Sunday, November 2, 2008

JJ at Noah's Ark - Home sweet home.

Dear Readers,

Do you remember JJ the loyal stray? (For JJ’s past story, please click on these 2 links: & ) Yes it is the loyal JJ, the one who continued to guard an empty plot of land 5 years after its tenants had moved out. Despite the rain and sun, there she stood, doing what she believed was her job.

Previously: JJ when she was first rescued, getting her first shower as her fur was extremely dirty and matted

Today: JJ has certainly looks a tad fatter and a lot happier! Look at the life in her eyes!

Two kind saviours, Ms May L and Ms June B have helped make JJ's trip and stay at Noah's Ark possible. Moreover, visitors have gone to Noah's Ark, specifically asking to see JJ - the one they fondly know as the loyal stray. Her steadfast loyalty is something that everyone admires. Indeed, dogs are capable of such acts, but do we as humans, reciprocate their love? Or do we neglect them once they we are sick and tire of them? It is something we definitely have to consider when getting a pet.

These days, JJ can be seen running on the grounds of Noah's Ark with a few close friends. Together they venture to the different corners of the compound, taking time to stop to roll in the grass and play with each other. In comparison to a previously lonely life, JJ seems much happier and better off today.

JJ making friends at Noah's Ark

Apart from exploring her new home, JJ spends her days in the main house at Noah's Ark, lazing and dozing off on the steps leading up to Uncle Raymund's office. .

Lazing on the steps of Noah's Ark

With Raymund's love and care for JJ, she has grown extremely attached to him, waiting patiently for him to go downstairs. After which, she would faithfully walk alongside him while he does his daily rounds. After 5 long and hard years, she finally does not need to worry about food, water or shelter any longer. JJ can also be sure that Uncle Raymund will love and care for her - till the end of her time.

JJ, now a part of the huge doggy family at Noah's Ark (:

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Really happy for JJ, and JJ is really lucky to have met you guys; thanks for helping the strays.

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