Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday 24th Oct - Bull Run 2008

Some Noah's Ark volunteers got together last Friday to attend the Bull Run 2008. The area was crowded and full of people who were there to participate in numerous other races. For us however, there was a special event called "Doggie Road Race" where we were to run 1.6km with our dogs.

Jared, our young volunteer watching over Snoopy, Prince & Zeus

Besides it being the Bull Run, this was also a meeting of dogs that had been previously rescued and rehomed by Noah's Ark! Snoopy, formerly known as the little black Ben, is now a muscular and extremely happy dog. Look at him now - such a handsome face don't you think?

Snoopy (formerly known as Ben)

Not to forget, little Prince (Lady's son) was there with his good friend, Papa Zeus! The loud noises accompanied with the humid weather made poor Prince very hot and bothered. But with PapaZeus accompanying him, it was an event to remember.

Zeus & Prince

Pharaoh, aka Mr October 2008 - was also present with his family to cheer the rest of us on. He was previously abandoned at Jalan Kayu and suffered from hernia and had heartworms. Noah's Ark rescued him and nursed him back to health. This is him today!


It is certainly heartwarming to know that all these dogs rescued by Noah's Ark have gone to a loving home to live out the rest of their lives. Yet, it is sad to know that there are just as many without having the chance to do so.

After the run, both the dogs and us humans were all extremely tired and sweaty but gamely stayed on for the prize presentation. This was because 9 year old Kasper and his handler, Edwin had managed to come in 2nd place :D

Kasper with his favourite ball in his mouth, standing alongside his handler, Edwin

Edwin & Kasper on stage to receive their prize. Look at Casper salute!

From Left: The Winners of the Doggie Dog Race - 3rd Position, Owner with Dog(Cocker Spaniel), 2nd Position Edwin (in Green Tee) with Kasper and 1st Position Owner with his Terrier

A special thank you to everyone who came down to support us! We do hope to have more people join us at the Bull Run 2009. Perhaps next year, Noah's Ark will take all 3 top positions! You'll never know right? :D We do hope to have more people participate and have fun as a group altogether - so get out there and start training today :)

Article contributed by Rachel*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Noah's Ark events for November & December

Dear readers,

It is that time of the year again, our annual Road Show organised by AVA.

This year, the road show will be held at Singapore Expo, Hall 6B and it will go on for 3 days. Please let us know if you are able to assist in volunteer activities such as selling Noah's Ark merchandise. If you are able to make it - kindly indicate which shift/date you are able to assist - we need at least 3 to 4 volunteers per shift.

Responsible Pet Ownership Road Show 2008
Date: Friday, 7 Nov to Sunday, 9 Nov '08
Venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 6B

Time: Friday, 7-Nov
Shift 1 9am to 3pm (we need to set-up the booth by 10.30am to prepare for launch by Minister)
Shift 2 3pm to 9pm

Saturday, 8-Nov
Shift 1 10am to 3.30 pm *FULL*
Shift 2 3.30 pm to 9pm

Sunday, 9-Nov
Shift 1 10am to 3.30 pm
Shift 2 3.30 pm to 9pm

There will be special appearances by Lady and her son, Prince - both rescued industrial dogs who have finally found their forever home. Nope, we are not telling you when they are coming down yet - so stay tuned!

Next, in December, we have been invited by Joo Chiat CC to set-up a booth at Telok Kurau Park to an event called "Celebrate Christmas with Your Dogs".

Date: Sunday, 14 Dec '08
Venue: Telok Kurau Park
Time: 8.30am to 12.30pm

Could you please indicate your availability for the AVA roadshow by Friday, 31 Oct by emailing us @

Even if you are unable to help out on that day, please do drop by our booth to browse through our merchandise, pat our dogs or simply to say hello.

We look forward to seeing you there! Thank you!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Buddy's 2nd update

Dear readers,

Over the past week, we've had many enquires regarding Buddy. Firstly, thank you all for the constant emails and calls asking about Buddy and his condition. We're greatly appreciative of both the assistance and emotional support that has been rendered to us. For the link on Buddy's story, please click here:

Currently, little Buddy has already gone to see Dr Ly for his second review. No x-rays were done on this second visit as Dr Ly felt that he would like to give Buddy another month of complete bed rest before carrying out more x-rays to determine his condition.

Previously, little Buddy's anal passage was initially narrowed after the horrific accident. As a result, he needed to be on medication which would help soften his stools so that he would have an easier time defecating. We were pleased to know that after some checking, Dr Ly noted that the anal passage had widened slightly and Buddy seemed to be well on the way on the road of recovery where that is concerned.

Occasionally, Buddy is unable to control and will leak some pee but Dr Ly has assured us that there is no cause for worry. After all, Buddy had been in an awfully dreadful accident and as his still recovering, it was normal for all this to occur. Thankfully, we were told this would eventually stop as he gradually recovers.

Buddy taking a well-needed rest - he has a catheter on as he was unable to pee for the first 2 days.

If you are wondering where little Buddy has been for the past 10 days, we are pleased to inform you that he has been staying with his 2 awesome fosterers, Tim & Jaqueline. They have been very caring and attentive towards Buddy and taking good care of his every need.

Daily, Buddy is provided with two yummy meals. This is a far cry from his previous life as a stray. As a stray, he was lucky to be able to find a meal every few days by rummaging through the garbage looking for edible food. Moreover, right now he has access to clean fresh water in his play pen. After having to drink dirty muddy water whilst living on construction sites since his birth, this constant flow of fresh water must taste like the finest wine money could ever buy.

Buddy feeling safe and relaxed, so much so that a huge yawn escapes him!

Buddy is a very lucky boy and to be constantly showered with much love and affection. As Buddy is still unable to walk properly, Tim & Jaqueline, along with their helper Maria, take turns to carry him downstairs four times a day to a grass patch for a pee and a poo before carrying him back to his play pen. Also, Buddy also gets on fantastically well with their other dog, Meemok. They can’t play as of yet as Buddy is unable to move around. Despite all this, they seem to have become fast friends, constantly sniffing each other out and wagging their tails as if saying hello! Buddy has also seen two cats up and about in his fosterer's home but he hasn't been too inquisitive about them yet.

Enjoying some sun on the patio after his very first bath to help dry him off.

For the next one month or so, Buddy will continue to stay with Tim & Jaqueline until he is due for his next review with Dr Jean Paul Ly. We hope and cross our fingers that with ample bed rest, his little bones will eventually fuse back together on its own. Do stay tuned to this blog for more updates on little Buddy. Do keep little Buddy in your hearts and your prayers!

Photographs courtesy of Uncle Tim.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

NTU - World Animal Day

After being recruited into the second batch of NTU Animal Lover’s Society, the committee of 11 strong, dedicated members got straight down to business.

Before we knew it, it was our very first event, the NTU World Animal’s Day on the 29th and 30th October that was only 1 month away! Meetings were held every week where we brainstormed for novel ideas and direction at which we were heading. It was indeed a terrifying yet exciting experience for all of us since it was our first time being in the committee. After cracking our heads and planning the event, the Events Committee, being in-charge, finally managed to draft out the skeleton of the event.

Presenting...the NTU Animal Lover’s Society!

During this NTU World Animal Day, besides helping various organizations like SPCA and Noah’s Ark to sell their merchandise, the main aim was to create the presence of our 2 year old society in NTU. Moreover, it was also a way to reach out to the NTU students to help spread the volunteering spirit.

Being the Animal Welfare officer, I embarked on sending emails to many animal societies. I was fortunate and glad to receive immediate warm invitations and even a personal call from a volunteer of Noah’s Ark! This phone call invitation gave me and the society faith in our mission for this year: to volunteer our services at an Animal Shelter. I pounced on this rare opportunity and started putting my dreams for the society into reality.

Our humble Volunteer Booth with Noah’s Ark well received merchandises and sterilization postcards

Through such voluntary services, we hope to bring both our members and NTU students closer to nature in order to develop a firsthand appreciation for animals. With the wonderful help from the volunteer from Noah’s Ark who contributed a few articles and pictures to us, our own volunteer recruitment booth during the event turned out to be a success!

NTU students checking out our colourful and informative Volunteer Board

In the foreground, our Photo contest. In the background, our volunteer board! =)

Our next mission: Volunteer services at Noah’s Ark this coming December! We look forward to meeting both the animals and volunteers there :D

With great Love,
NTU Animal Lover’s Society 08/09

Article contributed by Valerie, Animal Welfare Officer (NTU)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy in his new forever home - Sparky's update

Sparky's fur has grown back and he has put on quite a fair bit of weight. We are restraining ourselves not to over-feed him too much. He is rather greedy and is constantly looking for food, probably due to his bad experience going hungry. If we don't stop him, he will even rummage through the dustbin – something that he might have done when he was living life as a stray. Currently, I'm giving him Velcote (vitamins for silky coat) and I think its positive effects are showing.

When Sparky was first rescued, he had a badly matted coat and an infected eye that could not open

A rather well-fed Sparky today!

We all love him and believe he is getting cuter everyday. My maid dotes on him and likes to take him for lengthy walks several times a day both for toilet breaks and to socialize with the other dogs in our condo. Sparky's best friend is a Chihuahua which lives in the same block. It so happens that even the condo guards know him and call out to him should he walk past!

When I arrive home from work, Sparky would happily follow me around. He is well behaved when he’s around the house, moving carefully around the furniture. In the evenings, my husband would sometimes go jogging with Sparky because he is such a good runner! Sometimes we look at him and wonder – how could his previous owner bear to abandon such a sweet and lovable dog?

Sparky is indeed a very lucky boy...

Sparky in the living room with his favourite toy

Sparky is very much loved by the family and maid. He has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives, so much so that everyone in the family is fighting for him to sleep in their room, including the maid! He has bonded well with everyone and has settled down very nicely.

Article contributed by Teresa*

We at Noah’s Ark are very glad that Sparky has found his forever home. He has indeed come a long way from his old days of living life as an abandoned stray. We can't stress enough that it is important to be a responsible pet owner!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

From Rags to Riches - Prince's update!

Prince came as a package along with his mother, Lady – the dog with the badly injured maggot infested ear. When Prince was first rescued, all of two and a half months of age, his ears were chockfull of ticks and was absolutely grimy and filthy. Rescued from an industrial area, he grew up with his fosterer and the fosterer's 2 dogs for almost 2 months. As if life for Prince was not hard enough, he was attacked by a Rottweiler while out on a walk with his fosterer. To read about the attack, please click here ( For all previous stories on Prince, please click on the Prince label on the right bar.

I faithfully followed Prince's and Lady's story on the blog, and as a volunteer with Noah's Ark, I came into contact with Prince and Lady on a few occasions. Lady's rejection of her son broke my heart, and was made worse when I saw Prince's numerous futile attempts to gain his mommy's attention, love and affection again. I was touched by little Andreana's love for Prince and the other dogs at Noah's Ark and her noble attempts to fund raise for Noah's Ark and to help sterilize strays in industrial estates ( It impressed and amazed me that Andreana, all of nine years old, seemed wise beyond her years.

From a young child, I had always loved animals and I wanted very much to adopt Prince, to take him home, to shower him with all the love, care and attention he deserved, and to give him all the joy and love he could not get from his mommy. However, there was one obstacle I had to overcome, my own mommy! My mom is terrified of dogs and would faint if she ever came close to anything with 4 legs.

I spoke with other volunteers from Noah's Ark and arranged for a trial meeting between Prince and my mother sometime in July. I relayed stories of Prince, the attack by the Rottweiler and the rejection from his own mother, Lady. Through some twist of fate, my mom somehow agreed to allow me to adopt Prince, on a few conditions. One of it was that I had to lose weight every month if she were to allow Prince into our home. That day he visited, she was so impressed by him and his quiet nature. He didn't bark, was obedient to commands and followed his fosterer silently around. What really won my mother over were his extremely sad eyes. It seemed to relay the pain and hardship he had to go through alone as a stray even though he was only so young.

Can you resist me?

The day he finally physically arrived in my house was 08.08.08. It was the day the Beijing Olympics started and a day that many Chinese couples got married as it was thought to be auspicious. It too, was a day I had been eagerly waiting for and a special milestone in my life – the arrival of MY very own Prince into my home and heart, where he would remain for the rest of his life.That night when he first arrived, he whined for his fosterer. Thankfully, it didn't take too long before he realized that we were his new forever home. Time has flown since.

Surrounded by his favourite toys in his little doggy bed

Looking back, I've had prince for almost 2 months now. Every morning at 6am without fail, he would shove his nose onto my bed and force it to my face because he knows it's his feeding time. When he finds my face, he would start licking to try and make me wake up. If I ignore him, he would do the same thing to my feet, only problem that it tickles! I usually end up nudging him away before rolling deeper inside my bed to stay out of his reach. Regardless, I eventually have to wake up about 7am to walk him before I rush off to work. He knows whenever I say goodbye and would walk away if I tried to pat his head one last time before I left. Like a child throwing a tantrum don't you think?

Smile for the camera!

He has grown rather attached to me and follows me around the house, to the kitchen and even to the bathroom. He sleeps at the foot of my bed on his own little doggie bed, surrounded by his favourite yellow ball, frisbee and chew-bones. Going home was never this joyous till there was Prince! Ahh . . .the pleasures of owning a dog, coming home from a long day at work to find him waiting by the door, tail wagging hard and ready to jump on me to lick my face. How loyal dogs are, and how lucky I am to have him in my life! :-)

On his way to being an excellent soccer player!

On hindsight, if his mother not had an injured ear which initially caught the eye of a stray-feeder, he would perhaps never have been rescued and gone on living life as a stray. Today, he is indeed a Prince, having his own bed, toys and best of all – a loving home to call his own.

Article contributed by Rachel*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Buddy’s Misfortune

A volunteer has been feeding this stray puppy and his siblings since he was barely two months old. Previously, he had 8 other siblings that played happily together. Over the next few months that she continued feeding him and his family, his siblings gradually started to disappear. Within two short months, little Buddy was the only puppy left – having lost all his other siblings to industrial accidents. The current survivors are only Buddy and his Mommy. Buddy, now all of 5 months old, is a cute little boy that is extremely close to his mommy. Yet he is sociable, friendly and probably one of the few stray puppies that would allow a belly rub on the cold, coarse pavements of an industrial site.

On Monday night, when the volunteer went to feed little Buddy and his mommy, only Mommy appeared. Bravely, the volunteer bravely went into the construction site to search for Buddy and was told by the workers that his lower back and hind legs had been rolled over by a lorry on a Sunday afternoon. Out of compassion, they had carried him to a safer part of the construction site. It brought tears to the volunteer’s eyes to see the happy and cheerful Buddy simply lying in the corner, wagging his tail but no longer able to stand. The volunteer laid the food on the floor and Buddy ate whilst lying down, all this while his tail continued wagging. It broke her heart to see little Buddy in so much pain and discomfort. As it was late at night, she told the workers she’d be back first thing in the morning to take him to the Vet.

Buddy sitting quietly at the back of his transport van

Tuesday morning the volunteer took little Buddy to Mt Pleasant (Sunset Way). X-rays were taken and it revealed that Buddy had his pelvic bone broken in 5 places. The lorry had rolled over him on his right hind leg, causing severe damage to his pelvic bones. Dr Simon Quek said that although Buddy would still have control over his bowel movements, he might never fully regain the use of his hind legs. Even if he were to have a surgery, he may never recover fully. Yet, if the surgery was not done perfectly, it would cause pain and discomfort throughout his life, not to mention arthritis at an early age. From that, the volunteer understood that only a few vet surgeons in Singapore would be able to carry out such a difficult surgical procedure. Dr Quek then advised us to take the x-rays and seek a second opinion with regards to little Buddy’s surgery.

X rays revealed that Buddy's pelvic bone is broken in 5 places and the impact of the lorry on his right hind leg had pushed his pelvic joint further in.

Wednesday came and Buddy had a steady flow of visitors, all touched by his unfortunate plight. Despite having cooked food and visitors, Buddy lay quietly in one corner, his body against the cold metal cage. Still, there seemed tremendous courage in that tiny body of his. Wagging his tail upon seeing the volunteer that often fed him, he courageously dragged his tiny body closer to the gate of his kennel in order to get closer to her. For a long while, he simply laid quietly beside her, closed his eyes and allowed her to pat and stroke him. He even lifted a paw for her to hold! The volunteer's eyes welled with tears as her heart was wrenched with sorrow seeing her favourite stray puppy in such a pitiful state.

Buddy leaning against the cage watching the world go by. A world that he couldn't be part of for the moment.

It is sad to know that innocent puppies are born into a world of callousness and carelessness. Worst of all, these puppies are only noticed, showered with love and attention when they are in great pain and in need of help. We can never stress enough the importance of sterilization (Please click here: as that would be the only humane solution to curbing the stray population. Buddy’s siblings have all gone to doggy heaven and currently, we are unsure to what his own fate would be. Thankfully, his Mommy was finally caught last week and sterilized – at least we’re assured that she will no longer have to go through the painful birth process and watching all her puppies perish one by one.

Presently, Buddy lies in his kennel at Mt Pleasant – hurt and lost, tearing ever so often. His eyes are a reflection of his soul, a soul that was born to be free. But here he is, injured and unable to simply be a happy puppy. Do you think it is fair for a 5 month old puppy to go through such pain and sadness? In fact, is it fair for any dog ever to go through such torture from human carelessness and selfishness?

Cute little Buddy resting in his cage. Dr has ordered 6 weeks of cage rest. We hope his bones will fuse back so that he can be saved.

We are indeed blessed to have some kind friends who have made an appointment and sponsored Buddy to seek a second opinion today. They will take him and his x-rays to the Vet, who would then inform us if a surgery will save him or if we need to let him go. . . . . . .whatever the decision, we know that we have done our best.

Latest Update

With the kind sponsorship of some friends, Buddy was seen by Dr Jean Paul Ly. Dr Ly mentioned that Buddy was still in shock and it was not advisable to operate on him at this point in time. Instead, Dr Ly recommended that Buddy should have cage rest for 7 days and before returning for a review. During the review, more x-rays will be done and perhaps a decision may be made to let Buddy go ahead with the surgery if he is strong enough by then. In the meantime, Buddy will be staying with a fosterer for a week and we are sure he will be showered with lots of TLC during his stay with them.

Do stay tuned to this blog for updates on little Buddy . . . and please do keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mei Mei's new lease of life

It has been about two months and I'm glad to say that Mei Mei has comfortably settled down in her new environment. My other dog, Chu Chu, is happier these days as she has a little sister to play with. They can go wild when they play in the garden, knocking flower pots over and sending turfs flying.

That is why I am unable to leave them together in the garden without supervision. At night, they have to sleep in seperate areas outside the house. As Chu Chu has a bigger covered area in the car porch, I decided to make a shelter for Mei Mei, with the idea borrowed from the dog huts that I saw in Noah's Ark Sanctuary (NANAS).

Check out the Noah's Ark inspired dog-hut that was specially custom built for Mei Mei

When they are playing together, Chu Chu tries to show her higher status by pinning Mei Mei down and grabbing her by the neck. She also tries to block Mei Mei if I decide to call out to Mei Mei first. However, I understand this is just trival sibling rivalry and is nothing serious. I am well aware that Chu Chu is a puppy at heart and has no aggression towards anyone, human or dogs, or even cats. She simply just wants to befriend everyone!

Whilst playing, she never bites hard, so Mei Mei does not complain. Mei Mei is very sweet, tolerent and very much attached to Chu Chu. They take daily walks together connected by a twin leash. If we walk them individually, Mei Mei would keep looking back to wait for Chu Chu to catch up. This was exactly what happened at the National Dog Walk! Mei Mei refused to move when she could not see Chu Chu or when Chu Chu did not take the lead.

I'm happy to see that they are really a very loving pair of sisters. It is heartwarming to see them both welcoming me at the gate when I get home after a long day. I'm very glad that I welcomed Mei Mei into my heart and home.

You're my best buddy!

Article contributed by Suan*

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Importance of Microchipping Your Dog

Hi! My name is Blacky. Let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago, I woke up from my 11th nap of the day. After taking a nice long stretch, I decided I needed a drink. On my way to the kitchen – oh bliss! – what’s that I see? The front door was wide open! This was THE opportunity. Forget about the water, liberty here I come!

Oh those stairs, I’m not in my prime anymore I reckon. Ouch! Oh some wet grass. Let’s see what’s around the corner. It was only after a while that I began to question what I have gotten myself into because I was really lost. There were no familiar people, voices or odours out here. Feeling exhausted, I lay down on the sidewalk. It’s time for my 12th nap of the day you know.

Suddenly my ears perked up as I heard voices:

“This poor doggy looks lost and very dirty. It must have been abandoned. Mummy let’s bring him home please?”

“Yes we can take him home. But first we must bring him to the vet to check if the doggy is healthy.”

Happily, my new-found friends brought me to the vet. The vet seemed to be a really nice lady and not my usual grumpy vet.

The vet told my friends: “First, we have to look for his microchip to check if he is registered.”

The vet placed the microchip detector near to my neck and it blipped. She said, “Yes he has a microchip. Now let’s call Petcall to see if he is registered to someone.”

Me? Registered? What is this? Come on, I miss my mum. It’s time for my dinner, could we go home now please?

The female vet said into the mouthpiece of the phone, “I have this dog here, a black and white cross-breed with the microchip number 0123456789. Could you check if he is registered with Petcall?”

Before long, I heard her exclaim, “He is? That’s great! Could you give me his owner’s phone number please? Oh, it’s confidential? I understand. Please call the owner on my behalf and get him or her to contact me as soon as possible! Thank you.”

Next, the vet stroked my head and spoke, “I guess we found your Mum or Dad. It won’t take long before you can go home, you handsome boy.” Was she referring to me?

I took a deep breath, exhaled and was ready to take on nap number 13.

Suddenly I felt gentle hands pick me up, and I heard a familiar voice. It was Mom!

“Blacky what have you done? I’m so glad I had you microchipped and registered. I was skeptical at first as you never tried to escape and I never thought I would lose you. But then again, maybe you never had the opportunity! However, I will never leave the front door open again."

Today, I am so glad I had a microchip and that Mum registered me with Petcall. I promised myself I will never run away again.

Ms JoJo Schnauzer, you were not microchipped that’s why your Mommy couldn’t find you right?

Your Pal,

Article contributed By Daisy Huber for PetCall

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dear readers,

Ms Rita Tan, a local writer, has recently published a book called "The Cat that lived forever". The front and back cover has been scanned below for you to take a sneak peek!

Book cover of "The Cat that lived forever

Readers need not be a cat lover because this book is not just about Fluffy, but also about the 3 dogs from different generations. What this means is that the 3 dogs were not adopted at the same point in time. In fact, Fluffy saw each of them from puppyhood to its full lifespan, before the next puppy was brought home. In total, Fluffy lived for 23 years until her passing on last year, outliving 2 dogs whilst presently leaving the 3rd one behind.

This book is written with a touch of humour and shows why Fluffy had so much to say. Besides talking about herself, she also shared the character and peculiarities of each dog.

The price of each book is S$15 and Ms Tan has generously offered to donate 100% of the sales proceeds to Noah's Ark. Should you wish to purchase a copy of this book, please email us at .

Thank you !!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Noah's Ark is Meenachi's new home

On July 30, we rescued Meenachi, a dog living on an industrial estate. She had a slash wound on her right hind leg near her abdomen. It was thought that such a clean wound was unlikely to be caused by a machine or motor vehicle accident. Previously, this was how bad her wound was:

Meenachi's old wound

Remember Uncle R, the kind Malay uncle that carried Meenachi to receive help? The Uncle R that touched hearts and moved us to tears with his selflessness and kindness? Indeed, his story painted a picture of courage and humanity. Through the numerous emails we received from friends and supporters, it is clear that Uncle R’s compassion for animals is something we can all learn from.

After rescuing Meenachi, we subsequently went back to visit and update Uncle R about her. He was glad to know that we have been taking good care of her needs. He rests easy knowing she has recovered well and has been taken to Noah’s Ark to be in our good hands. That way he understands she'll always have food and shelter, doggie friends, and people who will love and care for her. He also mentioned that an industrial estate is not suitable for her and is extremely dangerous for her to live there. In general, industrial estates are too dangerous for dogs to live in due to the heavy vehicles and machinery that are being operated in the area.

Today, her healed wound

We will be printing some of her pictures and visiting him soon to show him how great she is doing and thank him once again for his kindness. Meanwhile, Meenachi has arrived safely at Noah’s Ark but is still in quarantine. It would be some weeks before she is allowed to integrate with the rest. However, she is extremely relaxed and happy to be there.

She looks absolutely contented to be in Noah's Ark!

It won’t be long before Meenachi will be released from her quarantine. When that happens, we know that she’ll be happy at Noah’s Ark as she will be amongst friends. With 10 acres of lush greenery to run free and the countless friends for company, we are sure our doggie haven will be paradise to her. It is in Noah’s Ark she will live out the rest of her days in contentment and dignity.

Thank you Uncle R for showing us that kindness knows no boundaries. Thank you to generous friends and supporters who have helped with Meenachi’s medical bills, her transportation costs to Noah’s Ark, and for sponsoring her a lifetime of happiness at Noah’s Ark.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Donations towards Chwing's wheels

Dear readers,

The total amount for Chwing's wheels has been attained! Thank you, RT, for donating the final $60 for his wheels. Stay tuned to the blog as we will be taking Chwing's measurements so that we can place an order for his wheels asap!

Thank you very much for all your support! We hope to bring you photos of Chwing happily whizzing around very soon!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wheels for Little Chwing

When the story of little Chwing first appeared on our blog a couple of days ago, it broke the hearts of many and we received numerous emails telling us how glad they were for people such as Nikki.

For the link to original story, please click on:

Rarely would you see someone who would be willing to take in a dog such as Chwing and give him a second chance in life. Despite having only two front legs and requiring a lifetime of extra care and help, Nikki loves Chwing the same just as any other dog.

Volunteers with Noah's Ark helped Nikki search for a set of wheels (wheel cart for dogs) and found this.

This company in the USA has quoted USD$300 for the wheel cart and USD$65 to ship the cart to Singapore. The total would be USD$365, (exchange rate being 1.4) hence it would be a total of SGD$511. As such, we're currently short of SGD$60. It takes about 3 weeks for the cart to arrive. We have had some kind friends write in to offer to contribute to getting little Chwing a set of wheels, and we are touched by their kind gesture and generosity.

To date, these 3 well wishers have donated:

CL S$150

GL S$150

88 & Audi S$150

Some pictures of Chwing and a short video clip below are attached for you to see how much Chwing loves life despite his deformed legs. We, as humans, have alot to learn from him.

Having a bath in the sink!

Chwing's deformed hind legs

This short video clip shows how fast little Chwing can run and move about despite his deformed legs. He looks really happy and having the time of his life. It also shows little Chwing doing a "poop" - please do not click the play button on the youtube screen if you dont fancy watching that. However, this just shows you how Chwing does it as he is unable to stay in a stationary position long enough.

We would still require a little more financial assistance to make little Chwing's life more comfortable. Should you wish to contribute to buying this set of wheels for him, please email us at

Thank you everyone for your kindness and well-wishes!

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

Noah's Ark CARES Supporters