Friday, May 16, 2008

NA Rescue - Silky Terrier

In the beginning of May, one of our volunteers at Noah's Ark received a distress call from KL to rescue a dog left in an apartment in Singapore for a few days.

His owner was admitted to SGH, leaving poor Snoopy home alone for a few days.

A neighbour turned up for feeds and to change newspaper on alternate days but did not spend time with Snoopy. Snoopy was upset and confused.

A niece of the owner from KL had alerted Noah's Ark Singapore for help.

When our volunteers turned up, they found a very frightened and disoriented dog. His owner had disappeared suddenly and he was left with no companion nor anybody to console him for days.

Snoopy was quickly boarded at a pet hotel where he received daily feeds and human contact again.

Snoopy's owner will soon be transferred to a hospice. When she settles in at the hospice, our volunteers will groom Snoopy to look his best and take him to visit his mommy at the hospice to spend some quality time together.

At this point of time, all we can do is hope that the owner recovers soon and that owner and dog will be reunited again.

At Noah's Ark, its not just about dogs. We go out of our way for their owners too!

If you are keen to know Snoopy's reunion with his owner, do return and check this thread.

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