Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mei Mei's new lease of life

It has been about two months and I'm glad to say that Mei Mei has comfortably settled down in her new environment. My other dog, Chu Chu, is happier these days as she has a little sister to play with. They can go wild when they play in the garden, knocking flower pots over and sending turfs flying.

That is why I am unable to leave them together in the garden without supervision. At night, they have to sleep in seperate areas outside the house. As Chu Chu has a bigger covered area in the car porch, I decided to make a shelter for Mei Mei, with the idea borrowed from the dog huts that I saw in Noah's Ark Sanctuary (NANAS).

Check out the Noah's Ark inspired dog-hut that was specially custom built for Mei Mei

When they are playing together, Chu Chu tries to show her higher status by pinning Mei Mei down and grabbing her by the neck. She also tries to block Mei Mei if I decide to call out to Mei Mei first. However, I understand this is just trival sibling rivalry and is nothing serious. I am well aware that Chu Chu is a puppy at heart and has no aggression towards anyone, human or dogs, or even cats. She simply just wants to befriend everyone!

Whilst playing, she never bites hard, so Mei Mei does not complain. Mei Mei is very sweet, tolerent and very much attached to Chu Chu. They take daily walks together connected by a twin leash. If we walk them individually, Mei Mei would keep looking back to wait for Chu Chu to catch up. This was exactly what happened at the National Dog Walk! Mei Mei refused to move when she could not see Chu Chu or when Chu Chu did not take the lead.

I'm happy to see that they are really a very loving pair of sisters. It is heartwarming to see them both welcoming me at the gate when I get home after a long day. I'm very glad that I welcomed Mei Mei into my heart and home.

You're my best buddy!

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