Friday, December 3, 2010


Our founder Raymund was on his way back to the sanctuary one afternoon when he saw a shopping bag with movement just outside the main road to NANAS. His initial thought was that it might be rats, but he sensed something was amiss when he saw two black and tan grown dogs, one male and one female, lurking around not far away from there. He has never seen those two dogs before and wondered where they came from.

Raymund’s curiosity got the better of him and he sent his workers to check out what was inside the bag. To their astonishment, they found four puppies inside! The workers actually saw the two grown dogs too when they were reaching the place where the bag was, but the two dogs ran off before the workers could grab hold of them. Upon seeing the puppies, the workers realized that the two dogs were most likely their parents, and that the entire family was dumped heartlessly just at the side of a busy road, cast out like trash.

The four puppies were all black and tan, with three barely 5-week old puppies from the same litter and another 3 month old puppy together in the same shopping bag. As expected, the three 5-week old puppies were all female. It is not uncommon to hear of people keeping only the males in a litter and getting rid of the females, as they do not want to spend money on sterilization or some of them do not even know what sterilization is. However, the bigger puppy was a male. Where did he come from and why was he dumped together with them? We will never know.

How could someone bear to put them in a shopping bag, and what's more, under the hot sun? Did the culprit assume that someone would pick them up? What if Raymund had not gone back to the sanctuary that fateful afternoon and missed them, wouldn’t the heat or suffocation have killed them? Even if they managed to escape from the bag, they would probably become roadkill. They are a litter of living things, but definitely not litter.

Hence, Raymund and his workers cleaned them up, and the bigger puppy was kept aside to be given a check-up. The three female puppies were fed milk and they slept soundly immediately after mealtime. The little sweeties were dreaming during their sleep, whining and twitching their limbs as though they were playing or running! Small as they were, they were smart enough not to pee in their basket. They sleepily crawled out and did their business on the newspaper before stumbling back into the basket again.

The girls are a pretty lot, but so is the boy. The boy has a sweet face and a docked tail, high chance of him being an owned pet. His big ears make him look extremely adorable! Who in the world, could bear to throw them away?

Just less than two weeks later, there was yet another female dog, dumped right at the doorstep of NANAS. What have become of pet owners nowadays? Coincidentally, she is black and tan too. She is estimated to be about seven years old, and already sterilized. She is too sweet to be true, docile, gentle and friendly even to strangers, which makes our hearts ache even more.

We are appealing for milk powder for the puppies, to ensure they grow up strong and healthy, in the hopes that they can get adopted down the road. We are also looking for sponsors to support their stay at the sanctuary as well as the black and tan female dog – will you like to make the difference in their lives? Please email us at if you:

1. Have milk powder to spare. We will arrange to pick it up from you. Please leave us your name, contact number and amount of milk powder you have so we can arrange for appropriate transport.

2. Can sponsor one, two or even three of such dogs. Our bank details are located on the right hand column of the blog. If you can contribute in any way, please let us know! We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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