Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NA Rescue - Lady (Mongrel)

On Sunday evening, a caregiver was driving along Lim Chu Kang area and saw a stray dog stumbling across the road. The dog seemed disoriented when running. She stopped to take a closer look and got a rude shock!

The entire right side of the dog's face and ear was bleeding with a huge gaping wound and what a stench of rotting flesh it was!!

She had ran out of food but drove to the nearest provision store to buy some and drove back to feed the dog, who was lying by the roadside now.

While the dog ate, she took some photographs of the dog's wound. She went home that night with a heavy heart and was sleepless; thinking about the poor dog and the pain it is going through.

The next morning, she contacted Noah's Ark who agreed to help her rescue the dog.

** Please note the photos below may make you uncomfortable.

Note the right ear is almost falling off.

Dog was unable to hold her head up due to the massive swollen wound and had to tilted the head towards the same side as it stumbled around.

The gaping wound was still bleeding, blood continued to flow and wet the neck.

Kind Myanmarese workers who were familiar with the dog helped to catch her; or else the rescuers would have spent the entire night trying to trap her.

Dog quietly allowed the vet technician to carry her into the clinic.

Flurry of activities trying to clean and stem the blood flow. As she moved, maggots dropped from the gaping wound.

Close up of wound. Myanmarese workers mentioned it has been a week since she was injured.

While we were leaving for the clinic, a Myanmarese worker told us that she has a 2 mth old puppy too.

As we were rushing to the Vet for the dog was in critical condition, we could not stop to find the puppy but made up our mind to come back the next night for junior.

The injured dog quietly allowed the vet technician to carry her into the clinic as if to know she was being saved.

For her gentle and demure demeanor, she has been named Lady.

Initially due to the extent of injuries, the decision was to put Lady down humanely to end her pain but Lady has displayed her will to survive.

Inspired, the rescuers made a unanimous decision to give her a 2nd chance and have her hospitalized for treatment. The attending vets (there are 2) have been given a go ahead to save her as best as they could.

We hope Lady survives

p.s. at the time of this post, the puppy has been rescued and is with a fosterer. He will meet his mommy daily to give her support and inspire her to survive.

Watch this space on updates of "Lady and her Prince".

If you would like to contribute to Lady's hospital bills, please send a cheque to Noah's Ark Cares and mail it to 42 Cairnhill Road, # 02-01, S (229661).

On the back of your cheque, please write "Lady" and remember to please leave your contact details so we may thank you for your generosity


patricia said...

how is lady now?

Anonymous said...

Lady is recovering very well and goes to the Vet next week for a follow up. Thanks for asking!

JoJo Schnauzer said...

Lady is recovering very well. We hope she can make an appearance at the National Dog Walk on 03 Aug 2008.

Do drop by to visit this sweet gal and her son - Prince.

There will be a photo session too!

Hope to see you there!

patricia said...

hi there,

it was painful to see her in such bad condition. i'm really glad she's way better now. i'll be there on 3 aug with my british bulldog, grumpy.

see you!

Anonymous said...

lady's wound is almost healed. today, cooked food and canned food arrived. it would be a feast for lady! she got chew bones, boiled eggs and cooked meat! it would be of great help to her to regain strenght in preparation for the upcoming national dog walk.

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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