Sunday, September 14, 2008

Before reading further, please be advised that there are rather disturbing pictures below. Please do not continue if you feel uncomfortable viewing such photos. Thank you!

It has been almost a month since we have provided readers with an update on Diesel. Like our lucky Lady, Diesel has had his fair share of visitors, bringing him food, treats and toys! He is fortunate to also have visitors come take him for walks, some fresh air, sunlight and exercise. Diesel is a good boy with a sweet and pleasant disposition. He knows his routine well and obediently goes back into his kennel after his walks. We have here some photos below that have documented his gradual road to recovery.

Before (about 1 month ago):

The original maggot infested wound

Since then, Diesel's wound has healed well and is considerably smaller. It has dried up a fair bit and we trust that in time, should heal completely. Often when we look back and compare those pictures of their initial rescue, we come to realize how strong these dogs are. Their will to live is absolutely amazing, and we certainly can learn from him. Recently, with all the good food that visitors have been feeding him lately, Diesel is certainly looking a little rounder and a tad spoilt :-)


Diesel's wound has healed extremely well and wound is gradually closing. Even the fur on his back has grown back.

In comparison to the previous photos, Diesel has certainly come a long way. Would someone like to give him a loving home?

We are trying out utmost best to find him a loving family who will adopt him in Singapore. He was rescued from the streets with a terribly bad injury and has almost recovered fully. Every dog deserves a second chance in life don't you think? Could you be that special someone in Diesel's life? Should you know of a friend who is looking to adopt a dog for life, please do not forget to tell them about Diesel.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our well-wishers for helping Diesel in one way or another. Be it cooking yummy meals for him, footing his medical bills or boarding, your efforts have made him what he is today. Thank you!

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