Monday, May 12, 2008

Bicycle - Mongrel


You can guess the reason why I was named Bicycle; that is simply because I loved to chase bicycles. For that, I was at the receiving end of many hard kicks and expletives.

My ex-owner used to own a bicyle and I would happily run alongside with him on his outings. Even when he dumped me, I was still guarding his bicycle everyday till his return.

After many days of not bringing me home and harsh words, I understand that I was no longer wanted and left to roam the streets.

Life was tough. There were fights with other dogs for that coveted sheltered spot on the 5 foot way. Food was handouts from kind patrons in the hawker centre or even religious food offerings left on the roadside.

Life took a break when I met Aunty Vivien, an old lady in her seventies who is a caregiver of rejects like me.

I was caught and sent to a kennel while pending to be rehomed. However, I was an accomplished escape artiste and there is no fence too high nor too difficult for me to scale.

I should be named Houdini instead. :D

Due to my hard life, I have little faith in humans and was constantly baring my teeth to scare them away, hence I was unsuitable for adoption. It was decided that I would be rehomed to Noah's Ark where I will live for the rest of my life.

In Noah's Ark, I know I am home at last. The days of scaling walls is over and I have turned into a friendly dog.

My buddy is Channel, another mongrel. We have a common fear of thunder and would keep each other company whenever the thunder rolls, in a sheltered spot.

When you are in Noah's Ark, please drop by to visit me. A pat on the head and a kind word makes my day!!

Paws and Licks,

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