Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sugar - The sweet life!

Sugar today

Sugar was given to me by my parents for my 16th birthday. I believe that she's the best birthday present I've ever received.

When I first set eyes on her, I knew I had to adopt her. She was just so adorable. Noah's Ark named her Champagne, maybe because she was still bubbly inspite of adversity. My mother had adopted Sparky (previously known as Benji) from Noah's Ark just few months ago. As this would be going from owning no dogs at all to 2 within a space of 3 months, we had to consider it seriously for some time. As Sparky is an alpha dog, the main concern was whether the 2 dogs could get along. We decided to foster Champagne first to see how she would fit in with our household.

We brought her home on 20 Sept.. She felt just right sleeping in my room and we took to each other immediately. I decided very quickly that I could not part with her and therefore we confirmed the adoption to Noah's Ark within a week. As my brother's and my name begin with S and so does Sparky's we decided to rename her with a name starting with S although Champagne is a lovely name. We all suggested a few names, but my mum's suggestion, which was Sugar, seemed the most suitable. This was due to her very sweet nature.

Sugar looking happier and healthier!

Besides being very sweet, Sugar is very friendly and rolls over on her back whenever you approach her. The look she gives you just makes your heart melt. She also likes to jump up and sit on my lap. When I was studying for my "O" levels, she was lying quietly by my side, as if giving me moral support. She sticks like glue to me when I'm home. Whenever I take a shower, she would sit beside the door, waiting patiently for me to finish my shower. She goes wherever I go and is very attached to me. She really won all our hearts.

We were however concerned at how skinny she was when we brought her home. You could see her spine! She was also not toilet trained for an apartment. We patiently trained her and our efforst paid off as she was paper trained after a month. She was also a quiet little thing, but we soon discovered this little dog has a loud bark. Whenever someone comes home, Sugar and Sparky will race to the door, barking ever so loudly. It's like they are competing on who has the louder bark and faster sprint! Sugar never fails to jump up and kiss me many times whenever I come home. Her tail wags ever so vigorously whenever I come home, and it makes me so happy to have such a warm welcome. She also makes a variation of sounds, as if saying "welcome home!"

A far cry what she was previously when found on the streets

However, Sparky has been jealous of this sweet competition. He growls at Sugar whenver she gets too near and tried to dominate her by grabbing her by her neck. But Sugar is unfazed. We have since engaged a dog trainer for Sparky and things have improved. Sugar is still trying to be befriend Sparky and still approaches him, even giving him a few kisses sometimes, but he is still standoffish. There is a quiet truce. Hopefully Sparky will melt one day like us.

Sugar is so attached to me, when I went away for a holiday, she was very stressed, suffering from insomnia and loss of apetite. Maybe she is traumatised by her abandonment. It really touches me to see how loyal sugar is to me.

You should see her now! She has put on weight and is looking even sweeter and cuter. Her loud bark reflects her ease in our household. She is certainly living the sweet life dolce vita.

*Article and pictures contribued by Sophie, Sugar's new mommy

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