Monday, December 27, 2010

Charity Sneak Preview of "Kinako: Police Dog Dream"

This year, Noah's Ark CARES is pleased to announce its third-year-running Movie Screening. The show that will grace the screen this year would be "Kinako: Police Dog Dream" and you, yes you, are invited to join us for a special screening on the 4th of January 2011 (Tuesday). For a short synopsis, continue reading on!

Movie Synopsis

A Japanese movie which was inspired by the true story of a dog who failed her police dog test 5 times in a row, the film stars 18-year-old model/actress Kaho as Kyoko, an aspiring police dog trainer who wants to follow in her late father’s footsteps. She instantly feels a connection with newborn puppy Kinako, who was initially bred to be a good police dog but ended up being the runt of the litter and the least athletic of all her brothers and sisters. In spite of this, Kyoko is taken with her new training partner and spends her time trying to get the uncoordinated Kinako to make even one jump. Over time, Kyoko begins to have doubts about whether Kinako will ever make it as a police dog and considers letting her lead a different type of life.

Watch the trailer here: (in Chinese/Japanese, full trailer) (English subtitles, 40 second snippet)

Movie details:

Date: 4 Jan, Tuesday
Venue: GV Vivo City
Time: 7pm
Approx screen time: 113 mins
Ticket price: $50 (includes a complimentary combo set comprising popcorn and drink + goodie bag)
How to book: Please go to and reserve your seats today! Once you select Vivocity in the drop down box, click on the time and choose your seat!

A special thank you to the following sponsors who have made it possible.

1. Golden Village
2. Hall sponsorship: GL
3. Popcorn/drink combo: YG
4. Goodie bag items generously sponsored by the following:

100% of the proceeds will go towards the maintaining of the 1000 animals that live in our sanctuary in Malaysia. Some of the funds will also be diverted towards PID, Project Industrial Dogs as we strive to make Singapore stray free. For more information on either, please visit our blog at

Here we present some of the cases we have come across this past 2010. These are just a few of the animals which will benefit from your support. All of them are now residing comfortably at Noah's Ark, not needing to worry about their food or having a roof over their heads. They even have large fields and a pond to call their own!

Bruno ,
Bruno suffered from a badly infected ear that had maggots in it due to the wound being untreated. He was an Industrial dog, and Industrial dogs suffer from such dangers because they fight over territory and food. However, Bruno has since moved to Noah's Ark and is happily living there.

Marmite was abandoned right in front of our sanctuary. She was emaciated and extremely fearful of humans, resulting in aggressive behaviour. Today, she has gradually learned to trust humans and is now of a healthy weight.

(Note: We are still looking for a family to adopt on the M'sian end her but we are unsure of the adoption chances.)

Scarlet, full story to be released in early 2011.
Scarlet was rescued just a few weeks ago with a huge, gaping wound to her small body. She was just a puppy. Her sister, Charley was also rescued because she was found immobilized by mud. We are unsure of their origins as they were discovered scampering about in the field in front of our sanctuary.

Berry, full story to be released in early 2011.
Struck down by a car, Berry was an injured monkey lying by the side of the road, waiting to die till Raymund found him. It grabbed Raymund's hand as if imploring Raymund to save his life. Part of his tail and his leg had to be amputated due to gangrene, but Berry is slowly recovering and learning how to move about despite his disability.

These are just a few of the many stories that we have. You can browse through our blog articles and read all about our rescue work and the sanctuary. If you've not visited us, you should! As for those who have visited, we look forward to seeing you again at our tour, scheduled for March 2011.

Once again, thank you for your continous support and generosity. No words will ever be enough, but one thing is for sure: without each and everyone of you, Noah's Ark will not be here where it is today.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A dog's Christmas prayer

Tis the night before Christmas and all through the town
every shelter is full, we are lost, but not found,

Our numbers are hung on our kennels so bare,
we hope every minute that someone will care,

They’ll come to adopt us and give us a call,
“Come here, Max and Sparkie – come and fetch your new ball!!”

But now we sit here and think of the days
we were treated so fondly – we had cute baby ways,

Once we were little, then we grew and we grew,
now we are no longer young and we’re no longer new.

So out of the back door we were thrown like trash,
they reacted so quickly – why were they so rash?

We “jump on the children” ; “ don’t come when they call”;
we “bark when they leave us”, climb all over the wall.

We should have been neutered, we should have been spayed,
now we suffer the consequences of the error THEY made.

If only they trained us, if only we knew..
we would have done what they asked us and worshipped them too.

We were left in the backyard, or worse – let to roam –
now we’re tired and lonely and out of a home.

They dropped us here and kiss us goodbye…
“Maybe someone else will give you a try”.

So now here we are all confused and alone..
in a shelter with others who long for a home.

The kind workers come through with a meal and a pat,
with so many to care for, they can’t stay for a chat.

They move to the next kennel, giving all of us cheer..
we know they wonder how long we will be here.

We lay down to sleep and sweet dreams fill our heads..
of a home filled with love, and our very own cozy beds..

Then we wake to see sad eyes brimming with tears –
our friends filled with emptiness, worry and fear.

If you can’t adopt us and no room at the inn,
could you help with the food bills and fill our bin?

We count on your kindness, each day of the year –
can you give hope to everyone here?

Please make a donation to pay for the heat..
and help us get something special to eat..

The shelter that cares for us want us to live
and more of us will, if more people will give.

- Author unknown
Article found at

Monday, December 13, 2010

Would you be able to give us a home?

As Christmas rolls around,
The number of strays still abound.
With the spirit of love and giving in the air,
Would you have some to share?

We are the lucky few,
4 legged companions who will stick to you like glue.
We promise we'll be loving and loyal companions.
Save us from roaming the streets in hopeless oblivion.

If you have space in your home,
and a heart thats as big as a dome,
in you our lives we entrust,
we hope you'll consider one of us.
(written by aj)


Gender : Male
Age : Born September 2009
Breed : Mongrel
HDB Approved : No
Sterilized : No (cannot be)
Background : Rescued from streets
Adoption Fee : $120 (covers 2 vaccinations and microchipping)

A confident dog. Need to avoid getting deeply cut/ scratched.


Gender : Male
Age : Born September 2009
Breed : Mongrel
HDB Approved : No
Sterilized : No (cannot be)
Background : Rescued from streets
Adoption Fee : $120 (covers 2 vaccinations and microchipping)

Takes longer to warm up to people. Need to avoid getting deeply cut/ scratched.


Gender : Female
Age : 11 – 12 years old
Breed : Smooth coat chow chow
HDB Approved : No
Sterilized : No (due to age)
Background : Abandoned, redeemed from SPCA
Adoption Fee : $120 (covers 1 vaccination and microchipping)

A gentle old lady who is in perfect health. Loves her long walks.


Gender : Female
Age : 2 years old
Breed : Mongrel
HDB Approved : No
Sterilized : Yes
Background : Rescued from irresponsible owner
Adoption Fee : $220 (covers vaccination, sterilization and microchipping)

A young and playful. Pretty-looking girl.

Interested parties to write in to, including but not limited to an introduction of yourself and your family, and experience in keeping dog/s. Anyone below the age of 21 years old who is interested, please get your parents to write in instead, but don't forget to convince them first (:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas time, oh christmas sales!

Dear friends, readers and supporters,

Many are unaware that Noah's Ark has merchandise available for sale until they meet us at roadshows. Just a quick note, selling merchandise is part of our fund raising effort to raise money to fulfill our mission of providing a safe and secure home for our animal friends so that they can live out their life in dignity. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of merchandise goes to the upkeep of the many animals at our sanctuary.

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. Why not do your Christmas shopping with us this year? Purchase some Noah’s Ark merchandise for your friends & family, and in the process help give abandoned and unwanted animals a second chance in life.

1) Blank greeting cards (pack of 5, random designs, 14 designs to collect in total!)
Cost: One pack for $10, Two packs for $18

2) Tshirts

Noah's Ark Puppy Tee
Colour of Tee: White
Material: Cotton
Adults: S
Kids: 28, 30 and 34
Cost: $15 (adults), $10 (kids)

Front of Tshirt

Back of Tshirt

4 Animals Tee
Colour of Tee: Orange/White/Red/Yellow
Material: Dri Fit
Adults: XS (white only)
Kids: 28 and 30
Cost: $15 (adults), $10 (kids)


3) Noah’s Ark Calendar - $10 each

Fantastic Christmas presents, especially for those gift exchanges and secret santas! Everyone needs a calendar for their office desk. Brighten it up with our happy animals as you flip through the months! There are boxes for you to write appointments and special dates in. Not many left, so do hurry.

4) Noah’s Ark Note Book
1 for $5, 2 for $8

Cover page of the notebook - Let your imagination run free!

Blank coloured pages inside - Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green. Somehow, this arrangement does look like the Windows logo?

5) Noah’s Ark Post-Its
- One for $2, Two for $3

6) Notepad - $3 each
Inside pages are lined and yellow in colour.

7) Romancing History & Art - $40

One Book: “Romancing History & Art”, written by Lai Choi Kuen, featuring a collection of unique jewellery designed by Choi, will be launched at Tea. The jewellery pieces were created using antique Chinese miniature works of art.

We have some stock of these books that have been kindly donated by the author. At $40 per book, 100% of the proceeds will go towards Noah's Ark.

Please email us a list of items you would like to purchase and we'll check and arrange with the stock accordingly. All payment details are provided at the top of the column on the right. No words can thank you enough for contributing to and supporting our cause.

On behalf of the 800 dogs, 300 cats, 5 horses and many other animals at Noah's Ark, we thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Have a smashing Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Our founder Raymund was on his way back to the sanctuary one afternoon when he saw a shopping bag with movement just outside the main road to NANAS. His initial thought was that it might be rats, but he sensed something was amiss when he saw two black and tan grown dogs, one male and one female, lurking around not far away from there. He has never seen those two dogs before and wondered where they came from.

Raymund’s curiosity got the better of him and he sent his workers to check out what was inside the bag. To their astonishment, they found four puppies inside! The workers actually saw the two grown dogs too when they were reaching the place where the bag was, but the two dogs ran off before the workers could grab hold of them. Upon seeing the puppies, the workers realized that the two dogs were most likely their parents, and that the entire family was dumped heartlessly just at the side of a busy road, cast out like trash.

The four puppies were all black and tan, with three barely 5-week old puppies from the same litter and another 3 month old puppy together in the same shopping bag. As expected, the three 5-week old puppies were all female. It is not uncommon to hear of people keeping only the males in a litter and getting rid of the females, as they do not want to spend money on sterilization or some of them do not even know what sterilization is. However, the bigger puppy was a male. Where did he come from and why was he dumped together with them? We will never know.

How could someone bear to put them in a shopping bag, and what's more, under the hot sun? Did the culprit assume that someone would pick them up? What if Raymund had not gone back to the sanctuary that fateful afternoon and missed them, wouldn’t the heat or suffocation have killed them? Even if they managed to escape from the bag, they would probably become roadkill. They are a litter of living things, but definitely not litter.

Hence, Raymund and his workers cleaned them up, and the bigger puppy was kept aside to be given a check-up. The three female puppies were fed milk and they slept soundly immediately after mealtime. The little sweeties were dreaming during their sleep, whining and twitching their limbs as though they were playing or running! Small as they were, they were smart enough not to pee in their basket. They sleepily crawled out and did their business on the newspaper before stumbling back into the basket again.

The girls are a pretty lot, but so is the boy. The boy has a sweet face and a docked tail, high chance of him being an owned pet. His big ears make him look extremely adorable! Who in the world, could bear to throw them away?

Just less than two weeks later, there was yet another female dog, dumped right at the doorstep of NANAS. What have become of pet owners nowadays? Coincidentally, she is black and tan too. She is estimated to be about seven years old, and already sterilized. She is too sweet to be true, docile, gentle and friendly even to strangers, which makes our hearts ache even more.

We are appealing for milk powder for the puppies, to ensure they grow up strong and healthy, in the hopes that they can get adopted down the road. We are also looking for sponsors to support their stay at the sanctuary as well as the black and tan female dog – will you like to make the difference in their lives? Please email us at if you:

1. Have milk powder to spare. We will arrange to pick it up from you. Please leave us your name, contact number and amount of milk powder you have so we can arrange for appropriate transport.

2. Can sponsor one, two or even three of such dogs. Our bank details are located on the right hand column of the blog. If you can contribute in any way, please let us know! We’ll be glad to hear from you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, great weather for our last public tour of the year. The visitors milled around to pat and feed the animals and the animals were happily enjoying all the human companionship.

Over near the rabbit hutch, one volunteer was just explaining to some visitors that our infamous Max, is in fact not a pure-bred Rottweiler but a Rottweiler cross. He was a big and friendly boy for those who know him and few could tell he is in fact a cross. Due to the temperament of certain breeds, we are selective when it comes to allowing passage for certain dogs. This is because we need the dogs to co-exist harmoniously in the sanctuary and not fight over food or living areas.

Max, one of our most famous residents in the sanctuary

Shortly after however, a volunteer informed Raymund that someone was at the door to surrender a Rottweiler! Alas. The headcount at NANAS has been steadily rising, and due to the rise in costs, the mouths we have to feed border on overwhelming. But how could we bring ourselves to turn this dog away and thus seal her fate?

Raymund stepped out to take a look, and you could instantly see the dismay and sadness on his face. She was, skins and bones, to the extreme. The gaze in her eyes spoke of a lifeless and unhappy soul. Her head looked out of proportions as compared to her stick-thin body (we could see her ribs protruding!), and she was estimated to be barely a year old. The father and son pair who surrendered her said she was given to them by someone else, but they themselves did not know how to take care of her. This is certainly irresponsible pet ownership, but on the flipside, we are glad that they did not choose to abandon her on the streets.

Raymund accepted the leash with a heavy heart, and Marmite looked up uncertainly at him. He walked her slowly through the first gate of the sanctuary into the car porch, and even though the journey was a short one, she stumbled a couple of times. Tottering about on unstable legs, she barely had any strength to walk. She wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her and growled ferociously if anyone dared to approach too closely.

Unable to move too close to offer some form of comfort, Raymund fed Marmite some food from a distance away, which she gobbled down almost instantly. As predicted, Marmite was possessive of her food, given her past encounters. As the volunteers left the sanctuary with the visitors for dinner, the workers took over and brought Marmite into the sanctuary. Perhaps, for the first time in her life, Marmite went to sleep with a full and nourished stomach. We will never know, but sometimes, we are better off not knowing.

Oh, many of you must be wondering, why the name "Marmite". Like the savory spread available in supermarkets, Raymund named her so, as she is dark in colour, distinctive and powerful exactly like the spread. :) Additionally, she really needs all the nutrients Marmite has, to regain her health and put on sufficient weight.

Will you be kind enough to sponsor Marmite’s stay at the sanctuary? With the growing number of such cases and the saturation of welfare organizations, we need all the help we can get.

A quick update on Marmite:

Volunteers were up at the sanctuary last weekend for the private tour and were pleasantly surprised to see Marmite putting on weight within such a short span of time! She had a humongous appetite, and was very attached to the worker who was in charge of her area. She would obediently follow him around, and he could pat her freely. Just like her name implies, we are heartened to know she's back on her feet! She has received her vaccinations, been dewormed and tested negative for heartworm and tick fever. A clean bill of health has been given to her and she will be sterilized shortly.

We are looking for a suitable family from the Malaysian side who can give Marmite a good home. She is more suited to be the only dog in the family. If you have the space and heart for poor Marmite, please email us at Thank you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charity Dim Sum Tea - 27 Nov 2010

One Book & Five beneficiaries Charity Dim Sum Tea

Date: 27 Nov 2010
Time: 1500 - 1700hrs
Venue: Peach Garden @ OCBC 33rd Floor
Ticket: S$80/head

Join us for an afternoon of charitable causes over delightful dim sum and tea/coffee at the top of OCBC Centre.

One Book: “Romancing History & Art”, written by Lai Choi Kuen, featuring a collection of unique jewellery designed by Choi, will be launched at Tea. The jewellery pieces were created using antique Chinese miniature works of art.

Your S$80 ticket to tea comes with one copy of the book courtesy of JIA House of Fine Chinese Art and a 20% dining discount voucher courtesy of Peach Garden (T&C on voucher applies). You will also be treated to a mini jewelry show.

And when you pay S$80, you will be pleased to know that S$60 will go into a pot of fund to be allocated equally to five beneficiaries, where Noah's Ark is extremely privileged to be a recipient.

At the Tea we look to raise further funds with:
  • An auction of jewellery pieces designed by Choi, with all proceeds generated going towards the beneficiaries in equal share. For a copy of the catalogue, please download it from here:;
  • A donation of 20% of sale proceeds from over-the-counter sale of jewellery designed by Choi;
  • Sale of books, with all proceeds going towards the beneficiaries of your choice.
We look forward to seeing you at Tea!

Noah's Ark CARES

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Woof for a Cause 27 Nov 2010

It’s a dog walk with a difference! Come with your family, friends, and of course, your dog, for a day of fun, games, and a good cause. Take part in a leisurely walk at the West Coast Park, mingle with other dog lovers and their pets, collect exclusive premiums from Royal Canin, all while doing your part for charity!

Date : 27 November 2010, Saturday
Venue : West Coast Park,
Grand Lawn
Time : 4 to 7 pm

Price : $25 per dog (includes one goodie bag per dog)

*All proceeds from the event will be contributed to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) and the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Sign Up Now!
Places are available on a first-come-first-served basis only. You can sign up by sending the completed form above together with your cheque payment, OR email the details on the form to with “Woof for A Cause” in the subject line, and we will contact you with the confirmation and payment details.

Closing date for registration: 24 November 2010.

Be the first 30 to sign up and receive a $20 product voucher from Royal Canin!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow 13 & 14 Nov 2010

Dear All,

It is that time of the year again, the AVA annual Road Show. This year, it has been named Responsible Pet Ownership Road Show 2010.

Date: 13 & 14 November 2010, Saturday and Sunday
Time: 11 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4B
Free admission for both owners and pets

Under this year's theme of "Care for your Pet", highlights include special talks and demonstrations on pet care, training, pet health and much more.

Noah's Ark volunteers will be hard at work, manning our booth and doing their part to raise funds for the animals. Come lend your support by visiting our booth and purchasing our merchandise. We have t-shirts, polo shirts, luggage tags, memo pads and post-it notes for sale.

Moreover, our 2011 calendars will be on sale too! If you have already bought one for yourself, please do not hesitate to buy some for your friends and family too! Everyone needs a calendar especially with 2010 just around the corner and this would make great Christmas presents. Alternatively, you can purchase through an online order form. Stocks are running low, so get yours today!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Naked Truth 30 Oct 2010

The Naked Truth is an educational seminar for pet owners. There will be a series of speakers discussing various topics on pet ownership and nutrition.

Date: 30 Oct 2010, Saturday
Time: 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Ticket price: $18 with free goodie bag worth $30!

To register, please email with the subject title "The Naked Truth" together with your Name, Contact No., Address, Email Address, No. of Pax, Breed of Pet(s)
OR call Juleana at 62738981 between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cycle & Carriage - Irish Red Setters

Hello hello!

My name is Cycle and and I am an Irish Red Setter.

I came to Noah's Ark 8 years ago in the big shift from Singapore to Pekan Nanas. I have a sister and her name is Carriage.

Word has it that a wealthy man paid a deposit for us to be imported from Australia. However, he was too busy to take care of us and left us at the pet shop to be rehomed.

Both of us were puppies then and were kept in the pet shop where we had many other puppy friends to play with. Eventually, our puppy friends went to their new owners one by one and we were left behind. Soon, we outgrew our cages.

The Pet shop owner was unable to rehome us into a landed property. Finally, he contacted Noah's Ark where Uncle Raymund agreed to take us in and gave us the free rein to run around the property.

As the former owner was spotted driving a Mercedes Benz, we were hence named Cycle & Carriage.

I am a boy and the bigger one. I like to play rough and tumble with the other boys and dive into the lily pond to chase each other.

Carriage, who look exactly the same is a sweet and demure gal who enjoys hanging outside the clinic, waiting for pat from anyone who passes by.

Once, she was given a whole chicken liver treat which she refused to eat. The volunteer who fed her has to break the treat into smaller pieces for her to relish.

Well, she's a prissy missy mah, gotta maintain an image right?? :D

Paws and Licks,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Better Owner, Better Dog

The Better Owner, Better Dog seminar is back this year in its third year running! Organised by Pets Magazine, the Better Owner, Better Dog seminar is the largest scale dog care seminar of its kind in Singapore. Dog owners, both new and experienced, can all learn something new from this seminar with a local panel of 5 speakers giving valuable and practical insights and answering questions covering pet health, diet, training, alternative therapies, grooming and bonding. There will also be new faces and new approaches to the topics as most of the speakers are contributing for the first time in this seminar.

Theory Session Saturday, 23 October 2010, 1 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
- 5 speaker panel with new speakers
-Gain insights on pet health, diet, alternative therapies, training, bonding and grooming
-Learn and ask from the experts
-Share experiences with fellow dog owners

The Asian Civilisation Museum, Tickets from $12-$24 per person.
Includes a 2 tea breaks and goodies for attendees worth more than $100!

Practical Session Sunday, 24 October 2010, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (1 hour/class)
Introduction to dog obedience and the proper approach to dog training

Fort Gate, Fort Canning Park, Tickets at $10 per dog with owner.
Includes refreshments and opportunity for a free vet health check and bio-resonance food intolerance check for your dog

*Note: The Practical Session cannot be booked without the Theory Session

Sign up now!
Book your places online at
OR SMS your Name, Email, No. of Tickets, Theory OR Theory&Practical to 82666782 now
(e.g. of SMS format: John Tan,, 3, Theory&Practical)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

World Animal Day 10th October 2010

On 10 October we will be celebrating a very important occasion once again – World Animal Day! This is a special day when all of us who love animals can come together. Friends, family and pets are all invited! The SPCA has organised lots of fun and festivities, as well as talks and events to raise awareness about the animal welfare cause. So get ready to have fun and be inspired.

Here is what we have in store!

Puppy Mills Awareness Booth
Puppy mills are commercial dog-breeding facilities that operate specifically to make profit through the sale of animals, and often house animals in substandard conditions in order to keep costs low.

Most prospective and existing pet owners are, most times, unaware of the history of their pets which may be from a puppy mill. For that very reason, puppy mills continue to thrive because the unwitting consumer is unaware of how these operations are run - with minimum care for the breeding animals involved.

Thus, the focus of this year's celebrations will be to raise awareness about the cruelty and harsh realities behind puppy farms. Come support the SPCA who will be joining forces with ACRES, Action For Singapore Dogs (ASD), the Cat Welfare Society (CWS), Noah’s Ark CARES and the House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) to make a stand against the unethical and unacceptable practices of puppy mills in Singapore.

Come experience a mock puppy mill – learn first-hand, the see the cramped cages and unsanitary living conditions that these animals are subjected to. The awareness booth will uncover the horrifying conditions with photos taken at a puppy mill in Singapore.

Dog Adoption DriveIf you're thinking of getting a new dog, then consider saving a life by adopting one! The SPCA and ASD will also be bringing their homeless dogs to the park for an outdoor adoption drive. What a perfect way to commemorate this special occasion by adopting an unwanted animal! Hill’s Science Diet will give a 5lb dog food to each adopter. Premium pet product brand, FuzzYard will also be giving each adopter a goody bag.

The animal welfare groups will also be manning booths promoting their respective causes and selling their merchandise to raise funds.

Mass WalkCalling all pet lovers to unite for a fun walk around the East Coast Park as a show of solidarity, support and love for our animal friends - big and small, at 4.30pm.

Everybody is warmly invited to join in, including our four-legged friends. No registration is required. Just be at the tent site at 4.15pm as the walk will commence promptly at 4.30pm. Owners are expected to exercise responsibility by leashing their pets.

World Animal Day Pledge WalkGet involved - Do something special for the animals by making an origami cat/dog and writing your pledge on it. After that, stick it onto the WAD pledge board to share it with others. Every pledge you make (no matter how small) will make a difference to the lives of animals. Pledges can range from promising to adopt your next pet from a shelter, rather than buying; to sterilising a stray cat in an area where you live.

Every pledge makes a difference. What will yours be?

National Parks BoardMore than a thousand different animal species reside on our tropical island and many of them can only be found in the nature reserves. As we celebrate World Animal Day, the National Parks would like to share with you how to protect our natural heritage so that the nature reserves can continue to be a safe haven for the animals.

In addition, National Parks will be sharing information about its regular free guided walks at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Pet Care Advice CornerMy pet has bad breath. Can you advice? Why should I sterilise my pet? And where can I do it? How do I care for my kitten? What should I feed my rabbit?

Get your questions answered! As a pet owner, there may be something about Kitty that is troubling you. Or you may not have a pet yet but are thinking of getting one, and you don’t know if you’re ready.

Come and speak to our information officers who will answer all your questions.


Proud of your furry friend and how well you’ve taken care of him or her? Then show them off to everyone by taking part in the ‘Happiest Pet’ Contest happening at 1.00pm!

Think your doggie pal can wag its tail really fast? Sign up for our super ‘Wiggle-waggle’ contest. The audience will decide the winner! Contests begin at 1.30pm.

If your canine graduated at the top of his class for obedience, why not show him/her off in our ‘Super Smarties’ competition. Strut your doggy stuff at 2.00pm!

*Registration will be open 30 minutes prior each contest.

Come around the stage at 11.30am and watch the very popular Dog Obedience Demonstration by Singapore Kennel Club!

Be captivated by our amazing magician Kunalen who will be performing at 12pm.

At 3pm, Valerie, a pet care and behavioral advisor for FuzzYard and the author of the blog, My Naughty Dog Needs Help, will share with all pet owners on the puppy mill issue and how pet owners can prevent their pets from falling sick by simply keeping their pets healthy – the natural way.

After our mass walk (at 4.30pm), Smart doggy will be presenting its highly energetic and interactive dog Frisbee performance at 5pm.

Also, look out for our stage games! Join in our games and you may win an attractive SPCA T-shirt and souvenirs! Be enthralled by our volunteer host Chris Liew, a master entertainer who will have you laughing out loud with his fun antics, rousing games and quizzes. Prizes are sponsored by the SPCA and Hill’s Science Diet.

FUN FOR THE KIDS!No one gets left out on the fun during World Animal Day! For all our junior animal lovers, come join us at the Children’s Corner.

Select from a variety of animal print designs and get a face-and-hand painting. There will also be origami, arts and craft, animal balloon sculpturing and much more. Even the young at heart are invited in on the fun!


Hill's-SPCA ‘Pound for Pound’ Pet Food Drive - When visitors buy a bag of food for the animals at the SPCA, Hill’s Science Diet will match every pound donated. What a wonderful way to contribute to the upkeep of our animals awaiting adoption at the SPCA

Pedicure for your Pet - After the walk, treat your dogs to some much-needed pampering. We are offering a nail trimming service for your furry friend. Qualified groomers will provide a pooch pedicure in return for a small donation.

SPCA Exhibition - In view of the shocking cases of animal abuse that have emerged over the past 12 months, we will be showcasing our unsolved cases. We hope to raise awareness about animal cruelty and possibly even get some new leads on these cases. We will also explain what you can do if you see animal cruelty happening around you.

Merchandise Galore - Look out for our adorable 2010 desk calendars, diaries and Christmas cards

Buses - 16, 31, 36, 55, 76, 135, 155, 196 and 853 to Marine Parade Road
(Bus Service 401 to East Coast Park Service Road is available on Sundays)

Parking - Car Park D1

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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