Sunday, October 5, 2008

Noah's Ark is Meenachi's new home

On July 30, we rescued Meenachi, a dog living on an industrial estate. She had a slash wound on her right hind leg near her abdomen. It was thought that such a clean wound was unlikely to be caused by a machine or motor vehicle accident. Previously, this was how bad her wound was:

Meenachi's old wound

Remember Uncle R, the kind Malay uncle that carried Meenachi to receive help? The Uncle R that touched hearts and moved us to tears with his selflessness and kindness? Indeed, his story painted a picture of courage and humanity. Through the numerous emails we received from friends and supporters, it is clear that Uncle R’s compassion for animals is something we can all learn from.

After rescuing Meenachi, we subsequently went back to visit and update Uncle R about her. He was glad to know that we have been taking good care of her needs. He rests easy knowing she has recovered well and has been taken to Noah’s Ark to be in our good hands. That way he understands she'll always have food and shelter, doggie friends, and people who will love and care for her. He also mentioned that an industrial estate is not suitable for her and is extremely dangerous for her to live there. In general, industrial estates are too dangerous for dogs to live in due to the heavy vehicles and machinery that are being operated in the area.

Today, her healed wound

We will be printing some of her pictures and visiting him soon to show him how great she is doing and thank him once again for his kindness. Meanwhile, Meenachi has arrived safely at Noah’s Ark but is still in quarantine. It would be some weeks before she is allowed to integrate with the rest. However, she is extremely relaxed and happy to be there.

She looks absolutely contented to be in Noah's Ark!

It won’t be long before Meenachi will be released from her quarantine. When that happens, we know that she’ll be happy at Noah’s Ark as she will be amongst friends. With 10 acres of lush greenery to run free and the countless friends for company, we are sure our doggie haven will be paradise to her. It is in Noah’s Ark she will live out the rest of her days in contentment and dignity.

Thank you Uncle R for showing us that kindness knows no boundaries. Thank you to generous friends and supporters who have helped with Meenachi’s medical bills, her transportation costs to Noah’s Ark, and for sponsoring her a lifetime of happiness at Noah’s Ark.

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