Thursday, May 29, 2008

NA Rescue - Benji (Update)

Hi Everyone,

We are please to inform you that Benji is doing very well. He has turned into a playful and fiesty little fella. He enjoys a healthy appetite and is always game to play with anyone or any dog for that matter.

Benji especially enjoy car rides with his head out of the window, with wind blowing into his face. Sadly, his last car ride with his owner was to be abandoned.

Nevertheless, we are confident Benji will find his new adoptive parents soon.

Here are pics on Benji on his trips to the groomer and vet

Coat all matted up with skin problems below.
Ricky, the Dog Groomer ordered the entire mob to be shaved off

Shaved and in the clinic. Right eye tearing badly with hardened mucus stuck on it.

Dr Ang examining the eye. Benji was muzzled in case he snapped.

A green liquid was used to stain the eye to reveal the extent of the tear.
Dr Ang said the eye will recover and should not affect eyesight. Whoppee!!

Benji baring his true colour :D
Note right eye has opened a little bigger as he stepped out of the clinic

Benji is currently staying with a fosterer where he will be cared, socialised and observed for any negative behaviour.

For updates on Benji, please keep a close watch on this blog

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