Monday, May 19, 2008

Oreo - Chihuahua


My name is Oreo and I am 6 years old. I was rescued from a boarding kennel.

My expat owner left me there and never returned. All attempts to trace her was futile. She left me at the kennels on the pretext of going away on a holiday while the truth was she had returned to her home country.

The kennel owner decided that he was not going to keep me and contacted Noah's Ark with hopes that I can be rehomed.

It took the volunteers quite a long time to find me a home as I did not like men. I would growl and snap at them. The challenge was in finding an all female household.

Finally, I was adopted by Mommy Honi and her daughter and we live in a HDB flat.

According to the volunteers, it's a common occurence that expats abandon their pets here in Singapore while they are been relocated elsewhere.

Rather then go through the costs and hassle of relocating their pets together, dumping is the easier and most convenient way out.

It hurts to learn that the owner whom I loved dearly with all my heart and soul, have no interest in my welfare. Had Noah's Ark not stepped in, I would have been put down.

I would like to call on all expat owners to refrain from getting a pet locally if you have no plan to bring them along to wherever you relocate.

To you, we are nothing but to us, you are everything.....

Paws and Licks,

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! What a lovely dog!!! & of course as I'm her mummy .... u spelt my name wrongly!!! Huney

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