Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Importance of Microchipping Your Dog

Hi! My name is Blacky. Let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago, I woke up from my 11th nap of the day. After taking a nice long stretch, I decided I needed a drink. On my way to the kitchen – oh bliss! – what’s that I see? The front door was wide open! This was THE opportunity. Forget about the water, liberty here I come!

Oh those stairs, I’m not in my prime anymore I reckon. Ouch! Oh some wet grass. Let’s see what’s around the corner. It was only after a while that I began to question what I have gotten myself into because I was really lost. There were no familiar people, voices or odours out here. Feeling exhausted, I lay down on the sidewalk. It’s time for my 12th nap of the day you know.

Suddenly my ears perked up as I heard voices:

“This poor doggy looks lost and very dirty. It must have been abandoned. Mummy let’s bring him home please?”

“Yes we can take him home. But first we must bring him to the vet to check if the doggy is healthy.”

Happily, my new-found friends brought me to the vet. The vet seemed to be a really nice lady and not my usual grumpy vet.

The vet told my friends: “First, we have to look for his microchip to check if he is registered.”

The vet placed the microchip detector near to my neck and it blipped. She said, “Yes he has a microchip. Now let’s call Petcall to see if he is registered to someone.”

Me? Registered? What is this? Come on, I miss my mum. It’s time for my dinner, could we go home now please?

The female vet said into the mouthpiece of the phone, “I have this dog here, a black and white cross-breed with the microchip number 0123456789. Could you check if he is registered with Petcall?”

Before long, I heard her exclaim, “He is? That’s great! Could you give me his owner’s phone number please? Oh, it’s confidential? I understand. Please call the owner on my behalf and get him or her to contact me as soon as possible! Thank you.”

Next, the vet stroked my head and spoke, “I guess we found your Mum or Dad. It won’t take long before you can go home, you handsome boy.” Was she referring to me?

I took a deep breath, exhaled and was ready to take on nap number 13.

Suddenly I felt gentle hands pick me up, and I heard a familiar voice. It was Mom!

“Blacky what have you done? I’m so glad I had you microchipped and registered. I was skeptical at first as you never tried to escape and I never thought I would lose you. But then again, maybe you never had the opportunity! However, I will never leave the front door open again."

Today, I am so glad I had a microchip and that Mum registered me with Petcall. I promised myself I will never run away again.

Ms JoJo Schnauzer, you were not microchipped that’s why your Mommy couldn’t find you right?

Your Pal,

Article contributed By Daisy Huber for PetCall

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