Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lucky - Fox Terrier

Yo Yo!!

My name is Lucky and I am one of those fortunate ones rescued from a Lim Chu Kang Fish Farm.

A breeder has turned the back yard of her fish farm into a puppy mill. She was breeding Smooth Coat Fox Terriers and Black Retrievers for sale.

When we were found, we were caged outdoors; only a taupaline sheltered part of the cages from the sun and rain. Food and water were scarce and all of the dogs there were in poor health condition.

Due to the appalling condition of the mill, the lady owner risk running foul of the law for animal cruelty and had to surrender all her dogs reluctantly.

Noah's Ark representatives took a few days to complete the rescue. I was the lucky one who was rescued first as I was the youngest and skinniest. When the rescuers wrapped a towel around me, they can feel my bones shaking as it was raining then; and I was cold due to much fur lost from mange.

A few days after been rescued, I fell ill and was very sick. A trip to the vet and tests revealed that I had contracted Parvo - a virus that is deadly to dogs.

My caregivers worked hard to save my life. One of my brother was not so fortunate. He passed away as he was too weak and frail. His name is Jack. Had he not died, he would have been rehomed with our sister, Jill to Noah's Ark in Johor.

During my recovery, Noah's Ark managed to find a family to adopt me. I cannot imagine that someone would want to adopt me when I am sick, I had chuncks of missing fur, my teeth and ribs protrude due to being severely underweight. I looked awful!!

I am so fortunate that Mommy Sheila and Daddy Charly loved me for more than my looks.

First time, I was lucky to have been rescued from the puppy mill.
Second time, I was lucky to have recovered from the Parvo virus.
Third time, I was lucky to have been rehomed.

There can be no other reason in this world other than to name me "Lucky".

Thank you Noah's Ark for rescuing all the doggies from that Lim Chu Kang fish farm, and thank you Mommy Sheila and Daddy Charly for giving me a family to call my own.

Paws and Licks,

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