Monday, September 1, 2008

2 Dogs that found recently

Cross-breed Photo 1

Cross-breed Photo 2

Cross breed, male. Looks to be about 7 - 8 mths old, no microchip. Found on the evening of Aug 19 in the vicinity of Bin Tong Park. Has a light blue "home-made" collar around its neck. Dog understands and is able to carry out basic commands like sit, stay and paw.

Silky Terrier Photo 1

Silky Terrier Photo 2

Silky terrier, light grey in colour, female. Very thin. Looks to be about 6 - 7 yrs old. Found at approximately 3pm on Aug 30 along 6th Avenue. Dog has no microchip and was not wearing a collar.

We cannot stress enough that as a responsible pet owner, you SHOULD microchip and license your dogs. If you know of anyone who owns these dogs, please call Lynda @ 91996247 or Fiona @ 98391308 immediately. Thank you and we hope that their respective owners would be identified soon.

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