Monday, April 25, 2011

Training Prince

It was in September when we first gathered to start our training sessions. Jazz and Adrian from APAW ( had generously offered to offer some guidance some of our volunteers in the aspect of dog training. Our first step was to train our own dogs and vice versa before we could start training and mangaging our other dogs in Noah's Ark. It was also an opportunity for both the dog and owner to forge a stronger bond and learn more about each other.

We were taught the clicker training method which is one of the positive types of training. Every week, we brought yummy food to reward our dogs accordingly. The more rewarding a dog finds a particular reinforcer (in our case, food), the easier the dog was to train. The exercises were mentally challenging for both the dogs ourselves. Moreover, we were constantly reminded by Jazz and Adrian that we needed to reinforce the techniques taught to the dog. Whatever we learnt in class together was to be practiced at home in order to ensure the idea stuck (with both the dogs and the owners).

Initially in the first few weeks, Prince seemed to be more interested in his surroundings than me, his owner. There were times I felt extremely perplexed and frustrated, trying fervently in order to get Prince's attention as he was very easily distracted. Adrian and Jazz constantly reminded me to be patient, as positive reinforcers usually took a longer time to garner results.

After a month and a half, there was a breakthrough where Prince and I completed the required exercises in one clean sweep! At that moment, I was so proud of Prince and myself having come so far. This was however, only the beginning. In the future when the time comes, our skills will be put to the test when we need to train our rescued/fostered dogs, in order to help enforce some basic rules so that they will have a better chance at finding a home.

Personally speaking, both Prince and I benefitted from the training. He's defintely more obedient and less domineering, and I've become more patient in dealing with him. It shows that training does work! Still, I believe there's still alot to be worked out between us as our pairing isn't as solid as Jazz and Shadow's yet! Till we reach that stage, we both need to keep practicing so that our training will not go to waste.

Our Graduation Picture!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dedicated to people in rescue

written by Jeanne Illische

I wasn’t a pup when I came to your home
I’d been dumped on the road, left to roam.
Don’t remember the people except the pain
They left me do to die in the cold and the rain.

You were driving along the highway, it was late at night
When you saw the faintest glimmer of light
You took a chance and turned around
Got out of the van and knelt to the ground

My quivering body felt the gentlest of hands
I knew I need not make any more demands
In your heart, and your home, there will always room
For those who would face certain doom

You healed my body and you healed my heart
You gave me what I needed, a fresh start
When I cried at night, you were always there
With soft words,a kiss and a hug to share.

When I misbehaved and would cower with guilt
You only showered me love …up to the hilt
You loved and cared for me in sickness and in health
Our love for each other was more precious than wealth.

Even when you were tired and had a bad day
You would always come home to me and say
“I missed you baby, I am glad to be back.”
Then you gave me a kiss, a hug to share.

We’d have a nice dinner,then go and out to play
There was so much love I wanted to stay.
But my eyes,they faded and my heart grew weak
As my time grew closer you could not speak.

You held me tight, tears flowing from your eyes
We both had to say our sad good byes
The release from pain we knew must end
No more time on this Earth would we spend
Running in the fields, playing ball
Sitting quietly together at the end of it all.

But our time together is not through
Because I’ll be there waiting for you
At the edge of the Rainbow Bridge I’ll stand
Until I once again see those gentle hands.

I’ll run to you with tail held high
We will never again have to say good bye
My love at death, it does not end
Because you are, indeed, dog’s best friend.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Virtue of Older Dogs

We are often called upon to rescue older dogs, and many a time we find ourselves with a fair number of “Senior Citizens”. Many people tell us they are not interested in them because they are too old. It is not surprising that shelters consider these animals virtually unadoptable if they are over five years old. We find these attitudes senseless and unacceptable. There are many virtues in older dogs. Having been through a fair bit, they are typically calm, gentle and easy-going.

Many older dogs have at least half of their lives ahead of them if they receive proper care. These can be very special, loving and productive years, if human companions wish to make them so. We have been privileged to have cared and loved so many of them although others deemed them invalid.

It is apparent most people want puppies and puppies are easy to adopt. In many cases, people do not realize what they are getting into when they get a puppy. When they realise how much work and attention a puppy requires, many wish they had adopted an older dog that isn’t as energetic and comparatively easy to care for.

If you could adopt one of them, you would be giving an older dog a second chance at the life he or she deserves. Please remember they are in need of homes through no fault of their own. It is certainly not their fault that they have gotten older. It happens to all of us. You may be surprised how little age matters when you see some of these great dogs.

In fact, if we didn’t tell you how old some of them are, you would probably have a hard time guessing. These dogs are the ones who really need special people to come forward.

If you are financially stable and ready to adopt a dog, please give these older dogs a second chance, a place in your heart and home.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Badger is sponsored!

I first visited Noah's Ark five years ago when I first started getting acquainted with dogs. Being a Noah's Ark virgin, I must admit being overwhelmed by the sheer number of dogs in the beautiful gardens.

During my next visits, I fell in love with a tri-coloured sweetie, Badger, who would go around in the most calm and dignified manner for pats. I would have liked to adopt him, however, I had a green-eyed dog at home, so I opted for sponsorship.

I hope this encourages more people to adopt/sponsor the animals!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Join Us in Wishbone's Tag.Like.Comment.Share

Join Us in Wishbone's
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