Thursday, September 11, 2008

Project Industrial Dogs - The Importance of Sterilization

Before reading further, please be advised that there are rather disturbing pictures below. Please do not continue if you feel uncomfortable viewing such photos. Thank you!

Sterilization is the best possible solution to reduce the number of strays, more humanely than culling. Why the emphasis on sterilization? Visit Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary and you will get an idea of the high number of unwanted animals produced and left for dead each year, on our very own streets in Singapore. You see mixed-breeds and purebreds of every size and shape and we strongly believe that none of them deserve to live life that way.

Sterilization helps reduce the stray population in years to come. Strays that live on the streets already have enough problems feeding themselves, let alone their litter of unwanted puppies. A more effective birth control method would be to sterilize them, starting mainly in industrial estates, factories and farms in Singapore. Studies have shown that sterilized dogs are less likely to bite and are less aggressive towards both dogs and people.

In light of recent events where industrial dogs such as Diesel and little Ziggy were injured and rescued, we've put together a photo presentation to show you what life is like - the harsh reality of life as a stray.

A heavily pregnant Mommy Dog

Male dog with enlarged testicles - extremely painful and uncomfortable

Puppies born under a tree that hardly provided shelter from sun nor rain

Puppies born out of wedlock - what would their future hold?

Industrial puppies - born in drains. Will these puppies ever have an opportunity to see the world? What if it rained? Would they drown? Freeze to death? Would they be washed away? Is this a life worth living?

Puppies born in an industrial estate.

A young innocent puppy, bitten by rats; a victim in more ways than one.

Jawbone of a dog by the side of a road, in an industrial estate. Dog could have been hit by a vehicle, died from hunger and starvation, or sickness...

Did the pictures show you a side of Singapore you never knew existed? Did your heart go out to the cute little stray puppies playing in the middle of the road oblivious to traffic? Or the little ones that have just started walking and strayed to the middle of the road to sniff out food scraps because they were starving as their mommy dog had no milk for them as she too has not eaten for almost a week? Living in the comfort of our own homes, we forget what it feels like to not have food for a day, let alone a week. We forget what it feels like to be drenched in the rain, feeling cold and not having shelter. That is why we really need your help!

Since 2005 to present, Noah’s Ark has sterilized 350 dogs. With the launch of Project Industrial Dogs, we hope to sterilize 400 more dogs within a one year period, starting Sept 2008. It costs approximately $120 to sterilize one female dog. Based on this calculation, we estimate that we would require $50,000 to sterilize these dogs, and curb the stray population. Our goal is to make Singapore stray-free by year 2012. We are working hard towards achieving that goal but we need your help and support in order for us to succeed in helping these strays.

It is a more humane approach choosing to sterilize them, rather than opting to cull them to resolve problems. You can help us help them.

Simply click on the form just above this sentence, print it (when you print, please ensure your page setup/print details is "shrink to fit"), fill it out and send it off along with your donation (either via cheque or bank transfer - details below) to:

By Cheque

Please make cheque payable to: Noah's Ark CARES

and mail to:
Noah's Ark CARES
42 Cairnhill Road
#02-01Singapore 229661

By Fund Transfer

Acct No: 501-827745-001
Acct Name: Noah's Ark Companion Animal Rescue & Edn Society
Branch: OCBC Head Office
Branch Code: 501
Bank Code: 7339

Do email us at with your transaction code, full name and contact details to enable us to trace the transaction and mail you a receipt.

Noah’s Ark champions the cause of Industrial Dog Sterilization.
Please help support our cause.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing - this is so true and its happening everyday somewhere out there. i particularly feel very sorry for the female dogs - they are the ones that suffer the most.

Anonymous said...

ya its so sad to see them suffer like that. Just wondering why isnt AVA or some bodies doing anything abt this prob?

Anonymous said...

May be AVA cen set an amount of Birth-control Budget to encourage peoples who send the animals for sterilization.

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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