Friday, May 23, 2008

NA Rescue - Benji (Bichon Frisé)

Covered in a thick coat of oil, soot and dust. Note eye is too swollen to open.

On Wednesday evening, we received a call from a man who delivers food to the Jurong industrial area. He wanted us to help save a toy dog he had seen while on his rounds.

The dog had been observed running amid the rumbling trucks, oblivious to the perils on the road. The dog was also cranky and constantly bared it's teeth to the workers.

For it's own safety, someone had tied it to a shed for the past 2 mths, to prevent it from getting into an accident and also from biting the workers.

The dog was fed and watered but was in filthy condition.

According to this man, the toy dog was dumped there about 2 mths ago. It was originally white but when we saw the dog, it was covered with oil and dust from top to toe.

The good samaritan had chanced upon another dog that was sterilized by Noah's Ark and on its collar was Noah's Ark's telephone number and contacted us.

We made arrangements for this dog to go to the groomers today, to be cleaned and de-ticked, followed by a visit to the vet. The dog's right eye was terribly infected and needed immediate medical attention.

Upon examination, the vet said that the right cornea was torn and the injury is estimated to be 2 weeks old. It is fortunate that it's rescued now or it will lose it's sight eventually. The vet administered a jab for pain and now it can open it's eye a little.

A shampoo on the spot revealed a white coat.

We reckon the dog is a Bichon Frisé and about 3~4 years old.

After a trip to the groomer and vet, he is much happier, very playful and very affectionate.

The pain of the infected eye and the filth probably contributed to his crankiness.For his high spirits, the rescuers has named him Benji.

Benji can respond to simple commands like sit, beg and is very familiar with car rides as he jumps right in without any hesitation.

We have no idea how Benji ended up in an industrial park. Did he got lost; wandered and ended up there or was he deliberately abandoned there after a long drive from home?

A check with AVA and other animal shelters did not reflect any report of a lost white toy dog 2 months ago either. Neither was Benji microchipped to enable anyone to track his owner.

Regardless of the situation, Benji who is now with a fosterer, will be in the safe hands of Noah's Ark. His next appointment with the vet is in 5 days time for his infected eye and thereafter to remove some rotten teeth.

His chances of being rehomed will be accessed after a full recovery. If you recognised Benji and know his owner, please drop us a line at Noah's Ark at you be interested on Benji's recovery, pls check our blog frequently for more updates.

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