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World Animal Day 10th October 2010

On 10 October we will be celebrating a very important occasion once again – World Animal Day! This is a special day when all of us who love animals can come together. Friends, family and pets are all invited! The SPCA has organised lots of fun and festivities, as well as talks and events to raise awareness about the animal welfare cause. So get ready to have fun and be inspired.

Here is what we have in store!

Puppy Mills Awareness Booth
Puppy mills are commercial dog-breeding facilities that operate specifically to make profit through the sale of animals, and often house animals in substandard conditions in order to keep costs low.

Most prospective and existing pet owners are, most times, unaware of the history of their pets which may be from a puppy mill. For that very reason, puppy mills continue to thrive because the unwitting consumer is unaware of how these operations are run - with minimum care for the breeding animals involved.

Thus, the focus of this year's celebrations will be to raise awareness about the cruelty and harsh realities behind puppy farms. Come support the SPCA who will be joining forces with ACRES, Action For Singapore Dogs (ASD), the Cat Welfare Society (CWS), Noah’s Ark CARES and the House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) to make a stand against the unethical and unacceptable practices of puppy mills in Singapore.

Come experience a mock puppy mill – learn first-hand, the see the cramped cages and unsanitary living conditions that these animals are subjected to. The awareness booth will uncover the horrifying conditions with photos taken at a puppy mill in Singapore.

Dog Adoption DriveIf you're thinking of getting a new dog, then consider saving a life by adopting one! The SPCA and ASD will also be bringing their homeless dogs to the park for an outdoor adoption drive. What a perfect way to commemorate this special occasion by adopting an unwanted animal! Hill’s Science Diet will give a 5lb dog food to each adopter. Premium pet product brand, FuzzYard will also be giving each adopter a goody bag.

The animal welfare groups will also be manning booths promoting their respective causes and selling their merchandise to raise funds.

Mass WalkCalling all pet lovers to unite for a fun walk around the East Coast Park as a show of solidarity, support and love for our animal friends - big and small, at 4.30pm.

Everybody is warmly invited to join in, including our four-legged friends. No registration is required. Just be at the tent site at 4.15pm as the walk will commence promptly at 4.30pm. Owners are expected to exercise responsibility by leashing their pets.

World Animal Day Pledge WalkGet involved - Do something special for the animals by making an origami cat/dog and writing your pledge on it. After that, stick it onto the WAD pledge board to share it with others. Every pledge you make (no matter how small) will make a difference to the lives of animals. Pledges can range from promising to adopt your next pet from a shelter, rather than buying; to sterilising a stray cat in an area where you live.

Every pledge makes a difference. What will yours be?

National Parks BoardMore than a thousand different animal species reside on our tropical island and many of them can only be found in the nature reserves. As we celebrate World Animal Day, the National Parks would like to share with you how to protect our natural heritage so that the nature reserves can continue to be a safe haven for the animals.

In addition, National Parks will be sharing information about its regular free guided walks at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Pet Care Advice CornerMy pet has bad breath. Can you advice? Why should I sterilise my pet? And where can I do it? How do I care for my kitten? What should I feed my rabbit?

Get your questions answered! As a pet owner, there may be something about Kitty that is troubling you. Or you may not have a pet yet but are thinking of getting one, and you don’t know if you’re ready.

Come and speak to our information officers who will answer all your questions.


Proud of your furry friend and how well you’ve taken care of him or her? Then show them off to everyone by taking part in the ‘Happiest Pet’ Contest happening at 1.00pm!

Think your doggie pal can wag its tail really fast? Sign up for our super ‘Wiggle-waggle’ contest. The audience will decide the winner! Contests begin at 1.30pm.

If your canine graduated at the top of his class for obedience, why not show him/her off in our ‘Super Smarties’ competition. Strut your doggy stuff at 2.00pm!

*Registration will be open 30 minutes prior each contest.

Come around the stage at 11.30am and watch the very popular Dog Obedience Demonstration by Singapore Kennel Club!

Be captivated by our amazing magician Kunalen who will be performing at 12pm.

At 3pm, Valerie, a pet care and behavioral advisor for FuzzYard and the author of the blog, My Naughty Dog Needs Help, will share with all pet owners on the puppy mill issue and how pet owners can prevent their pets from falling sick by simply keeping their pets healthy – the natural way.

After our mass walk (at 4.30pm), Smart doggy will be presenting its highly energetic and interactive dog Frisbee performance at 5pm.

Also, look out for our stage games! Join in our games and you may win an attractive SPCA T-shirt and souvenirs! Be enthralled by our volunteer host Chris Liew, a master entertainer who will have you laughing out loud with his fun antics, rousing games and quizzes. Prizes are sponsored by the SPCA and Hill’s Science Diet.

FUN FOR THE KIDS!No one gets left out on the fun during World Animal Day! For all our junior animal lovers, come join us at the Children’s Corner.

Select from a variety of animal print designs and get a face-and-hand painting. There will also be origami, arts and craft, animal balloon sculpturing and much more. Even the young at heart are invited in on the fun!


Hill's-SPCA ‘Pound for Pound’ Pet Food Drive - When visitors buy a bag of food for the animals at the SPCA, Hill’s Science Diet will match every pound donated. What a wonderful way to contribute to the upkeep of our animals awaiting adoption at the SPCA

Pedicure for your Pet - After the walk, treat your dogs to some much-needed pampering. We are offering a nail trimming service for your furry friend. Qualified groomers will provide a pooch pedicure in return for a small donation.

SPCA Exhibition - In view of the shocking cases of animal abuse that have emerged over the past 12 months, we will be showcasing our unsolved cases. We hope to raise awareness about animal cruelty and possibly even get some new leads on these cases. We will also explain what you can do if you see animal cruelty happening around you.

Merchandise Galore - Look out for our adorable 2010 desk calendars, diaries and Christmas cards

Buses - 16, 31, 36, 55, 76, 135, 155, 196 and 853 to Marine Parade Road
(Bus Service 401 to East Coast Park Service Road is available on Sundays)

Parking - Car Park D1

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