Sunday, March 29, 2015

Little Mandy for Adoption!

We had friends and supporters writing in to us asking how is the little girl ( Well, our first response was: “Never been better!” Mandy is a fun-loving and playful little imp, pretty active for her age but very loving and attention seeking. On the greedy side but excellent temperament and her confidence is slowly building up!

As scheduled, we picked Mandy up from Madam C last week. We will say Madam C and family does love her but circumstances do not allow them to provide a suitable environment for Mandy. This is sadly their current living condition and the voluntary group “A Packet of Rice” who appealed for help to rehome Mandy is in the midst of gathering help to clean up their flat and let them move on with life thereafter. Madam C unwillingly bid farewell to Mandy as we took her away, and we gave Madam C our word that we will find a good home for Mandy.

Where Mandy stayed

Mandy getting excited on going out
Mandy’s poor skin condition due to improper diet and unsuitable living environment

We brought Mandy to a volunteer’s place to give her a groom and bath. She is a curious little girl and extremely responsive to her name. Her eyes are bright and soulful, and her little tail wags easily once excited. She is however, a thin and messy frame for now. She was no doubt scared but very co-operative throughout the entire grooming process.

Mandy looking around while we prepare to groom her

Nails that needed trimming
Badly matted fur


After grooming and a good bath
Extremely dirty ears

Mandy went to the vet a few days later and we did a medical checkup on her. She is not likely to be spayed but will need to put on some weight before undergoing the operation. The soft lump on her belly is an umbilical hernia which can easily be fixed during spaying. Her blood work is generally fine - though her kidney level is slightly above average but the vet advised there is no need to be alarmed for now. The vet prescribed some medication for her skin condition and Mandy is to return for a review in a month’s time.

Mandy at the vet

We need a permanent home for 8 year old Mandy now as this petite shih tzu is just being fostered at the moment. No doubt her fosterer loves her (from all the stuff she brought back for Mandy from the Pet Expo) but Mandy deserves a family of her own after all. She is certainly good with kids as Madam C has young children herself, and will certainly make a lovely addition to any family. To find out more about Mandy and adopting her, please email Thank you!

Mandy with lots of goodies!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

In memory of Small Seng, and next - We have to help Mandy!

We always wish that every rescue story will have a happy ending just like in fairy tales – “to live happily every after”. We really wish but sadly, this is far from the truth. Amidst the cases we have recently, Small Seng (as he was named by the factory) was one which we could only helplessly see him fade away, despite medical aid being rendered. Perhaps it was too late.

We first saw Small Seng a year plus ago when prowling the streets of an industrial estate in the west. We took a double look – yes it was indeed a springer spaniel that happily came up to greet us. Was he a lost dog? He seemed familiar with the area though. Upon some enquiring, we realized that Small Seng has been living at the factory with a few other dogs for quite some time. He was also being licensed to the factory.

Small Seng in 2013

After some difficulty (and a lot of running around), we managed to spay both female dogs at their factory – a tri-colored mother and her tri-colored daughter. The mother dog was extremely wary having been on the streets for years, while the young daughter was well-loved by the workers and could easily be manhandled by them.

Mother dog

A year plus down the road, we were contacted by the factory again recently. Small Seng had not been eating for days and was most of the time just lying at one spot panting. One of our volunteers immediately went down that night to check on his condition, and he also did not respond much to whatever was being fed to him.

Our pet transport went down the very next day to ferry him to the clinic. After blood tests and various checks, the vet informed us that Small Seng has tick fever but more importantly, his liver was close to failing. Our heart sank but still, we decided to give it a shot at treating him.

Small Seng was warded at the clinic for a week while being put on drip, but he was not responding much and was also not eating. He had to be force-fed every meal but still, his condition did not improve. After a week, Small Seng's liver failed and he left us.


Though Small Seng eventually did not make it, we were glad we at least helped ease his agony towards the end of his journey where he was being cared for and loved. On the same note, we also hope you can kindly help us with his medical bills to ease our load. Stray or not, pedigree or otherwise, we love them all the same. Only with your help can we also help other dogs like him.


A couple of days ago, we were alerted to this compassionate case of a shih tzu being kept in a rental flat which the owner Mdm C has decided to give up under dire circumstances. We saw the appeal on the Facebook page of "A Packet of Rice" ( and arranged with them to go down for a home visit alongside with a few other potential adopters arranged by "A Packet of Rice".

Taken from Facebook page of "A Packet of Rice"

We were waiting at the lift landing when we saw Mandy galloping towards us, happily greeting us. Her long but matted fur covered most of her eyes and swept the floor, but she was still very enthusiastic and extremely sweet. Her fur was patchy, likely due to improper diet. She badly needed grooming but did not look way too bad for her age (eight years old).

Mandy was adopted by Mdm C and family five years ago when everything in the family was stable and before her husband fell ill. Thereafter, they had to move into this rental flat. We did not take Mandy away on the spot as the two older children needed some time to part with the dog – Mdm C herself was luckily sensible enough to acknowledge the fact that she no longer has the capacity to care for Mandy now especially with a recent newborn to the family plus her husband being hospitalized.

Mandy needs grooming and a thorough medical check-up, plus probably a bit of fattening up before she will be put up for adoption. We have thankfully found a fosterer for her meanwhile. We do not have much photos of Mandy as yet but we will update as soon as we officially take over her later this week. While we are keeping our fingers crossed that Mdm C does not change her mind in the meantime for any reason, we will like to appeal for your help to cover Mandy's medical check-up/treatment too. Mandy has a small lump on her belly which we will get it checked on as well.

To help both Small Seng and Mandy, please email us at We will be grateful for any donation, big or small. Every little bit counts. Should you be keen to give Mandy a permanent home, please write in to us as well. Thank you!

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