Friday, November 27, 2009

September's Will to Live

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming response to little September’s plight. He has been discharged and has gone home. His siblings were delighted to have him back with them! They were jumping all over him and we had to be very careful not to have them play rough, lest he starts bleeding again – and he DOES bleed very easily.

September, weak after the blood transfusion

Still not feeling too good...

Sitting quietly in the hospital

Little September’s neck is still slightly swollen and the abscess still needs to be drained out but his tiny body seems to have accepted his new blood from Kiro and is recovering well. He had used up the two bags of blood donated by Kiro.

On the road to recovery!

Our initial plans were to test the other six dwarfs for the same blood disorder but we have been told that no Vets in Singapore carry out this test. The only option might be to have a vet take the puppies blood, then send it to a laboratory (for humans) and test the blood for this disorder, but that would mean needing connections and inside help to have this procedure carried out. We are still thinking of ways to go about this.

Healthy and loving life!

In the mean time, little September thanks EVERYBODY for their kind prayers, their generous donations, their overwhelming support and love. All his siblings have also received their second vaccination and are all healthy and well. Thank goodness for that!

Two of the seven dwarfs have already been adopted and will go to their new families this weekend. The other 5 dwarfs are available for adoption. However, should you wish to adopt them, please bear in mind that they should be checked for cuts and scratches regularly. Hopefully as they grow older, they will be stronger and tougher.

The seven dwarfs will not be able to live in Noah’s Ark because of the rough terrain and as we know, dogs will be dogs, rough play may hurt them and with no emergency facilities near Noah’s Ark, they may bleed to death.

Should you or your friends be keen to adopt any of the remaining 5 dwarfs, please do email us at Know that for every dog you adopt, you are saving two lives - the dog you adopt and the dog you are making room for. Choose to adopt and save two lives at once!

Once again, thank you for your support and belief in the work we do. Please stay tuned to our next story on Kiro, our hero.

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Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for your effort and work. Im sure you feel good helping our fellow beings.. keep it up :) hope more ppl will contribute to animals welfare...

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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