Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nikki & Chwing

This morning, I woke up and kissed my dad's head
I peed on the carpet before going back to bed.
The life of a puppy, oh my, this is great.
Then I thought about breakfast, hoping it would not be late.
Mom took me outside, we walked for a while.
This never fails to make her smile.

She carried me a short distance before puting me down
Walked quickly away from me without turning around
I cried and dragged my little body as fast as I could
It was a seperation I never understood
Why did she keep me for 4 months before dumping me?
Why didn't she put me down when she knew she could never love me?

It is not my fault to be born with my hind legs deformed
I now wish too I had never been born
That day I crawled till my knees became blistered and bled
But my Mom left me there and never came back
A kind soul found me and took me to the Vet
A tiny little furball I was, bleeding and scared

Chwing's deformed hind legs

This little puppy was found abandoned along a corridor at a block of HDB flats. The puppy was examined by Dr Heng of Mt Pleasant Sunset Way and x-rays were done on its hind legs. Its hind legs are deformed but the puppy is able to move around by dragging itself with its two front legs. Despite this, the puppy is otherwise healthy.

After staying two days at the clinic, young Vet Assistant, Nikki, has adopted the puppy and taken him home. She has lovingly named him "Chwing" as his hind legs resemble chicken wings. Her compassionate and kindly action has brought tears to our eyes and we hope to be able to help both Chwing and her.

If you can contribute to help Nikki build a set of wheels for Chwing, please contact Noah’s Ark and we would link you up. For now, Nikki has Chwing's legs bandaged at the knees so he does not get more blisters and sores when he crawls about.

Could you please help Nikki and Chwing?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The love of your life

If you want someone always willing to go out, at any hour, for as long and wherever you want...

Pick Me !

German Shepherd cross, male, estimated 8 mths old

If you want someone who never criticizes what you do, doesn't care if you are pretty or ugly, fat or thin, young or old, who acts as if every word you say is especially worthy of listening to, and loves you unconditionally...

Choose Me !

Husky, male, estimated 3 yrs of age

If you want someone loving, affectionate, playful and gives in to your every whim and fancy...

Take Me !

Crossbreed, female, estimated 8 mths old

If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him and never say its not quite good...

It's got to be Me !

Husky, male, 8 mths old

If you want someone who is content to get on your bed just to warm your feet and cuddle up next to...

I'm the ONE for YOU !

Crossbreed, female, estimated 3 mths old

To adopt any of the dogs above, please send your queries to Please give some brief background of yourself and your experience handling dogs.

Adoption charges of $220 applies and this will be donated to Noah's Ark CARES.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Before reading further, please be advised that there are rather disturbing pictures below. Please do not continue if you feel uncomfortable viewing such photos. Thank you!

It has been almost a month since we have provided readers with an update on Diesel. Like our lucky Lady, Diesel has had his fair share of visitors, bringing him food, treats and toys! He is fortunate to also have visitors come take him for walks, some fresh air, sunlight and exercise. Diesel is a good boy with a sweet and pleasant disposition. He knows his routine well and obediently goes back into his kennel after his walks. We have here some photos below that have documented his gradual road to recovery.

Before (about 1 month ago):

The original maggot infested wound

Since then, Diesel's wound has healed well and is considerably smaller. It has dried up a fair bit and we trust that in time, should heal completely. Often when we look back and compare those pictures of their initial rescue, we come to realize how strong these dogs are. Their will to live is absolutely amazing, and we certainly can learn from him. Recently, with all the good food that visitors have been feeding him lately, Diesel is certainly looking a little rounder and a tad spoilt :-)


Diesel's wound has healed extremely well and wound is gradually closing. Even the fur on his back has grown back.

In comparison to the previous photos, Diesel has certainly come a long way. Would someone like to give him a loving home?

We are trying out utmost best to find him a loving family who will adopt him in Singapore. He was rescued from the streets with a terribly bad injury and has almost recovered fully. Every dog deserves a second chance in life don't you think? Could you be that special someone in Diesel's life? Should you know of a friend who is looking to adopt a dog for life, please do not forget to tell them about Diesel.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our well-wishers for helping Diesel in one way or another. Be it cooking yummy meals for him, footing his medical bills or boarding, your efforts have made him what he is today. Thank you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Project Industrial Dogs - The Importance of Sterilization

Before reading further, please be advised that there are rather disturbing pictures below. Please do not continue if you feel uncomfortable viewing such photos. Thank you!

Sterilization is the best possible solution to reduce the number of strays, more humanely than culling. Why the emphasis on sterilization? Visit Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary and you will get an idea of the high number of unwanted animals produced and left for dead each year, on our very own streets in Singapore. You see mixed-breeds and purebreds of every size and shape and we strongly believe that none of them deserve to live life that way.

Sterilization helps reduce the stray population in years to come. Strays that live on the streets already have enough problems feeding themselves, let alone their litter of unwanted puppies. A more effective birth control method would be to sterilize them, starting mainly in industrial estates, factories and farms in Singapore. Studies have shown that sterilized dogs are less likely to bite and are less aggressive towards both dogs and people.

In light of recent events where industrial dogs such as Diesel and little Ziggy were injured and rescued, we've put together a photo presentation to show you what life is like - the harsh reality of life as a stray.

A heavily pregnant Mommy Dog

Male dog with enlarged testicles - extremely painful and uncomfortable

Puppies born under a tree that hardly provided shelter from sun nor rain

Puppies born out of wedlock - what would their future hold?

Industrial puppies - born in drains. Will these puppies ever have an opportunity to see the world? What if it rained? Would they drown? Freeze to death? Would they be washed away? Is this a life worth living?

Puppies born in an industrial estate.

A young innocent puppy, bitten by rats; a victim in more ways than one.

Jawbone of a dog by the side of a road, in an industrial estate. Dog could have been hit by a vehicle, died from hunger and starvation, or sickness...

Did the pictures show you a side of Singapore you never knew existed? Did your heart go out to the cute little stray puppies playing in the middle of the road oblivious to traffic? Or the little ones that have just started walking and strayed to the middle of the road to sniff out food scraps because they were starving as their mommy dog had no milk for them as she too has not eaten for almost a week? Living in the comfort of our own homes, we forget what it feels like to not have food for a day, let alone a week. We forget what it feels like to be drenched in the rain, feeling cold and not having shelter. That is why we really need your help!

Since 2005 to present, Noah’s Ark has sterilized 350 dogs. With the launch of Project Industrial Dogs, we hope to sterilize 400 more dogs within a one year period, starting Sept 2008. It costs approximately $120 to sterilize one female dog. Based on this calculation, we estimate that we would require $50,000 to sterilize these dogs, and curb the stray population. Our goal is to make Singapore stray-free by year 2012. We are working hard towards achieving that goal but we need your help and support in order for us to succeed in helping these strays.

It is a more humane approach choosing to sterilize them, rather than opting to cull them to resolve problems. You can help us help them.

Simply click on the form just above this sentence, print it (when you print, please ensure your page setup/print details is "shrink to fit"), fill it out and send it off along with your donation (either via cheque or bank transfer - details below) to:

By Cheque

Please make cheque payable to: Noah's Ark CARES

and mail to:
Noah's Ark CARES
42 Cairnhill Road
#02-01Singapore 229661

By Fund Transfer

Acct No: 501-827745-001
Acct Name: Noah's Ark Companion Animal Rescue & Edn Society
Branch: OCBC Head Office
Branch Code: 501
Bank Code: 7339

Do email us at with your transaction code, full name and contact details to enable us to trace the transaction and mail you a receipt.

Noah’s Ark champions the cause of Industrial Dog Sterilization.
Please help support our cause.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Ziggy's Pain (Industrial Dog Rescue)

Sat, 6 Sept '08 - The afternoon started out pleasantly and lazily. We had gotten together today as a group to take an opportunity to sit down, unwind and get to know each other better and to chat about dogs and cats.

Later in the evening around 9pm, a call was received informing us of an injured puppy at an industrial area. Living on a construction site, she had gotten herself into an accident. To how bad an extent we did not know. But we knew one thing. How could we deny a call to help an innocent puppy?

It was pouring when we left. Journeying along the expressway and thinking silently to ourselves wondering whether it was still possible to help the puppy in this sort of weather. Moreover, we had to go looking for it as its location was unknown! Lo and behold, by the time we reached the industrial estate, there was not a single drop of rain to hinder us. I guess God was on our side too!

Driving into the construction site, there were only the car's headlights to guide our path. Finding a place to park, we got off and armed ourselves with torch lights. It was dark and there was a rotten stench in the air. Combing the area, we finally heard a faint whimper coming from beneath a huge pile of heavy and rusty metal pipes. After a brief search, we finally located the dog's position amidst the messy pile.

The puppy trapped amidst the heavy metal beams. How did she get there?

Shining the torchlight to illuminate the area, we gasped in horror. We saw that the poor puppy's hind legs were bent at an extremely bad angle. Extracting her would be a difficult task. Although we have no idea how an injured dog managed to drag herself through the debris of pipes, there was certainly no way through for us humans.

The Puppy's hind legs were fractured and bent at an awkward angle

The puppy looked no more than 4 months of age and we knew that it would be a challenge to rescue her. Each time we tried to grab and pull her out, she would yelp in pain and move deeper into the metal pile, making it harder for both parties. We then stopped trying to take her out and decided to slowly shift away the heavy pipes instead. Images of the Nicoll Highway bridge collapse flashed in our minds. This situation was almost a mirror image, just smaller in scale yet equally as terrifying.

Volunteers discussing the best way to navigate the metal beams without further endangering the puppy

Without the use of machinery, we had to rely on manpower to slowly remove pipe by pipe. One wrong move could cost the poor puppy her life, or even cause a serious injury to ourselves. The rusty and exceptionally heavy pipes were navigated one by one, as if playing Jenga or Pick up sticks – making sure that we didn't make a wrong move that would cause the entire pile to roll and crush her. We heaved, pulled, pushed, dragged and lifted almost 15 pipes in total. Before long, everyone had their hands grimy and were drenched in perspiration, but the thought of the suffering puppy kept us going.

It took the strength of 6 to carefully shift 15 heavy metal beams

Finally after 2 hours, we cleared a way to safely extract her without endangering her. However, the pain seemed to be unbearable for her. She tried to bite anyone who made an attempt to catch hold of her. A plan was then hatched to lightly lasso her lightly around the mouth. It was then we ran into another barrier. Her body was wedged between a steel bar and a huge round pipe. Thinking quickly, we immediately looked for smaller bars to create a lever to lift the huge and unstable steel frame. However, we only had once chance to do it, and we had to do it right.

After 2 hours, we were still shifting metal beams whilst Puppy was still trapped beneath

As a group, we held our breaths as two people lifted the pipes and two others stood by to grab the dog immediately. There was only one chance to do so, because if the shaky frame came loose, it would mean that the dog would be absolutely crushed. Thankfully, in unison, everyone did what they were tasked to do. After almost 2 and a half hours, she was finally free!

Shaun (in orange) - jacking up metal beam
Rachel - holding flashlight
Lynda - with towel getting ready to grab the dog
Jared - (in blue) - jacking up metal beams on the other side
Ruth - holding other flashlight and directing from opposite side

Turning her head and trying to snap at us, we immediately covered her head with a towel and bundled her quickly into the pet carrier. She calmed the moment she was inside the carrier and stared at us with doleful eyes, as if understanding we were there to help.

Volunteers putting the injured puppy into a pet carrier

It was way past midnight when we called Mount Pleasant at Whitley and rushed there. In the car, the name Ziggy was decided for her. During the entire journey, she sat quietly in the pet carrier, watching us with alert eyes. Even in the carrier we could see her legs bent in an awkward position and she couldn't move them. We deduced that she had been afraid and in so much pain she crawled underneath the pipes to hide. Should we have come only in the morning, she may not have made it through the night as the Vet later told her that she was extremely dehydrated.

Lying on table - Little Ziggy waiting patiently for the Vet to examine her

Unfortunately, we are sad to say that though much effort was put in, she didn't make it through the night. X-rays revealed that the accident had crushed her lungs, fractured her hind legs and broken almost every bone in the pelvic area. Even if she had managed to pull through, she wouldn't be able to enjoy her life fully. Most of the nerves in the lower part of the body were unresponsive by the time we had rescued her. Even if she did survive, having no control of her muscles from waist down would cause her to be a painful cripple her entire life. We believe that all dogs are meant to run free and not suffer such a painful predicament.

Badly bruised abdomen revealing her internal bleeding - possibly caused by the vehicle that struck her

Xray results revealed many fragmented bones in her pelvic area

Our hearts went out to her and it was how we ended the night. It was an experience that has been etched in our minds since. Although it just was a few hours of being with little Ziggy, her courage and strength was both admirable and stirring.

Regardless, Ziggy has touched the deep recesses of our hearts. Our prayers will definitely be with her – forever and always. As for all of us new and young volunteers involved in the rescue, I think its something we all will remember for a long time to come. I know I will. Little Ziggy, wherever you are now, rest assured you’ll never be forgotten.

To Ziggy,
You're always in our prayers . . . . . .

If it should be that I grow weak, then you must do what must be done,
for we know this last battle can't be won.
You will be sad, I understand, but don't let grief then stay your hand.
What is to come can hold no fears. Would you want me to suffer?
So, when the time comes, please let me go.
Take me where my needs they'll tend, only stay with me until the end,
and hold me firm and speak to me, until my eyes no longer see.
It is a kindness that you do to me, although my tail it's last has waved,
from pain and suffering I have been saved.
Do not grieve, it should be you, who must decide this thing to do.
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

Importance of Sterilisation

Time and again we remind people the importance of sterilization. An experience such as this is heart-wrenching for the puppy and us, as we were unable to save the puppy. They have no control of how they are brought into this world and are barely able to survive the tough conditions of living in an industrial estate. It is through no fault of theirs and it is our duty to help them however we can. There is only so much we can do, but we hope that our words will be taken seriously, even if it is just by a few people to start with. Every little bit helps.

Story written by Rachel

Thank you to the other 4 volunteers: Shaun, Ruth, Jared, Fiona and Lynda for helping little Ziggy. Not to forget, we would also like to thank Dr Kasey Tan of Mt Pleasant for seeing her after midnight.

If you would like to help little Ziggy and her siblings, please stay tuned to our blog. Come this Thursday – we will be sharing you can help us make a difference in their lives.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Bull Charge

Tired of jogging around the estate with your furry pal? Ever wondered how would it be like to bring your furry pals to the Central District area? Come join the Fun Filled event ‘The Bull Charge’ proudly organized by Singapore Exchange (SGX) held on 24 October 2008, Friday at the Padang. Over the past four years, SGX has raised more than S$10 million for needy children, families and youths from selected charities through its charity fun run.

Cover a whole 1.6Km around the CBD with your dog on leash. What’s more, stand to win a Trophy for best dressed Dog! So come on do your bit for charity, log on to for more details now!

Being unable to upload the entry form online, a direct link to the Doggie Road Race form has been created for your convenience: Do sign up and come down to show your support!

Monday, September 1, 2008

2 Dogs that found recently

Cross-breed Photo 1

Cross-breed Photo 2

Cross breed, male. Looks to be about 7 - 8 mths old, no microchip. Found on the evening of Aug 19 in the vicinity of Bin Tong Park. Has a light blue "home-made" collar around its neck. Dog understands and is able to carry out basic commands like sit, stay and paw.

Silky Terrier Photo 1

Silky Terrier Photo 2

Silky terrier, light grey in colour, female. Very thin. Looks to be about 6 - 7 yrs old. Found at approximately 3pm on Aug 30 along 6th Avenue. Dog has no microchip and was not wearing a collar.

We cannot stress enough that as a responsible pet owner, you SHOULD microchip and license your dogs. If you know of anyone who owns these dogs, please call Lynda @ 91996247 or Fiona @ 98391308 immediately. Thank you and we hope that their respective owners would be identified soon.

Missing Dog Found!

Dear readers,

With reference to the post on Tuesday 19th August (Missing Dog: Louis) - we are glad to report she has been found! If you have been on the lookout or even helped us comb the area for her - THANK YOU! Louis is currently doing well and glad to be home again.

However, while looking for Louis, we came across 2 lost dogs in the same vicinity. We believe they have either wandered out of their owner's home unknowingly or are lost. Their pictures and details will be up tomorrow, so please stay tuned.

On a lighter note, the tour is just around the corner - 13 days! - Are you excited? Because we sure are! If you've not signed up, there are still a few more slots left. If you have, please ensure that you have paid or else your seat will be given up. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Paws and licks,
Jojo Schnauzer

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

Noah's Ark CARES Supporters