Thursday, May 8, 2008

NA Rescue - Waffles (Project Industrial Dogs)

Last week, a caregiver was rescuing a pregnant stray dog (See story for Truffles) in an Industrial Park north of Singapore when she happened to see two puppies hiding under a lorry.

As she approaches, the puppies ran to her, probably thinking that she had food for them. She realized then that the black puppy was limping on one hind leg.

Her first priority was to rescue the black puppy and send it to a vet at the Mt Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Sunset Way). The pup was attended by Dr Simon Quek, who immediately ordered x-rays to be taken on the injured leg which revealed a fracture. The caregiver could only surmise that the puppy could have been hit by a lorry.

Dr Quek also estimated the black puppy to be barely 3 mths old.

A surgery was scheduled for the next day and the clinic promised to provide updates to the caregiver after the surgery. However, the clinic called that same night, after 9pm!! Dr Quek had kindly stayed behind after his working hours to operate on the stray puppy and did not include charges for his overtime. We were extremely touched by Dr Quek’s kindness and generosity.

A fosterer was quickly found and arrangements were made to send the puppy to her new temporary home.

As she was being picked up, it’s evident that she could not put any weight on the injured leg but despite all that pain and suffering, she was very cheerful and wagged her tail as if she recognized her rescuers!

The puppy was to be named May May as she was rescued on May Day but for her sweet nature, the puppy was aptly named “Waffles”.

And so Dr Quek left instructions that little Waffles should have lots of rest with restricted movements as she had a bone pin inserted into her leg to help fuse her fractured bones together.
In about 5 weeks time, Waffles has to undergo another surgery to have the bone pin removed and will be back for recuperation at her fosterer’s place. It was decided that Waffles will only be re-homed when she has fully recovered.

To date, the bill has come up to $514 and the Waffles requires weekly trips to a vet to have her bandaged changed.

Little Waffles needs help with her medical bills. If you wish to make a small contribution, please send a cheque to Noah's Ark Cares and mail it to 42 Cairnhill Road, # 02-01, S (229661).

On the back of your cheque, please write "Waffles" and please remember to leave your contact details so we may thank you for your generosity.

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