Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wheels for Little Chwing

When the story of little Chwing first appeared on our blog a couple of days ago, it broke the hearts of many and we received numerous emails telling us how glad they were for people such as Nikki.

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Rarely would you see someone who would be willing to take in a dog such as Chwing and give him a second chance in life. Despite having only two front legs and requiring a lifetime of extra care and help, Nikki loves Chwing the same just as any other dog.

Volunteers with Noah's Ark helped Nikki search for a set of wheels (wheel cart for dogs) and found this.

This company in the USA has quoted USD$300 for the wheel cart and USD$65 to ship the cart to Singapore. The total would be USD$365, (exchange rate being 1.4) hence it would be a total of SGD$511. As such, we're currently short of SGD$60. It takes about 3 weeks for the cart to arrive. We have had some kind friends write in to offer to contribute to getting little Chwing a set of wheels, and we are touched by their kind gesture and generosity.

To date, these 3 well wishers have donated:

CL S$150

GL S$150

88 & Audi S$150

Some pictures of Chwing and a short video clip below are attached for you to see how much Chwing loves life despite his deformed legs. We, as humans, have alot to learn from him.

Having a bath in the sink!

Chwing's deformed hind legs

This short video clip shows how fast little Chwing can run and move about despite his deformed legs. He looks really happy and having the time of his life. It also shows little Chwing doing a "poop" - please do not click the play button on the youtube screen if you dont fancy watching that. However, this just shows you how Chwing does it as he is unable to stay in a stationary position long enough.

We would still require a little more financial assistance to make little Chwing's life more comfortable. Should you wish to contribute to buying this set of wheels for him, please email us at

Thank you everyone for your kindness and well-wishes!

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Panda's World said...

Wow, little Chwing can move around so fast and freely. His cheerful disposition really made my day, and I'm sure that many of us are happy to know that he has found a new good home! :)

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