Saturday, May 31, 2008

NA Rescue - Lady (Update - 31 May)

We have been visiting Lady daily and bringing her regular fix of liver, gizzard and eggs kindly donated by concerned well-wishers. She laps it all up. She is looking a little more perky but unfortunately, things don't seem to be looking good for her.

We managed to speak to the Vet today and was told that they discovered a new wound under her jaw. There are more maggots developing again and today alone, they took out many live ones. Despite this, her eyes seem a little livelier.

The Vet said she can be discharged in a couple of days time, however she needs to have her wound cleaned twice daily and the maggots removed from her wound. We have not decided where she can be housed for the next two weeks after discharge.

The most ideal place is to house her at the animal hospital where there is expertise to look after her.

However, due to mounting medical bills; we need to look for an alternative and cheaper avenue not only to house her, but also find some one who can clean her wounds and remove the wriggly maggots.

Subsequently in about 2 weeks' time, she is to go back for another surgery to have her entire right ear removed.

We were concerned that the surgery would affect her movements and balance. The Vet mentioned that there was no way to save her ear and furthermore, she probably has already loss her hearing in the affected ear.

We discovered Prince has a lot of scars and little wounds on him. It is likely that Lady was trying to protect her son and was mauled by other dog(s) in the process.

Lady has had a tough life but she is a survivor and we are determined to do our best to help her see this through.

We thank everyone who has emailed us with kind offers to foster Lady, friends and well-wishers who have gone to visit her and people who have donated to Noah's Ark to help us with Lady's rising medical costs.

We're touched to know you care. According to the Vets, Lady will need to remain at the hospital for a few more days.

The first night at the hospital, the Vet tech told us that she slept so peacefully right through till morning. It must have been the first time in her life that she had a good night's rest, not having to worry about the rain, the heat, dodging heavy vehicles, protecting her puppy nor fighting for scraps on the roads.

Stay tuned to this page to join us on Lady's road to recovery.

Friday, May 30, 2008

NA Rescue - Lim Chu Kang Dogs

Here are a series of photos of a backyard breeder who housed her dogs at a fish farm. This was where Lucky the Fox Terrier was rescued from.

See for yourself, the deplorable conditions of existence where dogs were caged 24/7 solely for the purpose of breeding puppies for unscrupulous businessman and in this case; a businesswoman with nary a care for their health. All dogs were tested positive for heartworms.

Should you be in the vicinity of any fish farm in Lim Chu Kang, please keep your eyes open and report any suspicious case of animal cruelty to AVA

Only tarpalines as shelter from sun and rain. When it rains, it leaks.
No raised platform to sleep on.

A Retriever stud dog. He is so bored that he chewed up the rim of the pail. The hole in the ground is to drain the excrement, hopefully cleared when it rains. Unfortunately that's the same place that the dog will sleep on too. In rain and sun.

Black Retriever dams used for breeding. Three's a crowd in the same cage.

Note the swollen teats. Dams are used to produce litter after litter without a break.

That's Lucky (upper left) in his cage. Note the algae flourishing in the pail of water.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

NA Rescue - Lady (Update)

Lady with a bandaged ear, looking verry sorry for herself.

Our volunteers have visited Lady at the animal hospital. Her wounds are being cleaned twice a day and there are still new maggots found each time they cleaned her wound. Until these creepies are eliminated, Lady cannot be discharged. If maggots are left in her wound, they will start breeding again.

Lady has been reported to be eating well, which is a good sign for her fight for survival. However, during our visit today, her mood seems to have dipped a little.

Previously, she would wagged her tail whenever she was patted. Today, she turned her head and looked away when we did the same.

Maybe she missed her son, the little Prince.

We managed to capture Prince with the help of the 2 Myanmarese workers who knew of his whereabouts. Prince was filthy but otherwise a healthy little pup estimated to be at 8 weeks old. He was brought home to a fosterer who had him cleaned thoroughly.

He was full of ticks and despite being bathed 10 times, the water still turned up black!!

Prince is a smart lad and learned to pee and poo in the toilet by observing the other dogs in the house. He wasted no time in getting himself familiar with his new home and was soon engaged in a play of chase with his new found friends with not a care in the world.

With a new roof over his head, he happily tucked into a big bowl of puppy chow with his tail wagging furiously

Little Charming Prince - son of Lady; the rescuers thinks that he has GSD blood in him.

Our volunteers had wanted to bring puppy to meet mommy but the vet tech had advised against such a move as both dogs have yet to be vaccinated. As Lady is very weak and pale, her immunity is very low. Any bugs or virus would be a deadly threat to her recovery.

Hence the plan for mommy and puppy to be reunited will happen this weekend after Prince's first vaccination.

Nevertheless, we are thinking of ways to cheer to Lady up. One idea is to rub a towel on Prince and give the towel to Lady.

Hopefully, Lady can smell her son on the towel and that will bring hope to her on the path to recovery.

Do you think that's worth a try?

Stay tuned for Lady and her Prince's reunion

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NA Rescue - Benji (Update)

Hi Everyone,

We are please to inform you that Benji is doing very well. He has turned into a playful and fiesty little fella. He enjoys a healthy appetite and is always game to play with anyone or any dog for that matter.

Benji especially enjoy car rides with his head out of the window, with wind blowing into his face. Sadly, his last car ride with his owner was to be abandoned.

Nevertheless, we are confident Benji will find his new adoptive parents soon.

Here are pics on Benji on his trips to the groomer and vet

Coat all matted up with skin problems below.
Ricky, the Dog Groomer ordered the entire mob to be shaved off

Shaved and in the clinic. Right eye tearing badly with hardened mucus stuck on it.

Dr Ang examining the eye. Benji was muzzled in case he snapped.

A green liquid was used to stain the eye to reveal the extent of the tear.
Dr Ang said the eye will recover and should not affect eyesight. Whoppee!!

Benji baring his true colour :D
Note right eye has opened a little bigger as he stepped out of the clinic

Benji is currently staying with a fosterer where he will be cared, socialised and observed for any negative behaviour.

For updates on Benji, please keep a close watch on this blog

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NA Rescue - Lady (Mongrel)

On Sunday evening, a caregiver was driving along Lim Chu Kang area and saw a stray dog stumbling across the road. The dog seemed disoriented when running. She stopped to take a closer look and got a rude shock!

The entire right side of the dog's face and ear was bleeding with a huge gaping wound and what a stench of rotting flesh it was!!

She had ran out of food but drove to the nearest provision store to buy some and drove back to feed the dog, who was lying by the roadside now.

While the dog ate, she took some photographs of the dog's wound. She went home that night with a heavy heart and was sleepless; thinking about the poor dog and the pain it is going through.

The next morning, she contacted Noah's Ark who agreed to help her rescue the dog.

** Please note the photos below may make you uncomfortable.

Note the right ear is almost falling off.

Dog was unable to hold her head up due to the massive swollen wound and had to tilted the head towards the same side as it stumbled around.

The gaping wound was still bleeding, blood continued to flow and wet the neck.

Kind Myanmarese workers who were familiar with the dog helped to catch her; or else the rescuers would have spent the entire night trying to trap her.

Dog quietly allowed the vet technician to carry her into the clinic.

Flurry of activities trying to clean and stem the blood flow. As she moved, maggots dropped from the gaping wound.

Close up of wound. Myanmarese workers mentioned it has been a week since she was injured.

While we were leaving for the clinic, a Myanmarese worker told us that she has a 2 mth old puppy too.

As we were rushing to the Vet for the dog was in critical condition, we could not stop to find the puppy but made up our mind to come back the next night for junior.

The injured dog quietly allowed the vet technician to carry her into the clinic as if to know she was being saved.

For her gentle and demure demeanor, she has been named Lady.

Initially due to the extent of injuries, the decision was to put Lady down humanely to end her pain but Lady has displayed her will to survive.

Inspired, the rescuers made a unanimous decision to give her a 2nd chance and have her hospitalized for treatment. The attending vets (there are 2) have been given a go ahead to save her as best as they could.

We hope Lady survives

p.s. at the time of this post, the puppy has been rescued and is with a fosterer. He will meet his mommy daily to give her support and inspire her to survive.

Watch this space on updates of "Lady and her Prince".

If you would like to contribute to Lady's hospital bills, please send a cheque to Noah's Ark Cares and mail it to 42 Cairnhill Road, # 02-01, S (229661).

On the back of your cheque, please write "Lady" and remember to please leave your contact details so we may thank you for your generosity

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tribute to Dolly (Noah's Ark 1st Spokesdog)

Rescued on 18 July 2003
Passed away peacefully on 13 May 2008
Estimated age 12 yrs old
Dolly was the first spokesdog for Noah's Ark in 2003, helping to raise funds for her fur friends.
May she rest in peace.

Tribute to Dolly - 1st Spokesdog of Noah's Ark (R.I.P.)

Dolly came to Noah's Ark via a vet. She had been abandoned in a house after her expat owners moved out of the country; leaving her and a cat behind in an empty house, like used furniture.

Like Dolly who found a new home, the cat was rehomed too.

A neighbour's maid fed Dolly through the gate everyday. By the time she was rescued, we discovered that her ears was filled with maggots and the vet had to clean and remove the maggots from her ear.

Details on exactly how was she rescued were lost in history. Noah's Ark was alerted by a vet, who was informed of her predicament after the rescue. We assumed the rescuer had scaled the gates to reach Dolly and passed her over the gate to some one else on the other side.

This act was been done at the risk of trespassing but bless the souls who did it, for it's a life that they have saved.

Fortunately, Dolly was rehomed to a good family where she recovered and became the very 1st spokesdog of Noah's Ark.

She attended all the fund raising events and functions to raise awareness on animal cruelty and abandonment. With her friendly disposition and good looks, Dolly was a natural and she enjoyed her new found fame and all the attention showered.

When Dolly grew older, she took a back seat and allowed the younger rehomed dogs to take over where she had left off.

In the past year, Dolly developed thyroid, incontinence, lost her sight and her hearing.

Despite all this, Dolly was still a relatively happy girl, and she did manage to enjoy a good quality of life for her remaining years, going on outings with her other doggie companions and had an owner who loved her greatly.

In May, Dolly's condition took a rapid turn for the worst. Age had caught up and she spent much of the day (and night) sleeping. Nothing could wake her up.

In her waking hours however, she would demand her mommy be around constantly by her side even when mommy was just in the next room.

E.g.; Mommy had to carry her when she goes to the loo, mommy has to carry her to the kitchen while she cooks and mommy had to carry her even when she answers the phone in the sitting room.

Eventually, she slipped into unconsciousness and we knew that it was time for her to heed the calling from another sanctuary above.

Dolly is estimated to be about 12 years old at the time of her passing; 5 to 6 years of which were spent with the expat family who abandoned her.

Dolly passed away peacefully on 13th May 2008 and left a huge void in the hearts of those who know her.

Her furry companions missed her and have been sad for a while. What comforts us is that Dolly passed away peacefully and looked serene when she left us.

We know that we have given her the best we could possibly have and she will always have a special place in our hearts and in the hearts of her doggy companions.

Dearest Dolly,

If you can hear us, thank you for being our Fur Friend and for helping us at Noah's Ark - we will miss you.

May you rest in peace.

With Love From all the Dogs at Noah's Ark


Eulogy by Mommy Lynda

Dolly was one dog that never gave us any problems. She was appreciative and well behaved till her last days.

I still do not understand why her family left her behind. Was the freight charges too expensive to bring her along?

When i adopted her, i knew that she was not young - i estimated that she would be about 5 or 6 years old. Dolly was a joy to have and she was easy to train. She had a good and pleasant temparament and was always willing to please her family members.

Dolly was Noah's Ark first spokesdog in 2003 when we participated at road shows. Dolly helped her fur friends to raise funds and to socialise with visitors. We wanted to prove to owners that YOU CAN TEACH OLD DOGS NEW TRICKS.

By adopting an older dog - what you see is what you get and it's easier to train an older dog. However, adopters tend to want younger dogs and mid-age is usually considered too OLD for them.

Having a middle aged dog is a joy to have because you give them that second chance to be loved and they are forever grateful to you for giving them that 2nd or 3rd or 4th or even the 5th chance in life.

When Dolly retired from her duties as Noah's Ark spokesdog - she did fostering. She taught her fur friends basic house training. For example; peeing on the newspaper, basic commands like sit and shake paws.

She was like a mummy dog to the younger dogs whom we were training to be rehomed. Its a amazing how the young dogs learned quickly from her.

On Tuesday, 13 May morning - Dolly left us.

Her fur friends were around her when she passed away. We know that her best friend Nikki, a 14yr old Jack Russell Terrier will miss her dearly.

Nikki is still trying to cope with the lost of her friend - she has been disoriented and feeling lonely.

We hope that Nikki will overcome Dolly's passing on soon. And we know that it has not been easy for Nikki - because she is not young any more too.

Rest in peace my baby, you will be sorely missed.

Endless love,


Eulogy by Nikki (JRT)

My Dear Dolly,

I want you to know that i am so lost without you. Every night, i used to sleep by your side and everyday we used to keep each other company.

I miss you dearly and i am trying to cope being without you.

With lots of Love,

Friday, May 23, 2008

NA Rescue - Benji (Bichon Frisé)

Covered in a thick coat of oil, soot and dust. Note eye is too swollen to open.

On Wednesday evening, we received a call from a man who delivers food to the Jurong industrial area. He wanted us to help save a toy dog he had seen while on his rounds.

The dog had been observed running amid the rumbling trucks, oblivious to the perils on the road. The dog was also cranky and constantly bared it's teeth to the workers.

For it's own safety, someone had tied it to a shed for the past 2 mths, to prevent it from getting into an accident and also from biting the workers.

The dog was fed and watered but was in filthy condition.

According to this man, the toy dog was dumped there about 2 mths ago. It was originally white but when we saw the dog, it was covered with oil and dust from top to toe.

The good samaritan had chanced upon another dog that was sterilized by Noah's Ark and on its collar was Noah's Ark's telephone number and contacted us.

We made arrangements for this dog to go to the groomers today, to be cleaned and de-ticked, followed by a visit to the vet. The dog's right eye was terribly infected and needed immediate medical attention.

Upon examination, the vet said that the right cornea was torn and the injury is estimated to be 2 weeks old. It is fortunate that it's rescued now or it will lose it's sight eventually. The vet administered a jab for pain and now it can open it's eye a little.

A shampoo on the spot revealed a white coat.

We reckon the dog is a Bichon Frisé and about 3~4 years old.

After a trip to the groomer and vet, he is much happier, very playful and very affectionate.

The pain of the infected eye and the filth probably contributed to his crankiness.For his high spirits, the rescuers has named him Benji.

Benji can respond to simple commands like sit, beg and is very familiar with car rides as he jumps right in without any hesitation.

We have no idea how Benji ended up in an industrial park. Did he got lost; wandered and ended up there or was he deliberately abandoned there after a long drive from home?

A check with AVA and other animal shelters did not reflect any report of a lost white toy dog 2 months ago either. Neither was Benji microchipped to enable anyone to track his owner.

Regardless of the situation, Benji who is now with a fosterer, will be in the safe hands of Noah's Ark. His next appointment with the vet is in 5 days time for his infected eye and thereafter to remove some rotten teeth.

His chances of being rehomed will be accessed after a full recovery. If you recognised Benji and know his owner, please drop us a line at Noah's Ark at you be interested on Benji's recovery, pls check our blog frequently for more updates.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Before and After Photos - Lucky (Fox Terrier)

Lucky, the Fox Terrier was rescued from a puppy mill in a Lim Chu Kang fish farm. Here are photos of Lucky in the appalling conditions of the puppy mill.

To stem out such unethical businessman from profiteering on poor and helpless animals, please verify that puppy comes from a reliable source which treats their animals humanely before buying.

Wherever possible, do look beyond the superficial surface. With lots of TLC, some good nutrition and a little grooming, you will discover a gem that will be forever grateful to you for that 2nd chance in life.

Lucky at 6 months old and housed in a outdoor cage with no shelter. Photo taken after rain

Note the algae flourishing in the pail of water.

Serverly malnourished with a distended abdomen. Note the backbone jutting.

Lucky was so thin that there was no fats even on the mouth to cover it's teeth. Note the prominent ribs.

Lucky today - rehomed and pampered.

See also in his own words; the story of Lucky - Fox Terrier

NA Rescue - Truffles (Update)

Truffles the rescued mommy dog and her puppies are recovering well. She has put on weight with ample food, good rest and a quiet environment to nurse.

Her puppies - Ben and Jerry are little round fur balls.
Both of them will be sent to take their first vaccination tommorow.

Noah's Ark is looking for adopters for the 2 furballs to good homes.
Please send your enquiries to

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NA Rescue - Bear Bear (Mongrel)

Bear Bear in the playground.

Hello everybody,

My name is Bear Bear and I am 8 weeks old. I was born in an industrial estate in Toh Guan. I was alone with no mummy and siblings when Uncle Dog Lover found me.

He took me in and send me to another fosterer who promised to take good care of me. However, the fosterer didn't like me and I was tied up for 24 hrs a day in a factory; rain and shine.

One night, it was raining cats and dogs and I was huddling below a tree; feeling very sorry for myself. I missed my mommy and siblings so much, so I started to cry.

Around the corner was 2 volunteers of Noah's Ark who heard me. They were collecting supplies for the animals of Noah's Ark. They rescued poor little Bear Bear in the heavy storm and took her home. There, I had my very first warm shower. I was clean, warm and my coat was all fluffed up, resembling a baby bear. Hence I was named Bear Bear. Very soon, I fell asleep for the first time in my life, on a comfy cushion.

My Mommy Rescuer is an expert with dog training. By the 3rd day, I could pee pee and poo poo in the toilet on my own. I was also taught simple commands like sit which I mastered in 2 days. I think I am a smart kid but Mommy said I must be humble and told me not to brag.

Within few days of being rescued, I fell very sick and was brought to a vet. After examination, the vet said that it was due to worms in the stomach. With lots of TLC, I soon recovered and was running around the house.

One day, I was brought to a school with many children to play with. Below is a picture of me on my first day in school.

Bear Bear on therapy ball

In school, there are many kids who pat and hugged me. I love them and they love me too! Mommy said I can be a therapy dog to teach children on how to treat animals with kindness and compassion.

I really enjoy going to school!!

Paws and Licks,
Bear Bear

Monday, May 19, 2008

Animal Abandonment ≠ Animal Liberation

Today is Vesak Day which is the day Buddha was born and attained enlightenment. A common practice to celebrate this day is to free animals which is also known as Animal Liberation.

Noah's Ark frequently rescues many dogs and cats that are abandoned. Most were rescued from the streets and many others were unceremoniously dumped right at our door step. Many of these abandoned animals are pedigrees.

Sometimes, the owners were traced and of course, we queried the reason behind the abandonment. The usual reasons were either that the animal no longer suited their lifestyle (e.g. too busy, no time, had a new baby, etc.) or behavioural problems (unable to toilet train or constantly barking etc.).

Shouldn't the owner excercise the option of rehoming, one would ask? The truth is most owners don't want to spend the time and effort to rehome their animals and choose to dump their pets out onto the streets, over the other option - Euthanasia.

By sparing the animal from death, many owners who claim that they are buddhists, reckon that it conforms to the Buddhistic practice of Animal Liberation or 放生 (Fang4 Sheng1).

The motivation behind Animal Liberation is to free the animal that is destined for slaughter or imprisonment back to it's native environment where it can lead it's remaining life according to the laws of nature.

However, due to negative publicity of numerous cases of animals being "liberated" into inappropriate or non-native environments, the practice of Animal Liberation has received much undeserved flak.

For example; a rescued turtle should be released back to the sea and not to a pond. Putting a turtle into a pond is a no brainer. You want to save a life, not to administer a slow and painful death.

Similarly, your pet cat or dog is a domesticated animal living under the same roof as you. They have not been taught to hunt for their food and were born / raised to be dependent on the owner for food and shelter.

The streets and jungles are not their native environment. Dumping the animals there is not saving a life, nor is is considered animal liberation.

Animal Liberation with all it's good intentions, must be carried out with wisdom. Abandonment cannot be an excuse for a deed with such noble aspiration.

Please think thrice, before getting a pet if you are uncertain that you can provide a home for the animals for the rest of it's life.

In this post, Noah's Ark seeks to clarify the misconception on Animal Liberation with no intention to criticise anybody.

Rounding off, Noah's Ark would like to wish all our buddhist friends; a very Happy Vesak.

p.s. the contributor to this post is a buddhist and seeks to clarify general misconception on such practice.

Oreo - Chihuahua


My name is Oreo and I am 6 years old. I was rescued from a boarding kennel.

My expat owner left me there and never returned. All attempts to trace her was futile. She left me at the kennels on the pretext of going away on a holiday while the truth was she had returned to her home country.

The kennel owner decided that he was not going to keep me and contacted Noah's Ark with hopes that I can be rehomed.

It took the volunteers quite a long time to find me a home as I did not like men. I would growl and snap at them. The challenge was in finding an all female household.

Finally, I was adopted by Mommy Honi and her daughter and we live in a HDB flat.

According to the volunteers, it's a common occurence that expats abandon their pets here in Singapore while they are been relocated elsewhere.

Rather then go through the costs and hassle of relocating their pets together, dumping is the easier and most convenient way out.

It hurts to learn that the owner whom I loved dearly with all my heart and soul, have no interest in my welfare. Had Noah's Ark not stepped in, I would have been put down.

I would like to call on all expat owners to refrain from getting a pet locally if you have no plan to bring them along to wherever you relocate.

To you, we are nothing but to us, you are everything.....

Paws and Licks,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lucky - Fox Terrier

Yo Yo!!

My name is Lucky and I am one of those fortunate ones rescued from a Lim Chu Kang Fish Farm.

A breeder has turned the back yard of her fish farm into a puppy mill. She was breeding Smooth Coat Fox Terriers and Black Retrievers for sale.

When we were found, we were caged outdoors; only a taupaline sheltered part of the cages from the sun and rain. Food and water were scarce and all of the dogs there were in poor health condition.

Due to the appalling condition of the mill, the lady owner risk running foul of the law for animal cruelty and had to surrender all her dogs reluctantly.

Noah's Ark representatives took a few days to complete the rescue. I was the lucky one who was rescued first as I was the youngest and skinniest. When the rescuers wrapped a towel around me, they can feel my bones shaking as it was raining then; and I was cold due to much fur lost from mange.

A few days after been rescued, I fell ill and was very sick. A trip to the vet and tests revealed that I had contracted Parvo - a virus that is deadly to dogs.

My caregivers worked hard to save my life. One of my brother was not so fortunate. He passed away as he was too weak and frail. His name is Jack. Had he not died, he would have been rehomed with our sister, Jill to Noah's Ark in Johor.

During my recovery, Noah's Ark managed to find a family to adopt me. I cannot imagine that someone would want to adopt me when I am sick, I had chuncks of missing fur, my teeth and ribs protrude due to being severely underweight. I looked awful!!

I am so fortunate that Mommy Sheila and Daddy Charly loved me for more than my looks.

First time, I was lucky to have been rescued from the puppy mill.
Second time, I was lucky to have recovered from the Parvo virus.
Third time, I was lucky to have been rehomed.

There can be no other reason in this world other than to name me "Lucky".

Thank you Noah's Ark for rescuing all the doggies from that Lim Chu Kang fish farm, and thank you Mommy Sheila and Daddy Charly for giving me a family to call my own.

Paws and Licks,

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nikko - Great Dane

My name is Nikko and I am a Harlequinn Great Dane.

I am 6 years old and was imported from Australia. When I was 5 months old, I was given up as my owner discovered that I was deaf possibly caused by inbreeding.

She sent me back to the pet shop where I awaited for my fate to unfold.

A representative from Noah's Ark was informed of my plight and rescued me from euthanasia. She was very kind and housed me in a big house which belonged to a friend of hers. She would commute to and fro daily to take care of me.

At 5pm, she would arrive to take me out for walkies; meals would be at 7pm. Soon, I was looking forward to our daily routine together. I would watch out for her whenever "our" time approaches.

Also, there was something that she did which nobody managed to do with me; i.a. to train a deaf dog.

Within a month, I could respond to sign language to "come", "sit" and "eat". She was so proud of me!! She proved to people that a deaf dog like me can be trained. Deafness has not made me inadequate.

At the same time, I was so proud of her too!! Here is a person who did not belief in taking the easy way out and demonstrated by action that it is possible to train a deaf dog if one puts her heart and mind to it.

And like all fairy tale endings, her friend had to relocate from a landed property to an apartment. I was rehomed to Noah's Ark where I have much more space to roam and many doggie friends to keep me company.

At 5 feet tall, I am quite an imposing sight with my size. Kids often freeze at the sight of me; but I am a gentle giant. When they eventually learned that I am a big baby with good manners, I would be showered with lots of pats.

Before signing off, here's a photo of my big babyself. Do remember to give me a pat when you visit Noah's Ark.

Paws and Licks,

Friday, May 16, 2008

NA Rescue - Silky Terrier

In the beginning of May, one of our volunteers at Noah's Ark received a distress call from KL to rescue a dog left in an apartment in Singapore for a few days.

His owner was admitted to SGH, leaving poor Snoopy home alone for a few days.

A neighbour turned up for feeds and to change newspaper on alternate days but did not spend time with Snoopy. Snoopy was upset and confused.

A niece of the owner from KL had alerted Noah's Ark Singapore for help.

When our volunteers turned up, they found a very frightened and disoriented dog. His owner had disappeared suddenly and he was left with no companion nor anybody to console him for days.

Snoopy was quickly boarded at a pet hotel where he received daily feeds and human contact again.

Snoopy's owner will soon be transferred to a hospice. When she settles in at the hospice, our volunteers will groom Snoopy to look his best and take him to visit his mommy at the hospice to spend some quality time together.

At this point of time, all we can do is hope that the owner recovers soon and that owner and dog will be reunited again.

At Noah's Ark, its not just about dogs. We go out of our way for their owners too!

If you are keen to know Snoopy's reunion with his owner, do return and check this thread.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NA Rescue - Waffles (Update)

Waffles was sent to the Vet last Friday for check up and her bandage was removed as the vet wanted Waffles to start using her hind leg.

She is still afraid to put weight on her leg. You can see the attached picture of her x-ray - there is a bone pin inserted into her leg.

The vet said it was a bad fracture but good in a way because such fractures heal easily and because she is very young (estimated at 3 mths), bones will fuse back rather quickly.

Waffles is recovering at a fosterer's home and will see the vet again in 2 weeks time for another x-ray.

If all goes well, she will have the bone pin removed in another surgery some 3 - 4 wks later.

Thank you everyone for your donation and concern and we will keep you posted further on Waffles recovery.

Paws and Licks,

See previous post "NA Rescue - Waffles (Project Industrial Dogs)"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NA Rescue - Lala and Ah Boy

Lala - JRT Cross

Ah Boy - Mongrel

Lala, a JRT cross, and Ah Boy, a mongrel, lost their owner on 4th July, 2007.

Mr Song Kai Yong, a Singaporean in his fifties, was riding his motor bike from Johor to Singapore when he was killed by a drunk driver at Pelangi, JB.

We understand from Maggie, Mr Song's niece, that her uncle, who was single, loved his dogs very much. He treated the dogs like his children, and every evening he would take them for walks.

After the death of Mr Song, his dogs were left alone at home for over a week. Maggie wanted to help the dogs. She tried rehoming them but who would want to adopt a 8 year old JRT cross or a brown mongrel that was somewhat less then friendly towards strangers.

Maggie got to know about Noah's Ark through a friend. One Sunday morning she called us for assistance. Knowing that the chance of these dogs finding new homes were slim, so Noah's Ark offered the family a helping hand.

When volunteers from Noah's Ark arrived to pick the dogs up, the dogs were still waiting in the hall for their owner to return.

It was impossible to get hold of Ah Boy. He attempted to bite anyone who entered the house. It took us 2 days to catch and take him away.

Our volunteers helped to send these dogs for the necessary veterinary checks and process the paperwork needed to export them to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary in Johore.

Since then, both Lala and Ah Boy have settled in comfortably.

Mr Song, if you can hear us, your dogs are in good hands.

Rest in Peace!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bicycle - Mongrel


You can guess the reason why I was named Bicycle; that is simply because I loved to chase bicycles. For that, I was at the receiving end of many hard kicks and expletives.

My ex-owner used to own a bicyle and I would happily run alongside with him on his outings. Even when he dumped me, I was still guarding his bicycle everyday till his return.

After many days of not bringing me home and harsh words, I understand that I was no longer wanted and left to roam the streets.

Life was tough. There were fights with other dogs for that coveted sheltered spot on the 5 foot way. Food was handouts from kind patrons in the hawker centre or even religious food offerings left on the roadside.

Life took a break when I met Aunty Vivien, an old lady in her seventies who is a caregiver of rejects like me.

I was caught and sent to a kennel while pending to be rehomed. However, I was an accomplished escape artiste and there is no fence too high nor too difficult for me to scale.

I should be named Houdini instead. :D

Due to my hard life, I have little faith in humans and was constantly baring my teeth to scare them away, hence I was unsuitable for adoption. It was decided that I would be rehomed to Noah's Ark where I will live for the rest of my life.

In Noah's Ark, I know I am home at last. The days of scaling walls is over and I have turned into a friendly dog.

My buddy is Channel, another mongrel. We have a common fear of thunder and would keep each other company whenever the thunder rolls, in a sheltered spot.

When you are in Noah's Ark, please drop by to visit me. A pat on the head and a kind word makes my day!!

Paws and Licks,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

NA Rescue - Truffles (Project Industrial Dog)

The same caregiver who rescued Waffles, had been spending time and personal resources to feed and befriend stray dogs in an industrial park in her compassionate bid to help the management of stray dog population in a humane way.

She noticed this mommy dog that was heavily pregnant and step up efforts to provide more nutritious food for her and her unborn pups. Initially, the mommy dog was evasive and managed to give the caregiver the slip whenever there was attempt to trail mommy dog to find out the den and the puppies.

Finally, she was successful after a few weeks to win the trust of the mommy dog and was brought to a drain where the pups were kept.

The puppies were 3 weeks old by then and one puppy had very obvious wounds. All the pups and mommy dog were rescued and this particular injured pup was taken to Vet immediately.

The vet suspected the injured puppy was bitten by rats as it was too weak to fend for itself. A huge chuck of it's neck has been chewed off. Unfortunately the injured puppy was too ill to be saved and had to be put down.

Other puppies were rescued and were moved to a safe and quiet spot, at the far end of Singapore; where the environment is condusive for mommy dog to recover and nurse her remaining pups in peace.

The last report from their fosterer is that the puppies are putting on weight fast and are spotting a glossy coat each!!

Throughtout her ordeal, mommy dog has been sweet and trusting to her human rescuers. She has been named Truffles. Together with Waffles, both were rescued on the same night!!

It is decided that Truffles will be sterilised after she finished nursing her pups and will be put up for adoption.

Till then, we will also keep you posted when these puppies are ready to be adopted. They are Ben and Jerry; although we cant decide which one will be Ben. Do give us your feedback on this. Here's a photo of the 2 brothers, aren't they cute?

I just wana rub their roly poly tummies! :D

Paws and Licks,

Thursday, May 8, 2008

NA Rescue - Waffles (Project Industrial Dogs)

Last week, a caregiver was rescuing a pregnant stray dog (See story for Truffles) in an Industrial Park north of Singapore when she happened to see two puppies hiding under a lorry.

As she approaches, the puppies ran to her, probably thinking that she had food for them. She realized then that the black puppy was limping on one hind leg.

Her first priority was to rescue the black puppy and send it to a vet at the Mt Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Sunset Way). The pup was attended by Dr Simon Quek, who immediately ordered x-rays to be taken on the injured leg which revealed a fracture. The caregiver could only surmise that the puppy could have been hit by a lorry.

Dr Quek also estimated the black puppy to be barely 3 mths old.

A surgery was scheduled for the next day and the clinic promised to provide updates to the caregiver after the surgery. However, the clinic called that same night, after 9pm!! Dr Quek had kindly stayed behind after his working hours to operate on the stray puppy and did not include charges for his overtime. We were extremely touched by Dr Quek’s kindness and generosity.

A fosterer was quickly found and arrangements were made to send the puppy to her new temporary home.

As she was being picked up, it’s evident that she could not put any weight on the injured leg but despite all that pain and suffering, she was very cheerful and wagged her tail as if she recognized her rescuers!

The puppy was to be named May May as she was rescued on May Day but for her sweet nature, the puppy was aptly named “Waffles”.

And so Dr Quek left instructions that little Waffles should have lots of rest with restricted movements as she had a bone pin inserted into her leg to help fuse her fractured bones together.
In about 5 weeks time, Waffles has to undergo another surgery to have the bone pin removed and will be back for recuperation at her fosterer’s place. It was decided that Waffles will only be re-homed when she has fully recovered.

To date, the bill has come up to $514 and the Waffles requires weekly trips to a vet to have her bandaged changed.

Little Waffles needs help with her medical bills. If you wish to make a small contribution, please send a cheque to Noah's Ark Cares and mail it to 42 Cairnhill Road, # 02-01, S (229661).

On the back of your cheque, please write "Waffles" and please remember to leave your contact details so we may thank you for your generosity.

See also "NA Rescue - Waffles (Update)"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ginger - Mongrel

Hello everyone,

My name is Ginger and I am a pint size mongrel.

I was searching for food when Lily saw me. I was suffering from severe mange and completely bald.

Lily nursed me to health and tried to keep me at home but I loved running out to the busy street too much.

So Lily thought that it was better for me that I move to Noah's Ark where I will be free to roam and run in safety.

Here in Noah's Ark, there's plenty of food, water and shelter. The animals also receive medical care and lots of TLC.

I do not need to lead a life of wandering, not knowing when the next meal will be. It's a happy ending for a little dog like me.

For that, we the animals would like to thank Uncle Raymund and all those who made Noah's Ark; an animal haven with a no-kill policy; a reality.

Paws and Licks,

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

Noah's Ark CARES Supporters