Thursday, May 22, 2008

Before and After Photos - Lucky (Fox Terrier)

Lucky, the Fox Terrier was rescued from a puppy mill in a Lim Chu Kang fish farm. Here are photos of Lucky in the appalling conditions of the puppy mill.

To stem out such unethical businessman from profiteering on poor and helpless animals, please verify that puppy comes from a reliable source which treats their animals humanely before buying.

Wherever possible, do look beyond the superficial surface. With lots of TLC, some good nutrition and a little grooming, you will discover a gem that will be forever grateful to you for that 2nd chance in life.

Lucky at 6 months old and housed in a outdoor cage with no shelter. Photo taken after rain

Note the algae flourishing in the pail of water.

Serverly malnourished with a distended abdomen. Note the backbone jutting.

Lucky was so thin that there was no fats even on the mouth to cover it's teeth. Note the prominent ribs.

Lucky today - rehomed and pampered.

See also in his own words; the story of Lucky - Fox Terrier


''A Tenacious Dieter'' said...

OMG! How awful. That's really sad. So glad he's now gained weight and health and looks a lovely kind character. How can people be so cruel to animals is beyond me.

Priscill Koh said...

When I last visited LuckyBoy.
My parents wish to thank all well-wishers, and we are pleased to announce that LuckyBoy is declared free from 'Dermodex Canis Mange' by the Veterenian.

Sarah aka. Juniper Leaf said...

Poor 'lil dog!!I pity him so much.But now he is one handsome dog.His eyes are so shiny.He must be a lucky dog now.:)

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