Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pet Abandonment

The last 3 months we have had brought into our sanctuary such older abandoned animals. Big Ben a middle age Bassett Hound was found abandoned at a car park under the hot sun in Malacca. We knew we had to bring Big Ben back and when we did we found out that he was peeing blood. He was promptly brought to the vet for an x-tray and we discovered that he had several stones in his bladder.

Rosie a young Cocker Spaniel too has a sad tale to tell, despite her youth she too was left by her owners and she required expensive surgery. She was abandoned at a vet's clinic with several large open wounds so large that even a golf ball could fit into them.

Topaz a Bull Dog was half blind and been sent to the vet to treat a very large open wound by his owner. However, when he was told that the dog had to be hospitalized so that they could treat his wound and a deposit was required - the owner simply rushed off and was never seen again.

Not surprisingly, Topaz started to display some very disruptive and destructive behaviour which included banging himself against the cage. The vets felt that they could not cope with such behavior and asked Raymund if he would take Topaz in. Raymund knew that he could not refuse such a request. And Topaz is now at the sanctuary receiving his much needed medical care and attention.

These are just some of the dogs that have newly arrived at the sanctuary that required urgent medical treatment and the good news that they are slowly making progress but we know there are still a long road to recovery. Often the physical wounds heal much faster than the emotional scars that these animals suffer and it takes a lot of patience, love and understanding before these animals learn to trust people once more.

To highlight the plight of some of our many animals, we had two students fromChapman University, Roy Ng and Jessica Chua present a video of the sanctuary as part of their final year graduation project on "The Streets is Not Their Home". In this video both Big Ben and Topaz are featured, so if you would find it of interest please click to view.

We hope that small insight of the animals featured you will realize that all animals are able to experience similar emotions and feelings of pain, hurt abandonment and love like all of us. And that it will serve as a timely reminder that an animal is for life and not a plaything to be discarded once it is old.

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