Thursday, January 1, 2009

Doggie Tea Party - December 13th

The soft green cool grass after a rain, it felt so good to be so free and away from the leash! The dogs had all the freedom to wander where they wanted to, no need to sit, paw nor roll-over!

Happy owners and their happy dogs!

Yes - it was at the doggie tea party held at the Singapore Polo Club. About an hour before the tea party, the skies threatened to pour as there was a slight drizzle. Despite that, our volunteers and supporters still came down after the rain! Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks to the rain, the weather was much cooler and every one was in the mood to play and of course, EAT! There was a sumptuous spread of food and a lucky draw conducted at the party for all the doggy mommies and daddies.

Run girls, run!

The dogs were not left out, they had a nice group photo taken with their owners by Nicolas Lee of Furry Photos and a goody bag filled with cookies kindly sponsored by US Doggie Bakery . The doggies (guests) were happy to see many of their fur friends and many have found their forever homes by their kind owners.

Group photo

Audi and 88 - Audi, previously known as Waffles, a stray puppy which was rescued with a broken leg ( has now found her forever home with her fosterer who had also adopted 88, a sharpei locked in a small cage for 6 months of his life ( )

Lucky - a male fox terrier who lives up to his name and is now the king of the house and a regular supporter at all our doggie events ( )

Sparky - an abandoned Bichon Frise dumped at an industrial estate Sugar - an abandoned Silky Terrier found along 6th Avenue. Stay tuned to our blog to read about Sugar very soon!

Jeremy - the old Maltese dumped in a cardbox box ( , found deaf and almost blind, and now being fostered. If you can open your heart and home to him . . . .please consider adopting him. He is an easy going dog who does not need very much at his age. All he needs and wants is food, love and a shelter for the few years that he has left.

Mei Mei - an industrial dog that found her forever home with Suan ( ) Lighting - abandoned at HDB void deck - (read about Lighting on our blog soon)!

Doing her part for charity!

2 hours of fun was up in no time and we eventually had to call it a day. We were reluctant to leave as we had made so many new friends but everyone promised that they be seeing more of each other at other Noah's Ark's doggie events and we are definitely looking forward to them!

- Article contributed by Jared Tan

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