends & Supporters

* Thank you to friends who brought their doggies down to our booth to say Hi to us! Especially to those that faithfully came with their doggies for all three days in a row - thank you for showing your unwavering support!
* Thank you to everyone who brought their friends and family to our booth and purchased some merchandise from us!
* Thank you to those who came down just to give us a donation.

Some of our rescued and rehomed dogs who graced the event:

Sparky & Sugar

Lucky, Mr Febuary 2009!

Wanna see us again? Fret not! You are specially invited to our Doggie Tea Party on Dec 13 at Singapore Polo Club. Click here for more details:

Thank you everyone once again for your time and invaluable assistance. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hurry - spaces are limited! Sign up today! - Doggie Tea Party 13th Dec

Hurry and book your places now before they are all taken up! Closing date is December 6. Spaces are limited so make sure yours is secured!

Please do forward this to your friends and family. All humans and dogs are welcome! This party is so going to be a blast! The best way to end 2008 with your favourite furry pal! (:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An English Afternoon tea with Noah's Ark

Dear readers,

On December 13 (Saturday), you are specially invited to a doggie tea party organised by Noah's Ark! Proceeds from the tea party would be directed towards Project Industrial Dogs and also to upkeep our sanctuary in JB. We hope that you would come down to join us for a fun-filled and exciting afternoon.

Yummy food!

Cost: $25 per Human and $15 per dog

Date: Dec 13 (Saturday)

Time: 4pm to 6pm

To secure your place, please do the following;

1) email us at with the numbers of humans and dogs attending, owners names and contact details
2) send us a cheque written out to "Noah's Ark Cares" and mail it to 42 Cairnhill Road, #02-01, S (229661)
3) if it is an ATM transfer or Internet Banking, pls email us your name and transaction code to enable us to track your payment.

By Fund Transfer

Acct No: 501-827745-001
Acct Name: Noah's Ark Companion Animal Rescue & Edn Society
Branch: OCBC Head Office
Branch Code: 501
Bank Code: 7339

Closing date to register is December 6. Please book early so as not to be disappointed!


Map to Singapore Polo Club


The menu provided by the Singapore Polo club - click for a larger view

Please register as soon as possible as spaces are limited to 100 humans! Please ensure you clean up after your dogs as we have assured Singapore Polo Club that we would ensure we leave their grounds as good as new.

We look forward to seeing you and your dog there! :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Toy dog cruelly abandoned at an industrial estate


A volunteer has taken the little dog to Mt Pleasant (Sunset Way) and he was seen by Dr Ang. In fact, Dr Ang raved about how sweet he was! She estimates him to be about 10 years old, and possibly a Maltese but we wont know till his fur grows back.

This is a typical dog abandonment situation, where people dump their dog once it grows old and is no longer fun or cute. Sigh, if only there were strict laws to punish such irresponsible people.

This little dog is now with a friend and we are currently looking for a fosterer for him. Someone who will love him and give him the security he needs, especially since his vision is not very good. He also has a mild skin condition and a bad case of ear infection. In fact his ears are so swollen that Dr Ang could not even fit a tiny cotton bud in to clean and check. Hopefully, this fosterer will be able to care for him for two or three months while we let him settle down. We did not carry out further tests on him as he is extremely stressed. Dr Ang is scheduled to see him in a week's time and will possibly conduct more tests on this little dog, whom we have named Jeremy.

Let's all pray that this little dog finds some love and happiness soon.


This poor little dog was found in a cardboard box, thrown in an industrial estate, alongside some parked motorbikes at 3pm. Fortunately a kind passerby noticed him or else he could have died in the heat. The person who found the dog immediately called Noah's Ark. When he found the dog, he told us that the dog was crying, as if it was in pain. Its fur was so badly matted, he described it "like super glue". While waiting for the volunteers to take a look at the dog, he took the initiative to shave off all the badly matted fur. The picture you see here is after the dog had been shaven. This kind soul even bought the dog a collar while waiting!

Grossly neglected

Volunteers checked the dog and noticed that although the dog appeared well-fed, it was grossly neglected. The nails of the dog had not been cut for a long time, he had sores on his skin and had difficutly walking. Despite some rotting back teeth, the dog had rather clean front teeth and was estimated to be between 3 to 5years old. During the whole time, the dog trembled non-stop.

Looking at him, his sad and sorrowful eyes stared right back at us, silently pleading for help. Upon closer examination, we noticed that his vision was also not very good. We put him down and he bumped into walls while walking. He also was unable to respond when we called. Volunteers will take him to the vet in order to do a full medical check up and check if his vision can be saved.

Can you help him?

Despite all that he has gone through, he is such a sweetheart. Why would his mean owner cruelly abandon him in a cardboard box in the afternoon heat? Why did they they suddenly decide to dispose of him? Is it because he is losing his sight? Or was it because of their neglect that had actually caused his loss in vision and hearing?

Our fingers are crossed. Should you wish to contribute to his medical bills, or give him a better life that he deserves, pls email

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tigger's Christmas Wish


People look at me but what do they see
Yet another mongrel born with no blood of a pedigree
Would you give me a chance to walk by your side?
Could you try and understand what lies inside?
A pure heart bursting to belong and to love
To be the loyal friend you can be proud of

If there really is a Santa, I hope he'll grant my simple wish
I don’t need much, I promise won’t be selfish
I don’t require fancy treats or a special bone
All I want for Christmas is a place to call home.


Tigger was born on a construction site with 4 brothers and sisters. Food was scarce and life was harsh but he was contented just being able to snuggle up to his Mommy and his siblings at night.

However, Tigger’s world shattered when he was just one month old. His Mommy was killed when she was run over by a lorry at site. Left to fend for themselves, the one-month-old pups struggled to survive.

Luckily, an angel came to the rescue in the form of a kind human being. She saw the pups crying and sniffing around their Mommy’s still form. Immediately, their pitiful sight made her eyes well up with tears. No matter how tired she was after work, she would drive there to feed them, continuing to provide them with food and milk every other night.

Sadly, Tigger’s happiness didn’t last. Just the other day, the lady learnt that his brother had also been run over by a lorry. She was devastated. Not wishing to see Tigger and his remaining siblings meet with the same fate, she brought Tigger and his sister home for fostering. Thankfully, she managed to find a permanent home for Tigger’s sister and is still trying hard to find a good home for Tigger. Should there be any kind soul whose heart is big enough to share their home with him, please contact Suzanne @ 9697 5363. He is currently 4 months old and is a very sweet and affectionate boy.

Meanwhile, Tigger’s 2 other siblings remain at the construction site and every second they are there, their lifes will constantly be in danger. We are urgently seeking fosterers who are willing to help take care of these 2 pups while we look for permanent homes for them. Please email should you wish to help us out by being a fosterer.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update: Diesel has been adopted!

Do you recall Diesel? The kerosene smelling dog? Since his discharge from Mt Pleasant, Diesel has been spending his days at Mutts & Mittens through the kind sponsorship of Ms C.L. Today, his wound has dried up and is healing very well. The only trace of his previous injury is the loss of fur accompanied with a sort of skin discoloration. Looking at Diesel today, you wouldn’t have the faintest idea how tough and sad his life had been.

Diesel's initial gaping maggot infested wound

Diesel's wound today - certainly healing very well!

When volunteers first rescued him, his bones were protruding and his foul smelling wound was maggot infested. This wound was possibly the result of a fight for food in the industrial estate where he lived in.

Upon being rescued, Diesel fell into a deep sleep as soon as he was put in his kennel at the vet. He seemed to be extremely weary - tired of an aimless life while living on the streets with no food, water or shelter. Moreover, he needed food to be strong enough to fend for himself. This wound was probably caused by the stronger dog who managed to beat him to the little available food in the area.

Subsequently, while Diesel was recovering, our friend, Ms C.L helped find Diesel a home. Besides bringing various people to visit Diesel, she put up notices in Vet clinics and Shopping malls. Finally, a couple, Aunty Cathy and Uncle Yuen, took a liking to Diesel. They gave the matter some thought and visited him three times before deciding they would finally take Diesel home.

When he was first rescued, Diesel was severly undernourished

Diesel today, looking rounder, especially at the tummy area!

Volunteers from Noah’s Ark picked Diesel from Mutts & Mittens and sent him to his new home. His new family waited eagerly for him and he was welcomed with open arms and hearts. Even the family helper quickly took a liking to Diesel! After a few moments of sniffing about to check out the home, Diesel decided he liked the family helper and the kitchen best. He happily followed the helper around and even drank water from his new water bowl!

A place to call home

Diesel looking very happy in his new home!

Initially, we were all prepared to send him to Noah’s Ark after his recovery but were pleasantly surprised when our friend Ms C.L said she had found a new family for Diesel. Since then, Diesel has put on quite a fair bit of weight. Look at his round tummy! Although he still occasionally has a distant look in his eyes, his eyes now have a little sparkle to it that portrays his happiness.

Thank you Ms C.L for helping Diesel in more ways than one! We are sure he will never forget your kindess and compassion.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please give me a home! - Kobi the Golden Retriever

I am a dog without a home.
At 5 years old, I am fully grown.
I used to have a family I lived happily with
But they are the people currently causing me grief.

Having a pet is a responsibility,
As my owners, they had to take good care of me.
I was not something that can be easily disposed of,
I was not a problem that they couldn't solve.

With the impending economic crisis,
My previous owners stubbornly insist.
That they no longer care and love me,
Abandoning me at SPCA, they let me be.

They walked out of my life, never turned my way,
It was heartbreaking as I wanted them to stay.
I was almost put to forever sleep,
For my former owners were too cheap.

My name is Kobi,
I am a dog meant to run free.
I am a dog that has loved them for years,
But they let me go amidst money fears.

Thankfully someone felt sorry and I was rescued,
My faith in humans gradually renewed.
I hope that my future home would love me better,
A place filled with abundant love, food, water and shelter.

*If you are interested to adopt Kobi, please call Suzanne @ 96975363 for more details. Please note he is not meant to be a HDB dog. All potential owners will be screened and interviewed. Thank you and we hope that he would find a forever home soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear All,

It is that time of the year again, the AVA annual Road Show. This year, it has been named Responsible Pet Ownership Road Show 2008. It will be held:

Date: Friday, 7 Nov to Sunday, 9 Nov 08
Venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 6B
Time: General public -11am-9pm

Thank you to all the volunteers who have risen to the occasion and offered to help us over the weekend. Currently, most of the slots have been filled up except for Sunday’s Shift 2, 3.30 pm to 9pm – where we still need 3 more volunteers! Please email us at if you are able to volunteer your services.

*To all confirmed volunteers, please come in your Noah’s Ark shirt (if you have one, or you can always purchase one on the spot) :P Volunteer timing: Shift 1 10am-3.30pm or Shift 2 3.30pm-9pm. See you there!

Noah's Ark volunteers will be hard at work, manning our booth and doing their part to raise funds for the animals. Come lend your support by visiting our booth and purchasing our merchandise. We have newly designed t-shirts, polo shirts, luggage tags, memo pads and post-it notes for sale.

Moreover, our 2009 calendars will be on sale too! If you have already bought one for yourself, please do not hesitate to buy some for your friends and family too! Everyone needs a calendar especially with 2009 just around the corner and would make great Christmas presents don’t you think? Alternatively, you can visit and purchase through an online order form. Stocks are running low, so get yours today!

Next, author of "The Cat That Lived Forever", Ms Rita Tan, has generously donated another 25 books with 100% of the sales proceeds going to Noah's Ark. So come on down and grab a book if you haven't already.

A hot favourite at all our events would be our Pet Photography! Have a picture of your dog taken for just $10 and have the photo in your hands almost instantly. Our lovely Christmas backdrop would make your dog's photograph an excellent Christmas card to send to your friends and family. Please note that Pet Photography will only be on Sat and Sun from 2pm to 7pm. Do not miss it!

And last but not least - remember our demure Lady whom we rescued?

Look how gorgeous she is now! Such a far cry from her stray days. You will have a chance to meet her as Lady will be making her guest appearance on Saturday between 3pm to 6pm. For those who missed seeing her at the NDW 2008, this is your opportunity to say Hi to her.

Doesn’t it all sound exciting? With all these happening, you definitely wont want to miss such an event. Do not forget to bring your dogs along too for a day of fun, games and socializing. That’s it then, we hope to see you this weekend! :D

Sunday, November 2, 2008

JJ at Noah's Ark - Home sweet home.

Dear Readers,

Do you remember JJ the loyal stray? (For JJ’s past story, please click on these 2 links: & ) Yes it is the loyal JJ, the one who continued to guard an empty plot of land 5 years after its tenants had moved out. Despite the rain and sun, there she stood, doing what she believed was her job.

Previously: JJ when she was first rescued, getting her first shower as her fur was extremely dirty and matted

Today: JJ has certainly looks a tad fatter and a lot happier! Look at the life in her eyes!

Two kind saviours, Ms May L and Ms June B have helped make JJ's trip and stay at Noah's Ark possible. Moreover, visitors have gone to Noah's Ark, specifically asking to see JJ - the one they fondly know as the loyal stray. Her steadfast loyalty is something that everyone admires. Indeed, dogs are capable of such acts, but do we as humans, reciprocate their love? Or do we neglect them once they we are sick and tire of them? It is something we definitely have to consider when getting a pet.

These days, JJ can be seen running on the grounds of Noah's Ark with a few close friends. Together they venture to the different corners of the compound, taking time to stop to roll in the grass and play with each other. In comparison to a previously lonely life, JJ seems much happier and better off today.

JJ making friends at Noah's Ark

Apart from exploring her new home, JJ spends her days in the main house at Noah's Ark, lazing and dozing off on the steps leading up to Uncle Raymund's office. .

Lazing on the steps of Noah's Ark

With Raymund's love and care for JJ, she has grown extremely attached to him, waiting patiently for him to go downstairs. After which, she would faithfully walk alongside him while he does his daily rounds. After 5 long and hard years, she finally does not need to worry about food, water or shelter any longer. JJ can also be sure that Uncle Raymund will love and care for her - till the end of her time.

JJ, now a part of the huge doggy family at Noah's Ark (:

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

Noah's Ark CARES Supporters