Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 7 dwarfs


The seven little darlings were taken to the Vet for their vaccinations the following day. Dr Prakash from Mt Pleasant (Stevens Road) checked all the puppies and noted that apart from their extremely bloated tummies, all of them seemed unwell and had extremely pale gums. For their safety, they could not be vaccinated and had to go back to the vet for another review a few days later.

The puppies, by now, all had blood in their stools and were all having bad diarrhea. Volunteers had informed the Vet about the puppies’ living conditions and what they had been eating. Blood tests were ordered for all the puppies, including tests for Parvo Virus. With so many puppies being terribly unwell, the bill came up to quite a substantial amount.

Don’t worry, we’ll be alright.

Dr Prakash found that ALL the puppies had hook worms. (Please click on http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+2090&aid=747 to read up more on Hook Worms) Hook worms generally live in the dog’s intestines and sucks blood from the dog’s intestinal walls – which explained why all the pups had extremely pale gums. Their blood counts were extremely low and they were all given dewormer pills and sent back to a foster.The puppy with her injured leg was fortunate that her tiny bones were not broken, although she did have a rather big wound on her leg and the skin around it was dead. She was given lots of antibiotics and her tiny leg was wrapped up.

That night, most of the puppies poo-ed out worms in their stools, which is common after being dewormed. The little girl that had an injured leg threw up a huge pile of live worms. It was an extremely gruesome and painful sight to see so many worms coming out from one tiny puppy, alive and wriggling. In rare and severe cases, puppies do actually vomit large quantities of live worms.

Vomit filled with worms

The puppies were monitored and we have had well-wishers donating puppy food and puppy milk to them. Also, the puppies have been eating well – they have 4 meals a day and they eat like there is no tomorrow. Living the way they previously did before rescue...we certainly don’t blame them.

The food was too good to resist and they ate it all up.

Looking so much better as compared to when they were first rescued,

In a few days time, the puppies would be going back to the vet for a check. Hopefully their gums would be more pinkish, they would no longer have hook worms in them, and they can be vaccinated and microchipped.

The 7 adorable puppies

Stay tuned for more updates and if you wish to help these little ones in any way, please do kindly send us an email. Thank you.

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Really thanks for your work. We should all be kind to our fellow beings. Hope there will be more and more people like you guys around. I will try to do my part also by donating.

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