Friday, January 30, 2009

Lost Dog





Name: Tigger

7 Months Old, Brindle Male Puppy

Tigger was wearing a nylon collar with red dog bone prints on it.

An orange and yellow leash was attached to the collar.

Tigger is very friendly.


If you see Tigger, please hold on to his leash and call the following numbers.

Tigger will not bite, although he may be very scared.

Wesley: 8183 - 7225 / 6401 -1162 / 8243 -0943

Lynda: 9199 - 6247 Fiona: 9839-1308

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Safely residing at Noah's Ark

Dear everyone,

Recently we had an influx of emails asking how Mdm Oon's cats & dog are. As of today, Julie is still in need of a loving home. Please, if you are interested in adopting her, please email She's a very sweet and loyal girl and we do hope she'll be able to find the perfect place to call home for the rest of her life.

As for Mdm Oon's cats, all 15 have arrived safely in NA and with regular meals, they have put on weight and look happy and healthier. Some are no longer shy and enjoy the company of visitors. The shy ones seek refuge on high poles and look down at visitors with caution. Some of their photos have been posted below so take a look at how they look now!

Mdm Oon's cats finally living a life they truly deserve

Enjoying life in Noah's Ark

Finally a place to call home..

Getting prettier by the day!

Enjoying some warm afternoon sun

Definitely looking a little rounder...

Looking healthier and better!

Watching the world go by....

Still wary of strangers

Perched high above

Thank you to everyone who offered help to Mdm Oon's cats. We appreciate all your kindness and generosity. Do come to visit Noah's Ark and say hello to them. Should you like to contribute in sponsoring a cat's stay at Noah's Ark, you can do a bank transfer to our DBS or OCBC account (details on the right hand side) and drop us an email at with the transaction code and what you wish to donate towards.

Lastly, a tour to Noah's Ark will be held on March 7 - do register early to avoid disappointment! Click here , follow the instructions and we hope to meet up with you soon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Merci! Mucho Gracias! Thank You!

Dear readers,

First and foremost, a big thank you from the dogs at Noah's Ark!

This is all mine!

We would like to thank US Doggie Bakery (USDB) for their kind and generous support towards Noah's Ark this year! Thanks to USDB, our fur friends had delicious goodie bags at the Doggie Tea Party 08.

Moreover, USDB had also kindly offered us a very specially priced Christmas Package -made available only to Noah's Ark through their kind sponsorship. These Christmas packages were available to members of the public who wished to purchase USDB cookies and muffins for the dogs at Noah's Ark.

To see the hard work and love that goes into each cookie, scroll down and take a look!

Assorted cookies fresh out of the oven

A giant bone in the making

Owner of USDB, Nelly, participating in the baking of the cookies for the dogs at Noah's Ark.

Into the oven it goes

This freshly baked bone looks delicious!

All packed and ready to be brought to Noah's Ark

We would like to thank the following people who purchased the Christmas package for our dogs at Noah's Ark:

Amy Lim
Anthony Loo
Boh, Tuang Wuu
Chuah Shai Ling
Clarice Hong
Claudine See
Connie Lee
Dawn Lee
Esther Tan
Jan Sim
Jenny Kwan
Jenny Lim
Joan Alfred
Kenneth Thean
May Goh
Michelle Yow
Mr & Mrs Kong
Ng Choong Leng
Ruth McDonald
Sharon Tan
Sharon Tang
Sheila Chew
Sherry Consibee
Tan Teng Wah
Veron Chua
Yvonne Goh

Through your generousity, our doggies at Noah's Ark had delicious cookies and muffins, which our volunteers brought in last Sunday. The doggies had such an awesome treat! Check out the photos below!

The dogs knew they had a good thing coming

Volunteers feeding the USDB cookies to the many awaiting mouths

My turn! Give me some of those yummy cookies..

Can I have that please?

That's right, everyone has a share!

Mmmm, the cookies taste even better when its from you!

Steady, steady...this yummy cookie is going to be mine...

The cookies smell awesome! My mouth is watering already...

The dogs couldn't get enough of the delicious cookies and muffins

Before we end this post, we would like to remind you about the Noah's Ark tour coming up on the 7th of March. It's your chance to meet all those doggies you saw in the photos for yourself! Click on and sign up today!

Also, if you're interested to purchase cookies/food for your dog, US Doggie Bakery is located at:

US Doggie Bakery
110 Turf City Road
D9-10 K9 Kampus
Singapore 288000
Tel: 9656 8936

Do give USDB a visit and spoil your pet dogs too! Or visit their website at
Last but not least, if you wish to donate more cookies to the dogs of Noah’s Ark yet again, please visit and follow the instrcutions provided on that post. This time around, it would be for Chinese New Year!

Could you please buy us more cookies? Pretty please? BURP!!

Thank you once again for your support and generous donations! We hope to see you at Noah's Ark soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you! - on behalf of Mdm Oon

Dear readers,

Thank you everyone for your concern regarding the article "A Desperate Plea for Help" (refer to link for original story) that was written 2 weeks ago.

We would like to thank everyone who has written in expressing their interest to:
- help defray the vet bills for the animals
- help sponsor the animals' journey to Noah's Ark
- help sponsor the animal's sterilization costs
- help sponsor the animal's living expenses at Noah's Ark

Moreover, on behalf of Mdm Oon, thank you for your kind donation towards helping her live a much more comfortable life through the donation of household appliances, mattresses and clothes.

All in all, to everyone who has written in to offer help in one way or another, there are no words that can express our utmost appreciation and gratitude. Thank you very much.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sugar - The sweet life!

Sugar today

Sugar was given to me by my parents for my 16th birthday. I believe that she's the best birthday present I've ever received.

When I first set eyes on her, I knew I had to adopt her. She was just so adorable. Noah's Ark named her Champagne, maybe because she was still bubbly inspite of adversity. My mother had adopted Sparky (previously known as Benji) from Noah's Ark just few months ago. As this would be going from owning no dogs at all to 2 within a space of 3 months, we had to consider it seriously for some time. As Sparky is an alpha dog, the main concern was whether the 2 dogs could get along. We decided to foster Champagne first to see how she would fit in with our household.

We brought her home on 20 Sept.. She felt just right sleeping in my room and we took to each other immediately. I decided very quickly that I could not part with her and therefore we confirmed the adoption to Noah's Ark within a week. As my brother's and my name begin with S and so does Sparky's we decided to rename her with a name starting with S although Champagne is a lovely name. We all suggested a few names, but my mum's suggestion, which was Sugar, seemed the most suitable. This was due to her very sweet nature.

Sugar looking happier and healthier!

Besides being very sweet, Sugar is very friendly and rolls over on her back whenever you approach her. The look she gives you just makes your heart melt. She also likes to jump up and sit on my lap. When I was studying for my "O" levels, she was lying quietly by my side, as if giving me moral support. She sticks like glue to me when I'm home. Whenever I take a shower, she would sit beside the door, waiting patiently for me to finish my shower. She goes wherever I go and is very attached to me. She really won all our hearts.

We were however concerned at how skinny she was when we brought her home. You could see her spine! She was also not toilet trained for an apartment. We patiently trained her and our efforst paid off as she was paper trained after a month. She was also a quiet little thing, but we soon discovered this little dog has a loud bark. Whenever someone comes home, Sugar and Sparky will race to the door, barking ever so loudly. It's like they are competing on who has the louder bark and faster sprint! Sugar never fails to jump up and kiss me many times whenever I come home. Her tail wags ever so vigorously whenever I come home, and it makes me so happy to have such a warm welcome. She also makes a variation of sounds, as if saying "welcome home!"

A far cry what she was previously when found on the streets

However, Sparky has been jealous of this sweet competition. He growls at Sugar whenver she gets too near and tried to dominate her by grabbing her by her neck. But Sugar is unfazed. We have since engaged a dog trainer for Sparky and things have improved. Sugar is still trying to be befriend Sparky and still approaches him, even giving him a few kisses sometimes, but he is still standoffish. There is a quiet truce. Hopefully Sparky will melt one day like us.

Sugar is so attached to me, when I went away for a holiday, she was very stressed, suffering from insomnia and loss of apetite. Maybe she is traumatised by her abandonment. It really touches me to see how loyal sugar is to me.

You should see her now! She has put on weight and is looking even sweeter and cuter. Her loud bark reflects her ease in our household. She is certainly living the sweet life dolce vita.

*Article and pictures contribued by Sophie, Sugar's new mommy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Doggie Tea Party - December 13th

The soft green cool grass after a rain, it felt so good to be so free and away from the leash! The dogs had all the freedom to wander where they wanted to, no need to sit, paw nor roll-over!

Happy owners and their happy dogs!

Yes - it was at the doggie tea party held at the Singapore Polo Club. About an hour before the tea party, the skies threatened to pour as there was a slight drizzle. Despite that, our volunteers and supporters still came down after the rain! Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks to the rain, the weather was much cooler and every one was in the mood to play and of course, EAT! There was a sumptuous spread of food and a lucky draw conducted at the party for all the doggy mommies and daddies.

Run girls, run!

The dogs were not left out, they had a nice group photo taken with their owners by Nicolas Lee of Furry Photos and a goody bag filled with cookies kindly sponsored by US Doggie Bakery . The doggies (guests) were happy to see many of their fur friends and many have found their forever homes by their kind owners.

Group photo

Audi and 88 - Audi, previously known as Waffles, a stray puppy which was rescued with a broken leg ( has now found her forever home with her fosterer who had also adopted 88, a sharpei locked in a small cage for 6 months of his life ( )

Lucky - a male fox terrier who lives up to his name and is now the king of the house and a regular supporter at all our doggie events ( )

Sparky - an abandoned Bichon Frise dumped at an industrial estate Sugar - an abandoned Silky Terrier found along 6th Avenue. Stay tuned to our blog to read about Sugar very soon!

Jeremy - the old Maltese dumped in a cardbox box ( , found deaf and almost blind, and now being fostered. If you can open your heart and home to him . . . .please consider adopting him. He is an easy going dog who does not need very much at his age. All he needs and wants is food, love and a shelter for the few years that he has left.

Mei Mei - an industrial dog that found her forever home with Suan ( ) Lighting - abandoned at HDB void deck - (read about Lighting on our blog soon)!

Doing her part for charity!

2 hours of fun was up in no time and we eventually had to call it a day. We were reluctant to leave as we had made so many new friends but everyone promised that they be seeing more of each other at other Noah's Ark's doggie events and we are definitely looking forward to them!

- Article contributed by Jared Tan

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

Noah's Ark CARES Supporters