Thursday, October 23, 2008

NTU - World Animal Day

After being recruited into the second batch of NTU Animal Lover’s Society, the committee of 11 strong, dedicated members got straight down to business.

Before we knew it, it was our very first event, the NTU World Animal’s Day on the 29th and 30th October that was only 1 month away! Meetings were held every week where we brainstormed for novel ideas and direction at which we were heading. It was indeed a terrifying yet exciting experience for all of us since it was our first time being in the committee. After cracking our heads and planning the event, the Events Committee, being in-charge, finally managed to draft out the skeleton of the event.

Presenting...the NTU Animal Lover’s Society!

During this NTU World Animal Day, besides helping various organizations like SPCA and Noah’s Ark to sell their merchandise, the main aim was to create the presence of our 2 year old society in NTU. Moreover, it was also a way to reach out to the NTU students to help spread the volunteering spirit.

Being the Animal Welfare officer, I embarked on sending emails to many animal societies. I was fortunate and glad to receive immediate warm invitations and even a personal call from a volunteer of Noah’s Ark! This phone call invitation gave me and the society faith in our mission for this year: to volunteer our services at an Animal Shelter. I pounced on this rare opportunity and started putting my dreams for the society into reality.

Our humble Volunteer Booth with Noah’s Ark well received merchandises and sterilization postcards

Through such voluntary services, we hope to bring both our members and NTU students closer to nature in order to develop a firsthand appreciation for animals. With the wonderful help from the volunteer from Noah’s Ark who contributed a few articles and pictures to us, our own volunteer recruitment booth during the event turned out to be a success!

NTU students checking out our colourful and informative Volunteer Board

In the foreground, our Photo contest. In the background, our volunteer board! =)

Our next mission: Volunteer services at Noah’s Ark this coming December! We look forward to meeting both the animals and volunteers there :D

With great Love,
NTU Animal Lover’s Society 08/09

Article contributed by Valerie, Animal Welfare Officer (NTU)

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