Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie Screening - Hachiko!

Dear Friends of Noah’s Ark,

You are specially invited to attend a special movie screening, Hachiko, organized by Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) and Noah’s Ark in January 2010! You will be able to catch this 1 day before it opens officially in the cinemas.

Here's the trailer below:

Movie Synopsis

Hachiko: A Dog's Story is a drama film based on the true story of the faithful Japanese dog Hachikō. It is a remake of the 1987 Japanese film Hachikō Monogatari. It is directed by Lasse Hallström, written by Stephen P. Lindsey and stars Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Sarah Roemer. This true story is an American adaptation of a Japanese tale about a loyal dog named Hachiko.

Hachiko, the legendary Japanese akita, proves that there is nothing more loyal than mans best friend in this modern retelling of a cherished true story. It all begins when a college professor adopts an abandoned dog named Hachiko. The two form such a strong bond that Hachiko walks with the professor to the train station each morning and returns to the station each evening to walk the professor home again. The routine continues until one day the professor does not return to the train station.

Hachiko, however, does not give up. He returns to the same train station at the same time, faithfully waiting for his owner to return. Hachiko does this for more than nine years, until his own death. Hachiko's story is one of love, unwavering devotion, and the resounding impact one dogs affection can make.

Movie Details

Date: January 20th 2010 (Wednesday)
Location: Golden Village, VivoCity, Hall 4
Screening Time: 7.15pm

Cost Per Ticket (according to seat rows).
*Note that Row K is the furthest from the screen.

Row F to K - $60 each
Row A to E - $30 each

**Tickets come with complimentary popcorn and coke, kindly sponsored by Brownie, Audi & 88.

All proceeds will be donated to Noah's Ark CARES. **This money will go towards helping Mr Tan's three dogs, paying for their medical bills, exporting them to Noah's Ark and their upkeep at the Sanctuary. Mr Tan's story will be posted shortly over the weekend.

To reserve and purchase your tickets:

Send us an email at info@noahsarkcares.com providing contact details, ticket price and number of tickets required. Please state email subject as "Hachiko Movie Tickets". Payment can be made via funds transfer or cheque payable to Noah's Ark CARES. Please note that tickets will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment. There will be no refunds for no shows.

A special thank you to Pet Lovers Foundation (launched by Pet Lovers Centre) for sponsoring the hall and helping us in their fund raising effort.

Come join us for a night out at the movies with your family and friends. Seats are limited so please do book early to avoid disappointment. We hope to see you there!

Last but not least....introducing our Hachiko look-alike at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary! His name is Foxy. Foxy was abandoned in April 2008 but was lucky to be found and rescued by Ms Yasuko Yamamoto. His story will be posted very soon, so do keep a lookout for it!

Moreover, do remember to check back on this blog regularly as we will announcing our first tour of 2010 shortly. You will be able to visit Foxy, and many other resident dogs very soon!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kiro the Hero

This should be the most unforgettable day ever for Kiro, my 1st family dog. A late afternoon email from Lynda broke the silence of a peaceful day, as I was notified that September has been hospitalized. Before long, a frenzy of activities took place. September was found to be hemophilic (See http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/2009/11/septembers-will-to-live.html), which explains why he bled non-stop after he was microchipped. This will normally not happen even though September and his siblings were microchipped at a young age so that the vet could track their records. With 7 identical puppies, we had a problem identifying them therefore microchipping will help everyone.

I called my sister Ester and told her to prepare my 2nd family dog Kori (Kori is actually under my charge while my sister takes care of Kiro) as I rushed home to fetch her to Mt Pleasant at Stevens Road. Before I hung up, I told Ester that we might as well bring Kiro along for a car ride so we had another dog to test for for suitability of blood donation.

When I reached the hospital, I went to take a look at September, and my heart sank at the lifeless state he was in. He did not respond to his caregivers and he just lay motionlessly there, his tiny heart pumping strenuously.

Blood samples were drawn from both Kiro and Kori and amazingly, both of them turned out to be suitable donors, alongside with Mei Mei. Kiro was the vet's first choice as he was the heaviest among the three, plus both Kori and Mei Mei were both on the timid side.

Kiro was brought into the clinic and had to be placed on a surgical table. A muzzle was placed on him but he was still excitedly wagging his tail, absorbing all the attention, unaware of what was in store for him. The vet shaved the fur off his neck and Ester held him down firmly while Dr Leslie Teo inserted the needle into his blood vessel.

I could see that Kiro was in pain when the needle was inserted into him, but he stood tall and firm. Perhaps he knew that this little bit of pain was nothing in comparison to what September was going through, or perhaps he did not understand a single bit of what was happening as everything went too fast but all he knew was, he had to be a brave boy. Meanwhile, Dr Cheryl Ho was monitoring the blood flow into the bag.

After the first bag of blood was drawn, the vets had a discussion and decided to take a second bag of blood just in case little September needs it. By then, Kiro was pretty nervous and unsettled. The vets decided to give him some sedative to calm him down so that it will be easier for the second round of blood drawing.

The blood that saved September's life

Both Dr Leslie Teo and Dr Cheryl Ho helped to hold Kiro down while the lab technician shaved the other side of his neck and started to draw blood for the second time. Ester was always within Kiro’s sight, to let him know that everything would be all right, comforting and encouraging him. Seeing Kiro cringe and ejecting his anal sac for the first time due to fright was heartbreaking. He is usually a very confident dog, an alpha male. Dr Leslie Teo kept talking to Kiro and stroking his ears, to comfort him and reassure him that everything will be over soon.

Kiro was offered some yummy canned food after the entire procedure but he did not want to eat – he only wanted to leave the clinic as soon as possible. Once outside, he was really glad and relived to see Kori who was waiting for him near the car. Ester was close to tears seeing the terrified state he was in, but also extremely proud that Kiro had helped to save a life.

We all kept our fingers crossed as Kiro’s blood flowed into little September slowly and steadily. It was getting late, and we all had to go home. With a heavy heart, I whispered goodbye to September and urged him to fight hard and strong, and emerge a survivor.

September is definitely not one of his mommy's first litter, she had given birth several times before him and his siblings. What happened to the other puppies? We can only hope they are happier in doggy heaven now. September's mommy initially had one surviving daughter from her previous litters but she too, died from kidney failure a few months back.

Mongrels are known to be hardy, and we were surprised September has this blood disorder. Alike human beings, this hemophilic condition only affects males, although females can become carriers. Some of our caregivers have been trying their best to catch hold of September’s mommy to sterilize her, so that she will not have to go through pregnancy and labour again, and more importantly, will not produce another lot of puppies who have to suffer like what September did. However, September's mommy is very wary of human beings, and we are still working hard to get her sterilized.

September’s three other siblings which we did not manage to rescue in time, could also have suffered from this same disorder. Were they actually crushed to death like what we saw or did they actually bleed to their death slowly?

We will never know. Too many strays have lived, and died, unknowingly. Noah’s Ark would like to put an end to their suffering, and we need your support. We have been, and are still trying our best, to keep the stray population under control through active sterilization. Help us to help them.

*Article and photos contributed by Ruth Lim

Thursday, December 24, 2009

PLC Food Donation Drive - 2nd weekend!

Dog Food Donation Drive
with Pet Lovers Centre
From 19 December 2009 to 3 January 2010

Christmas is just round the corner and each and every dog would wish and long for their own loving family and home. However, sadly many are not that lucky but for a few luckier ones they call our sanctuary, Noah’s Ark, their forever home. We are very thankful that they are so many Doggy Parents who have taken upon themselves to help support these dogs at the sanctuary.

In conjunction with Noah’s Ark CARES, Pet Lovers Centre has embarked on a Dog Food Donation Drive. This is their special Christmas gift to our residents at Noah’s Ark sanctuary.

For every bag of Fish4Dogs Finest Salmon Complete (1.5kg) (UP: $37) by you for the animals at the Sanctuary, Pet Lovers Centre will contribute $22 for every bag, so that your nett price is only $15!!! It is a steal at these prices and hope that you will help make many of our animals’ Christmas wish come true during our festive period.

When you make your purchase, your duplicate receipt will be stapled on the packets of food, which in turn will state the number of packets they have purchased. Volunteers will then collect the food from the outlets every week and bring them into our Sanctuary in Johor Bahru for the dogs there.

Currently, we received about 100 bags of Fish4Dogs (from last weekend's donation drive) and we thank everyone for taking the time and making the effort to come down to buy/donate. Please do help buy as much as you can for the doggies at Noah’s Ark. Don’t forget to tell your friends and get them to help too!

Note that you may purchase Fish4Dogs at any of the Pet Lovers Centre. For a list of their retail outlets, please visit http://www.petloverscentre.com/location.asp or call 1800-PETFOOD (1800-7383663)

If you have not yet purchased the 2010 Noah’s Ark Calendars we urge you to consider buying them now. Our volunteers will be at Pet Lovers Centre East Point Mall with our calendars. So please mark down on your calendars the following dates:

Date: Sat, 2 Jan & Sun, 3 Jan

Time: 11.30am to 4pm

Venue: Pet Lovers Centre @ East Point Mall (3 Simei Street 6 #01-06)

We hope to see you all there !!

Thank You once again for your continued support of Noah’s Ark and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best wishes,
Mr Zeus

Monday, December 21, 2009

A message from Ms Chew Gek Hiang, President of Noah's Ark CARES

I have often been asked as Christmas draws near by many if giving pets is a “wonderful” idea. With many arguing that this, is probably one of the few instances that money can buy love! Indeed, one can not deny that the happiness one does receive from a beloved pet can in a way be “purchased”.

However, in reality, there are many issues involved if pets are seen as gift “options”. The biggest issue being the responsibilities that pet ownership brings with it. So whilst, one can appreciate the motivation that a giver may have, the recipient may then be “saddled” with the onerous responsibility of being a new pet owner !!

There are also less pleasant aspects of pet ownership like house training ,lead training ,early morning walks, frequent meal times and the list goes on when a new dog comes to your life.

If it starts to sound more like a “job” rather than fun then think again. Being a pet owner is a commitment for life – in many ways you now have a “life partner” who will give you much joy and tears and many tasks to perform during your time together. As it is often said, that the first instance one sets eyes on one’s pet – one sheds tears of joy and all too soon, these tears turn to sadness as one has to part with it.

Ideally, this is a scene one would wish to see in many pet “relationships” but unfortunately only a fraction of pets actually live out their lives with their “first love”. Too frequently, the pet is abandoned in its “relationship” often through no fault of its own.

Hence, I believe for any “life-long” relationship, it is important that enough thought and “soul searching” is done by any prospective pet owner.

Is it therefore possible that such a decision can be reached when it is “thrust” on an unsuspecting owner in the form of a gift? Hardly so. As such, perhaps, “an option to adopt or purchase a pet” could be a viable alternative.

The selection of a “lifetime companion” should not be done at one’s whim and fancy but only after much deliberation. Then, this wonderful gift will be a gift of lifetime love that both can treasure with the passage of time.

Ms Chew Gek Hiang
President of Noah's Ark CARES

Last but not least, in light of the christmas spirit, we have a very cute clip (via the link below) to share with you. But of course, it is related with animals. Do remember turn up your speakers when you watch it! Enjoy!


From all of us at Noah's Ark, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pet Lovers Centre Food Donation Drive - 1st Weekend!

Dog Food Donation Drive
with Pet Lovers Centre
From 19 December 2009 to 3 January 2010

With Christmas around the corner, while we wine, dine and celebrate, let's think of the less fortunate; the dogs that have been abused, neglected and abandoned, through no fault of theirs. All have been given a second chance in life at Noah's Ark. Help us to help them have a warm, wonderful Christmas as well.

Pet Lovers Centre has generously initiated a Dog Food Donation Drive; their special Christmas gift to our furry residents at Noah's Ark sanctuary. For every bag of Fish4Dogs Finest Salmon Complete (1.5kg) (UP: $37) you buy and donate to the animals at the Sanctuary, Pet Lovers Centre will contribute $22 per bag, so that you pay only $15 !!!

Whilst we feast on turkey and fruit cakes, let's give the animals at Noah's Ark Fish4Dogs !
If you have not yet purchased the 2010 Noah's Ark Calendars, come on down this weekend, we will have them available, together with our newly launched colourful note pads.

Date: Sat, 19 Dec & Sun, 20 Dec
Sat, 26 Dec & Sun, 27 Dec
Time: 11.30am to 4pm

Venue: Pet Lovers Centre
East Point Mall, 3 Simei Street 6 #01-06

We hope to see you all there !!

Also, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank everyone for their continued support year after year!

Best wishes,
Mr Zeus

Friday, December 11, 2009

Do Your Christmas Shopping with Noah's Ark

Many are unaware that Noah's Ark has merchandise available for sale until they meet us at roadshows.

Selling merchandise is part of our fund raising effort to raise money to fulfill our mission of providing a safe and secure home for our animal friends so that they can live out their life in dignity. The proceeds from the sale of merchandise goes to the upkeep of the many animals at our sanctuary.

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. Why not do your Christmas shopping with us this year? Get hold of Noah’s Ark merchandise for your friends & family, and in the process help give abandoned and homeless animals a chance in life.

This year, we have these items up for sale:

1) Shaggy T-Shirt
Colour of Tee: White with Red or Orange Paws Or Orange Tee with White Paw
Material: Dri-Fit
Adults: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Kids: 28, 30 and 34
Cost: $20 each (both kids and adults)

2) Noah’s Ark (4 Animals – Rabbit, Cat, Dog and Horse)
Colour of Tee: White, Black, Yellow and Orange
Material: Dri-Fit
Adults: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Kids: 28, 30 and 34
Cost: $18 (adults) $16 (Kids)

3) Handmade Greeting Cards (different messages per set) - 10 pcs for $6

Sample 1 of Merry X'mas cards

Sample 2 of Merry X'mas cards

Sample of thank you cards

Sample of "Best Wishes" cards

Sample of Congratulatory cards

Write your own message! - Blank cards

4) Christmas Hearts - $5 each

These hearts can be used to hang on your Xmas tree as an ornament or anywhere around your house as a form of decoration

How you can use the Christmas hearts

5) Handmade Jewelry Pouch - $3 each

6) Noah’s Ark Puppy
Colour of Tee: White
Material: Cotton
Sizes: Adults: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Kids: 28, 30 and 34
Cost: $25 each

Front of Tshirt

Back of Tshirt

7) Noah’s Ark Calendar - $10 each

2010 Calendar

8) Noah’s Ark Note Book (NEW!!!!!) - $6 each

Cover page of the notebook - Let you thoughts run free when you write!

Blank coloured pages inside - Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green. Somehow, this arrangement does look like the Windows logo?

9) Tote Bag - schnauzer logo, 4 animals (2 colours - Black/White), shaggy paw (2 colours Orange/Red) - $15 each.

Save the environment and support Noah's Ark at the same time!

**Free delivery for orders above $100. For orders below $100 – please add $5 for courier fees.
To order:
1) Send a cheque to Noah’s Ark CARES. Please remember to state specifically which items you want, the colours, the size, etc. Please also include your email address, contact numbers and mailing address.
2) ATM Transfer – Once you have done so, please email info@noahsarkcares.com with your transaction code and orders followed by sms or email of your orders.

3) Internet Fund Transfer (follow #2)

All Details are provided at the top of the column on the right. Thank you for supporting our cause. On behalf of the 800 dogs, 400 cats, 5 horses and many other animals at Noah's Ark, we thank you for your generosity and kindness.
Have a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Come on down to Telok Kurau Park this Sunday, 13th Dec 09!

Dear friends of Noah's Ark,

We are honoured to be invited again by the Telok Kurau & Frankel Neighbourhood Committee to participate in their "X'mas with your Dog!" event, which will be held at the Telok Kurau Park.

Poster of the event - click to enlarge!

Come join us this Sunday, 13th Dec 2009 at the Telok Kurau Park from 9am to 1pm. There will be goodie bags for the first 100 only participants. So come on down early! Lined up for you are talks, performances and games with great prizes to be won.

Find out more about caring for your furry friends by attending our talk - “Caring for Your Dog” and “Caring for Your Rabbit(s)”.

For a full list on the day's events, please click on the following image to enlarge.

Looking for a Christmas gift? Drop by and visit our booth and get hold of some of our exciting new merchandise. We have newly designed t-shirts, notebooks and tote bags for sale.

Our 2010 calendars will also be on sale! With 2010 just around the corner, it will make an excellent gift. Stocks are running low, so get yours now before it is too late!

Lastly, how to get there? Please click to enlarge the map provided below.

Map of Telok Kurau Park

Hope to see you there! Don’t forget to bring your dogs along too for a day of fun, games and socializing. :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

International Volunteer's Day - Volunteering with Noah’s Ark

The International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (IVD) was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution on 17 December 1985. Since then, governments, the UN system and civil society organizations have successfully joined volunteers around the world to celebrate the Day on 5 December. International Volunteer Day (IVD) is a day to commemorate, honour and appreciate the efforts and contributions of volunteers who are such an invaluable resource to society.

Some quotes from our Volunteers on why they do what they do.

"When you help an animal by giving them a second chance to live, the animal will be forever grateful to you for your kindness. And you receive great satisfaction when you see the joy and happiness in the animals eyes." - By Lynda -

“Volunteering for Noah's Ark helps me connect with another life that does not speak our human language. It is through the little gestures from our animal friends (that you can feel from your heart) that drives me to do even more for them. The animals give us unconditional love, can we not do the same? The animals have helped me lead a richer and more meaningful life - a priceless journey indeed!” - By Sharon -

“Volunteering with Noah's Ark has allowed me to experience many things I would never have had to go through or done before. It has not been a bed of roses, I will admit, having to balance work and volunteering, especially when deadlines are pressing at either or both ends. Sacrifices have been made alongside, in exchange for the invaluable lessons that made me grow up and see things from a different perspective. Many have asked me, what do I actually gain? I have learnt, though I can't save the world, but each animal saved is one more life saved. The animals can't speak or say thank you, but seeing them treated from their injuries or freed from the vicious cycle of endless reproduction is rewarding enough for me. As society progresses, I still harbour this hope that mankind can be more educated and benevolent, be it with their own pets or otherwise.” - By Ruth -

“I volunteer for Noah's Ark because the animals they are helping are happy and they do real work.” - By Alicia -

Next, our volunteer Mary has kindly contributed the following article.

I have been looking out for an avenue to volunteer and what prompted me to find out how I can help out at Noah's Ark was the memory of my visits to Noah's Ark when it was still in Singapore and my visit to the current sanctuary in Johor earlier this year.

When you walk into the Noah's Ark sanctuary in Johore, what strikes you first is the vast amount of land that the dogs can run around in. Managing an area so great with 800 dogs, 500 cats, horses and other animals is not an easy feat. However, as I walked around the sanctuary, I cannot help but smile at the happy faces of each and every one of the dogs bouncing around greeting us. Rather then keeping the animals locked up, Noah’s Ark has found a way to let the animals have enough running area to have a sense of safety and freedom at the same time.

From huts for the dogs to sleep in to the pond for them to swim and play in, you see the dogs living in harmony with each other.

Shelter where the dogs play & rest

The cats are not left out as well. They have a nice “chalet” overlooking the pond as well as cubicles that are kept perfectly clean. The cats willingly let you carry them around and comb their fur. Some will even climb on your lap hoping to get some loving.

Cat Paradise overlooking the pond

Seeing so much love and care put into the welfare of these animals prompted me to write into Noah’s Ark. So far, I have helped out at their Dog-a-thon at the West Coast Park and the AVA Road Show at West Coast.

I guess like many others who volunteer, I feel that volunteering is a way of giving back to the world and to bring more meaning to our lives then doing the normal routine of work, friends and home. What I have seen in the past relating to animal abuse to what I am seeing now, the work done by the Noah’s Ark volunteers, rescuing/sheltering puppies and dogs and nursing them back to a healthy state is reason enough to volunteer.

What I do to help is tiny compared to the selfless acts of the more dedicated members of Noah's Ark. In the end, how can you not feel a sense of joy to see such a happy face smiling back at you in gratitude to whatever little you can do to help?

*Stories and photos contributed by Mary Chye

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all our volunteers for the passion, dedication and commitment to Noah's Ark and all its animals. Without you, the animals would not be this happy! We do hope you will continue to support the work of All God's Creatures, both Great and Small.
If you wish to volunteer with Noah's Ark, please contact us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com. There are many ways you can volunteer (EMAIL US TO FIND OUT!!), and every little bit of help rendered will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Noah’s Ark Garden Tea Party for Fur Kids!

LAST CALL FOR REGISTRATION! Hurry! Your dogs say they want to go!

Register for our Noah’s Ark Garden Tea Party and enjoy your tea for a good cause. Remember the date, Sunday, 6 December.

Proceeds from the tea party will go towards our sterilization work, Project Industrial Dogs, as well as the upkeep of our animals at the sanctuary in JB. Moreover, Nicholas Lee of Furry Photos will be at doggie tea party to take pics of the dogs as a door gift (See http://www.furry-photos.com/). Limited to 1 photo per dog.

We hope you will join us for some good tea and even better company!

Cost: $28 per head

$15 per dog

Date: Sunday, 6 December '09

Time: 4pm to 6 pm

Venue: Nyee Phoe Flower Garden
240 Neo Tiew Crescent
Singapore 718898

For map and directions, please scroll down.

To secure your place, please do the following:

1) Email us at info@noahsarkcares.com with the number of humans and dogs attending,

  • owners name and contact details
  • Please indicate “NA Garden Tea Party” on your subject heading
2) Send us a cheque written out to “Noah’s Ark CARES” and mail to 42 Cairnhill Road, #02-01 S(229661) or

3) For internet banking – bank details pls look at the right hand column of this page. Kindly indicate your full name and "tea party" on the transaction.

Closing date for registration has been EXTENDED.

Please book early to avoid disappointing your dog. :)

I look forward to seeing my fur friends at the Doggy Tea Party!

With licks and barks,
Mr Zeus Mongrel

Location Map

Driving Directions
Route 1

From City – PIE/ BKE or SLE/ TPE/ CTE > Turn into Turf Club Ave > Kranji Road (Railway track) > Left turn to Kranji Loop (Chinese temple) > Kranji Way (Kranji dam) > Neo Tiew Road > Right turn at first junction to Neo Tiew Crescent

Route 2
From PIE/ KJE > Turn into Choa Chu Kang Way (Warren Golf Course) > Sungei Kadut Drive (Winter Funishing) > Left turn to Kranji Way (Kranji dam) > Neo Tiew Road > Right turn at first junction to Neo Tiew Crescent

Route 3
From Bukit Timah > Woodlands Road > Left turn to Sungei Kadut Ave > Right trun to Sungei Kadut St 1 > Right turn to Sungei Kadut Drive > Left turn to Kranji Way (Kranji dam) > Neo Tiew Road > Right turn at first junction to Neo Tiew Crescent

Route 4
From Jurong > Jalan Bahar > Right trun to Neo Tiew Road > Left turn to Neo Tiew Crescent

Nom Nom Nom...

Friday, November 27, 2009

September's Will to Live

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming response to little September’s plight. He has been discharged and has gone home. His siblings were delighted to have him back with them! They were jumping all over him and we had to be very careful not to have them play rough, lest he starts bleeding again – and he DOES bleed very easily.

September, weak after the blood transfusion

Still not feeling too good...

Sitting quietly in the hospital

Little September’s neck is still slightly swollen and the abscess still needs to be drained out but his tiny body seems to have accepted his new blood from Kiro and is recovering well. He had used up the two bags of blood donated by Kiro.

On the road to recovery!

Our initial plans were to test the other six dwarfs for the same blood disorder but we have been told that no Vets in Singapore carry out this test. The only option might be to have a vet take the puppies blood, then send it to a laboratory (for humans) and test the blood for this disorder, but that would mean needing connections and inside help to have this procedure carried out. We are still thinking of ways to go about this.

Healthy and loving life!

In the mean time, little September thanks EVERYBODY for their kind prayers, their generous donations, their overwhelming support and love. All his siblings have also received their second vaccination and are all healthy and well. Thank goodness for that!

Two of the seven dwarfs have already been adopted and will go to their new families this weekend. The other 5 dwarfs are available for adoption. However, should you wish to adopt them, please bear in mind that they should be checked for cuts and scratches regularly. Hopefully as they grow older, they will be stronger and tougher.

The seven dwarfs will not be able to live in Noah’s Ark because of the rough terrain and as we know, dogs will be dogs, rough play may hurt them and with no emergency facilities near Noah’s Ark, they may bleed to death.

Should you or your friends be keen to adopt any of the remaining 5 dwarfs, please do email us at info@noahsarkcares.com Know that for every dog you adopt, you are saving two lives - the dog you adopt and the dog you are making room for. Choose to adopt and save two lives at once!

Once again, thank you for your support and belief in the work we do. Please stay tuned to our next story on Kiro, our hero.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Rare Blood Disorder


This story was written by Puppy September.

Hello! I am September, one of the 7 rescued puppies.

All seven of us have been treated like we’re the most precious creatures on this planet. We have been eating well and have never seen such delicious food in our lives. Real good food. All we do is eat, sleep and play – the life that puppies truly deserve We heard the humans saying that we were very sweet and adorable. For the first time in many weeks, we sleep without a care in the world, we play like little monsters in our foster home – our new safe and secure playground.

Puppies sleeping

Two of my siblings still have slight diarrhea and some blood in their stools but it seems to be gradually clearing up. One morning, all seven of us were packed into two large pet carriers and we heard our foster saying that they were taking us to the Vet to see if our blood levels were at a safer level, if our gums were more pink and we could then be microchipped and receive our first vaccination.

We arrived at Mt Pleasant (Sunset Way) and were seen by Dr Leslie Teo. We were all on our best behaviour while she checked our gums and said we were very sweet. With proper regular meals and nutrition, our gums were now a healthy pink and she vaccinated and microchipped all of us. It hurt a little but we didn’t mind. We now knew these humans meant us no harm as we had never felt so loved in our entire lives. We began to trust humans.

After I was microchipped and vaccinated, I heard Dr Leslie saying I was bleeding a little from my microchip wound. She put a bandage over the back of my neck and told the foster that all of us could go home. We were all of two months old.

By the time I got home, I was feeling slightly sleepy and drowsy. I heard the foster say that my bandage was soaked in blood and she changed a new bandage for me. I must have fallen asleep... When I awoke, my bandage was changed for the second time and I heard that I should be taken back to the vet. I was losing too much blood. It was evening by then.

By dinner time, my blood level was dangerously low. Dr Leslie had gone off duty and I was seen by Dr William Chan. He said I need an immediate blood transfusion or I would not make it through the night. It was at this moment that Dr Chan informed Aunty Lynda that I had a rare blood disorder. This means that my blood could not clot, (To read more about blood disorders for dogs, please click here: http://www.bellaonline.com/subjects/7696.asp) which explained why I bled continuously all day.

They called Aunty Lynda and informed her to bring a dog down to donate some blood to me right away. Aunty Lynda rushed down to the vet with two dogs – who were waiting to be adopted; Shin, a husky and Junior, a cross breed. In order to donate blood, the dog donor must be between two to five years old, 25 kg and above, be on Heartguard and fully vaccinated.

Blood samples were taken from Junior but Shin refused to have his blood taken. He seemed afraid of the needle. I lay in the cage at the vet, blood slowly flowing out of my tiny wound and I was feeling more drowsy by the minute. After what seemed like eternity, the blood sample results were ready. Junior’s blood did not match mine. Aunty Lynda was extremely worried and I heard her on the telephone, desperately calling as many people as she could, asking them if they could please bring their dogs down to the vet immediately to see if their blood matched mine and if they could save my life.

It was 8.30pm and the clinic was closing. Dr William Chan advised Aunty Lynda to transfer me to Mt Pleasant (Stevens Road) as they would have a Vet on duty throughout the night, in case my condition deteriorated further. By this time, Aunty Fiona had arrived with Aunty Ruth.

The three Aunties made more desperate calls for help and it was agreed that Aunty Lynda would carry me to her car and drive me to the main hospital, while Aunty Fiona would bring Shin and Junior home, and bring Mei Mei (http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/2008/07/mei-mei-lovely-lady.html) and meet at the hospital. Aunty Ruth also rushed home to bring her dog, Kori, to see if she could donate blood to me. (http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/2009/03/koris-adoption.html) Aunty Ruth’s sister, Ester, would also come with her dog, Kiro and Aunty Rachel would bring Prince. (http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/2008/10/from-rags-to-riches-princes-update.html)

Mei Mei going through the blood test

Kori going through the blood test

Kiro going through the blood test

Prince going through the blood test

By the time everyone had rushed home to fetch their dogs and made it to the clinic, it was past 10pm and I was already in a deep sleep. The Vet on duty at the hospital, was Dr Cheryl Ho. Having lost too much blood, I was extremely weak, lying motionless in my cage, oblivious to all the commotion happening around me. It was heartwarming to see all these Aunties desperately fetching various dogs to the hospital to see if they could help. It was like a Noah’s Ark dog gathering of a different kind, with many of the dogs adopted from Noah’s Ark and most of these dogs had similar backgrounds to me, where all of us came from industrial estates or construction sites. In all, seven dogs arrived at the hospital to help me.

Blood samples were taken from all seven dogs, to find a match for me. Each blood sample taken, was a cost incurred to Noah’s Ark. It was not cheap, but I heard the Aunties saying they would do all they can to help raise funds to help me. The results would take half an hour. The Aunties were hungry and tired as many of them had rushed down straight from work to help me.

My fosterer arrived at the hospital and immediately rushed in to see me. She stroked and spoke to me while I lay sound asleep. Tears flowed down her cheeks and she told me that I would be alright and hoped I would make it through the night. Why was she so upset? I had a tough childhood and I had been saved from the grasp of death, why would I now give up on life just when things were looking brighter? My 6 siblings and I are all survivors, and I WILL make it through the night.

Weak and barely able to move

The blood results were out and the Dr DID find a match with Kiro’s blood. So it was decided that Kiro would donate his blood to save my life. Aunty Lynda and Aunty Fiona thanked all the volunteers as they wished me luck and kissed my limp body before they left. My body was extremely swollen and bloated as blood continued to slowly ooze out from my microchip wound. By now, my gums were extremely pale and my breathing laboured.

Aunty Lynda sent Mei Mei home, while Aunty Fiona and Aunty Ruth stayed at the hospital to be with me. Aunty Ester then took her dog, Kiro, into the consultation room to start the blood donation process. Kiro was a strong and brave dog, he stood firmly as blood was drawn from his neck. The process was painful and one full bag of blood was needed. There were times when Kiro looked weak, as if he would faint, as blood was drawn from him, but Aunty Ruth & Aunty Ester praised and encouraged him to be strong for my sake.

Kiro's blood being drawn

After a long painful process, a full bag of blood was drawn from Kiro. The blood was immediately brought over to my cage and the transfusion process begun, with Kiro’s blood slowly flowing into my limp body. I heard Dr Ho telling my fosterer that there was no guarantee that my body would accept the new blood. It would take up to 3 days to know if my body would accept or reject the new blood and to not get their hopes up just yet.

Kiro standing brave and strong as his blood was taken

After Kiro had rested for twenty minutes, it was again decided that another bag of blood would be taken from him, just to standby for me. Poor Kiro, already weak from the first blood transfusion and slightly scared by the experience, was again brought to the consultation room for blood to be drawn from the other side of his neck. As Kiro’s blood flowed into my tiny body, I heard the foster saying that my gums were less pale. I was still in a deep sleep, not having any energy to even open my eyes.

Blood transfusion being done...look at how small I am, and my body was extremely bloated.

Unaware of everything that was happening around me

Look at the swelling on the back of my neck, just from the tiny microchip. The abscess needed to be drained out.

Kiro’s second bag of blood was kept on standby for my use, after the first bag was done. Kiro was carried to his Mommy’s car as he was by now, weak and pretty scared of being in the hospital. He was bleeding slightly from his neck but all he wanted was for his mommy to take him home.

It was way past midnight when Aunty Ruth and Aunty Ester left with their dogs. Aunty Fiona and my fosterer kissed me good night before they left and said they would come and see me the next day. As I drifted off to sleep, I could feel my strength returning to me . . . .these humans are nice . . . . .

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