Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy in his new forever home - Sparky's update

Sparky's fur has grown back and he has put on quite a fair bit of weight. We are restraining ourselves not to over-feed him too much. He is rather greedy and is constantly looking for food, probably due to his bad experience going hungry. If we don't stop him, he will even rummage through the dustbin – something that he might have done when he was living life as a stray. Currently, I'm giving him Velcote (vitamins for silky coat) and I think its positive effects are showing.

When Sparky was first rescued, he had a badly matted coat and an infected eye that could not open

A rather well-fed Sparky today!

We all love him and believe he is getting cuter everyday. My maid dotes on him and likes to take him for lengthy walks several times a day both for toilet breaks and to socialize with the other dogs in our condo. Sparky's best friend is a Chihuahua which lives in the same block. It so happens that even the condo guards know him and call out to him should he walk past!

When I arrive home from work, Sparky would happily follow me around. He is well behaved when he’s around the house, moving carefully around the furniture. In the evenings, my husband would sometimes go jogging with Sparky because he is such a good runner! Sometimes we look at him and wonder – how could his previous owner bear to abandon such a sweet and lovable dog?

Sparky is indeed a very lucky boy...

Sparky in the living room with his favourite toy

Sparky is very much loved by the family and maid. He has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives, so much so that everyone in the family is fighting for him to sleep in their room, including the maid! He has bonded well with everyone and has settled down very nicely.

Article contributed by Teresa*

We at Noah’s Ark are very glad that Sparky has found his forever home. He has indeed come a long way from his old days of living life as an abandoned stray. We can't stress enough that it is important to be a responsible pet owner!

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