Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday 24th Oct - Bull Run 2008

Some Noah's Ark volunteers got together last Friday to attend the Bull Run 2008. The area was crowded and full of people who were there to participate in numerous other races. For us however, there was a special event called "Doggie Road Race" where we were to run 1.6km with our dogs.

Jared, our young volunteer watching over Snoopy, Prince & Zeus

Besides it being the Bull Run, this was also a meeting of dogs that had been previously rescued and rehomed by Noah's Ark! Snoopy, formerly known as the little black Ben, is now a muscular and extremely happy dog. Look at him now - such a handsome face don't you think?

Snoopy (formerly known as Ben)

Not to forget, little Prince (Lady's son) was there with his good friend, Papa Zeus! The loud noises accompanied with the humid weather made poor Prince very hot and bothered. But with PapaZeus accompanying him, it was an event to remember.

Zeus & Prince

Pharaoh, aka Mr October 2008 - was also present with his family to cheer the rest of us on. He was previously abandoned at Jalan Kayu and suffered from hernia and had heartworms. Noah's Ark rescued him and nursed him back to health. This is him today!


It is certainly heartwarming to know that all these dogs rescued by Noah's Ark have gone to a loving home to live out the rest of their lives. Yet, it is sad to know that there are just as many without having the chance to do so.

After the run, both the dogs and us humans were all extremely tired and sweaty but gamely stayed on for the prize presentation. This was because 9 year old Kasper and his handler, Edwin had managed to come in 2nd place :D

Kasper with his favourite ball in his mouth, standing alongside his handler, Edwin

Edwin & Kasper on stage to receive their prize. Look at Casper salute!

From Left: The Winners of the Doggie Dog Race - 3rd Position, Owner with Dog(Cocker Spaniel), 2nd Position Edwin (in Green Tee) with Kasper and 1st Position Owner with his Terrier

A special thank you to everyone who came down to support us! We do hope to have more people join us at the Bull Run 2009. Perhaps next year, Noah's Ark will take all 3 top positions! You'll never know right? :D We do hope to have more people participate and have fun as a group altogether - so get out there and start training today :)

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