Friday, November 14, 2008

Tigger's Christmas Wish


People look at me but what do they see
Yet another mongrel born with no blood of a pedigree
Would you give me a chance to walk by your side?
Could you try and understand what lies inside?
A pure heart bursting to belong and to love
To be the loyal friend you can be proud of

If there really is a Santa, I hope he'll grant my simple wish
I don’t need much, I promise won’t be selfish
I don’t require fancy treats or a special bone
All I want for Christmas is a place to call home.


Tigger was born on a construction site with 4 brothers and sisters. Food was scarce and life was harsh but he was contented just being able to snuggle up to his Mommy and his siblings at night.

However, Tigger’s world shattered when he was just one month old. His Mommy was killed when she was run over by a lorry at site. Left to fend for themselves, the one-month-old pups struggled to survive.

Luckily, an angel came to the rescue in the form of a kind human being. She saw the pups crying and sniffing around their Mommy’s still form. Immediately, their pitiful sight made her eyes well up with tears. No matter how tired she was after work, she would drive there to feed them, continuing to provide them with food and milk every other night.

Sadly, Tigger’s happiness didn’t last. Just the other day, the lady learnt that his brother had also been run over by a lorry. She was devastated. Not wishing to see Tigger and his remaining siblings meet with the same fate, she brought Tigger and his sister home for fostering. Thankfully, she managed to find a permanent home for Tigger’s sister and is still trying hard to find a good home for Tigger. Should there be any kind soul whose heart is big enough to share their home with him, please contact Suzanne @ 9697 5363. He is currently 4 months old and is a very sweet and affectionate boy.

Meanwhile, Tigger’s 2 other siblings remain at the construction site and every second they are there, their lifes will constantly be in danger. We are urgently seeking fosterers who are willing to help take care of these 2 pups while we look for permanent homes for them. Please email should you wish to help us out by being a fosterer.

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