Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NA Rescue - Lala and Ah Boy

Lala - JRT Cross

Ah Boy - Mongrel

Lala, a JRT cross, and Ah Boy, a mongrel, lost their owner on 4th July, 2007.

Mr Song Kai Yong, a Singaporean in his fifties, was riding his motor bike from Johor to Singapore when he was killed by a drunk driver at Pelangi, JB.

We understand from Maggie, Mr Song's niece, that her uncle, who was single, loved his dogs very much. He treated the dogs like his children, and every evening he would take them for walks.

After the death of Mr Song, his dogs were left alone at home for over a week. Maggie wanted to help the dogs. She tried rehoming them but who would want to adopt a 8 year old JRT cross or a brown mongrel that was somewhat less then friendly towards strangers.

Maggie got to know about Noah's Ark through a friend. One Sunday morning she called us for assistance. Knowing that the chance of these dogs finding new homes were slim, so Noah's Ark offered the family a helping hand.

When volunteers from Noah's Ark arrived to pick the dogs up, the dogs were still waiting in the hall for their owner to return.

It was impossible to get hold of Ah Boy. He attempted to bite anyone who entered the house. It took us 2 days to catch and take him away.

Our volunteers helped to send these dogs for the necessary veterinary checks and process the paperwork needed to export them to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary in Johore.

Since then, both Lala and Ah Boy have settled in comfortably.

Mr Song, if you can hear us, your dogs are in good hands.

Rest in Peace!

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