Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nikki & Chwing

This morning, I woke up and kissed my dad's head
I peed on the carpet before going back to bed.
The life of a puppy, oh my, this is great.
Then I thought about breakfast, hoping it would not be late.
Mom took me outside, we walked for a while.
This never fails to make her smile.

She carried me a short distance before puting me down
Walked quickly away from me without turning around
I cried and dragged my little body as fast as I could
It was a seperation I never understood
Why did she keep me for 4 months before dumping me?
Why didn't she put me down when she knew she could never love me?

It is not my fault to be born with my hind legs deformed
I now wish too I had never been born
That day I crawled till my knees became blistered and bled
But my Mom left me there and never came back
A kind soul found me and took me to the Vet
A tiny little furball I was, bleeding and scared

Chwing's deformed hind legs

This little puppy was found abandoned along a corridor at a block of HDB flats. The puppy was examined by Dr Heng of Mt Pleasant Sunset Way and x-rays were done on its hind legs. Its hind legs are deformed but the puppy is able to move around by dragging itself with its two front legs. Despite this, the puppy is otherwise healthy.

After staying two days at the clinic, young Vet Assistant, Nikki, has adopted the puppy and taken him home. She has lovingly named him "Chwing" as his hind legs resemble chicken wings. Her compassionate and kindly action has brought tears to our eyes and we hope to be able to help both Chwing and her.

If you can contribute to help Nikki build a set of wheels for Chwing, please contact Noah’s Ark and we would link you up. For now, Nikki has Chwing's legs bandaged at the knees so he does not get more blisters and sores when he crawls about.

Could you please help Nikki and Chwing?


Anonymous said...

A real touching story. At the beginning of the poem, i tot it was so sweet but I was in tears by the time i saw Chwing's pic.

I'm really glad & touch that the pup has found a owner that will provide him with unconditional love.

Will be contacting Noah's Ark to make a donation so that Chwing will be able to move around w/o dragging himself & getting bruises on his knees.

=) Thank you Noah's Ark! For helping to make known their plight & getting help.


GL said...

Read your blog, was very touched by the story of Chwing and the kindness of Nikki. I would like to help to get a set of wheels for little Chwing.

Weili & Candy said...

Hi,I also have 2 legged dog at home,I encourage you & your family to try to make a set of wheels for chwings. At the same time,you can let chwings wear children's socks to ease the bruises when he walks. Do visit my doggie's blog
Do contact me if you need any help.

JPJ said...

This story broke my heart, how cruel to leave a helpless animal let alone a little baby.

Nikki you are kind and good soul and I know Chwing will reward your kindness everyday with much love and friendship.

And we will help with a donation.


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